Tales from the ARVInn 1

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Chapter 16
ARVInn--Expanding the Property

Chapter Description: With the success of the ARVInn project, the population grew and new land was added to allow for more residences and services.

Expanding the Property


As the original ARVInn facility filled up, the Foundation began quietly buying adjoining properties.  Some of the farms were large enough for the Foundation to lease some of the property for continued farming as buffer space around the facility developments.  Other property has been leased for commercial purposes as workshops and offices. 

The additional buildings have been built specifically for their purpose and attempt to be more efficient in their use of space and energy.  Additionally, newer residential structures were often designed for a particular age group, to respond to the varying number and size of persons needing housing.  By keeping the same general architectural designs, the ARVInn campus has come to resemble a small college with tree-lined walkways and streets and a quiet atmosphere.   Parts of the campus resemble suburban residential neighborhoods, as individuals and family groups have built homes of their own on land leased from the Foundation. 

Adjoining the ARVInn properties, there is also residential development which has drawn ARV-Adults and others who wish to be a part of the facility’s lifestyle but want to own their own homes.  Several single dwelling properties now dot the area. Four residential developments have occurred, with more in the planning and discussion stages.  Persons residing in these areas are officially termed ‘ARVInn associates,’ rather than ‘residents.’ 

Another development has been the leasing of ARVInn property or the purchase of nearby property by various ARVInn residents for personal and business activities.  Having commercial space available off-campus for offices, studios and farming operations helps maintain the private atmosphere of the facility and allows access at times when using the campus spaces themselves would not be practical.  Some dozen business/commercial properties are located within a short drive of the main entrance.

The facility also supports resident interests, with a new central Garage offering a special section for use by residents with personal vehicles.  It is located in the new ‘Operations Center’ area of the campus. The bays are set up for different sizes of vehicles.  Some doors can be shared by as many as six people with smaller vehicles, such as battery cars, motorcycles or four-wheelers.  Similarly designed structures are being built for facility maintenance and transportation vehicles as well.

Today, the original facility continues in use, having been upgraded multiple times, with new support facilities for maintenance, transportation and other services in the works.  A new building for Administration, Education and Recreation programs, including a branch library, is just beginning construction, with occupancy planned for 2115.  This will allow existing spaces to be converted to program services, with more residences in the central area of the campus.  It will also help limit outside traffic in the core residential area of the campus. The current plans also call for moving support operations, such as maintenance, warehousing, and other operations, to the planned ‘Operations Center’ outside the central campus, which will also free up space for residences, recreation and education, as well as improving the appearance of the area and limiting heavy vehicle traffic on campus.

All of the development continues to fulfill the original vision of the founders, which is to make possible a better, more productive life for ARV-Adults.

Prepared 19 November 2110



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End Chapter 16

Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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