Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 20

Chapter Description: One of the peculiarities of the AR Virus was the 'freezing' of age for its victims. Most became younger, but a rare few were quite literally stopped in their tracks, 'frozen' at the age when they contracted the virus. Dr. Leland Grimes was one such AR-Adult. His personal career and ARVInn soon intersected.

Tales from the ARVInn: Frozen 

Dr. Leland Grimes is one of the rare individuals infected by the Age Regression Virus who did not actually regress in physical age.  Instead, his then-current age of 31 became fixed, or “frozen.”  He, himself, recorded his experience as being “an almost out-of-body experience, with a complete feeling of divorce from reality, while still sensing things happening around [himself]”.  The physical process was similar to that experienced by ARV patients in general, with the notable exception of remaining unchanged physically.  For almost six months, he was confined to a hospital bed, with limited physical responses to stimuli.  In the end, he simply ‘woke up’ one morning, with the only change in his physical appearance being a slight loss of weight, due to the difficulties of being fed appropriately, rather than the effects of the disease itself.

In the years since, he has not noticeably aged, even as some of his children and even grandchildren have passed him.  He has remained at work and states he has no intention of retiring.  He has outlived two wives and is currently married to a third.  He has children by all three. 

As of 2110, he is the father of nine children and has twelve grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.  All but one of his children were born after his bout with ARV.  Four of his children and three of his grandchildren have now aged past him.  As his youngest children are still preschool aged, these numbers will undoubtedly increase.

There are only a few recorded cases of this situation, worldwide.  The one specific mutation leading to this occurrence has been found only 132 times.  Others, if they existed, either died from some cause or have managed to remain hidden from discovery.  Of these cases, Grimes is the youngest known.  The others range upward to the oldest known victim, at age 52.  Few have allowed their names to be made public. 

Grimes, by reason of his involvement as a public advocate and researcher into ARV, has become a well-known figure in discussions of the virus and its effects, both physical and mental.  During his career with the Ohio Board of Health and later with the ARVInn Foundation of Parkersburg, WV, he has made a number of public statements and has published one book as well as a considerable number of articles in medical journals, dealing with the effects of ARV on its victims, both physically and mentally.  He is considered one of the leading experts in the United States on mental health issues among ARV-Adults.

Leland has several interests which he pursues.  With the time left after being the father of two preschoolers, he works on old cars.  Most recently, he restored and drives an electric-powered car built the year he was born.  He owns three other classics and has sold even more to collectors and car museums around the country.  He also runs several times a week to maintain fitness.


Leland Grimes’ timeline

2023       Born, Cleveland, OH

2045       Graduated, OSU, psychology, BA

2048       Married Jennifer Cates

2050       Master’s degree in psychological counseling, Pennsylvania State

2052       Birth of son, Lawrence

2054       PhD, Psychology and Counseling, OSU (May)

2054       ARV infection (July)

2055       Employed as clinical psychologist, OH Dept of Health; specialized in ARV-adults (November)

2057       Birth of son, Garrett

2060       Birth of daughter, Elizabeth

2069       Death of first wife in auto accident

2074       Married second time, Sarah Freeman

2076       Birth of first grandson, Leland II (Lawrence)

2076       Birth of daughter, Jessica

2080       Birth of son, Arthur

2085       Birth of son, Jonathan

2088       Officially retired from OH Dept of Health; entered private practice as contract worker.

2090       Employed by ARVInn Foundation as consulting Psychologist to assist with further development of ARV-Adult Counseling program.

2091      Publication of Mental Health Treatment for Age-Regressed Adults [Boston: HarRow]

2092       Birth of daughter, Ella

2097       Death of second wife following surgery

2100       Married third time, Karen Turley

2107       Birth of son, Matthew

2109       Birth of son, Alexander

2110      Biographical sketch prepared


Prepared 23 November 2110                                                                      All: Photographs by Tikona at stockfreeimages.com




End Chapter 20

Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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