Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

Chapter 15
ARVInn--Using the Buildings

Chapter Description: All the buildings on the original property found new uses. As the population increased, new buildings added to the comfort and programs offerings for everyone.

Using the Buildings



Within the original educational building, the cafeteria and library became eating and social spaces.  The gymnasium and athletic field were to be utilized for various recreational and social activities.  The school’s auditorium became a performance space/gallery, with musical, drama and dance groups calling it home.  It also served as a venue for concerts by various visiting artists.  It also provides the occasional dinner theater performances, by residents and others.

Most of the positions in the facility were occupied by residents, as a means of giving them useful work and to hold down overall costs.  Given the wide-spread nature of the ARV cases, virtually every profession had victims, and the facility here was open to all, with as many adaptive procedures as were needed for them to be successful.  Some were personal care attendants, since it is almost as easy for a ten-year-old to help a toddler as an adult.  Servers were able to use carts to deliver meals to tables or rooms, their physical strength being augmented by technology.  Various forms of power chairs allowed even the smallest residents the freedom to move about the facility comfortably.  The business office had plenty of opportunities and, with work-from-home being an already established principle, was easily staffed.  Even tradesmen were able to help.  Physical strength had its place and there was certainly a need for adult-sized employees, but many tasks could be as well managed by someone half their size with the necessary skills.

It was not long before an on-site store was set up, a need even in the age of online buying.  A small convenience store allowed the residents to do much of their day-to-day buying, although a shuttle service was also available for more extended shopping, should that be desired.  Online shopping, of course, was also available and a delivery point was set up in the administration area. The store, initially set up in one of the outbuildings, soon came to be a favorite place for the people of the community as well and helped many of them become more comfortable with these unusual people in their midst.  Today, it is a well-run, well-stocked marketplace, with a purpose-built facility of its own, built along the lines of a country general store. 

The former school system maintenance buildings came to be used for maintenance of the facility and for storing supplies.  They also ended up before long as an educational facility, as residents with time on their hands looked for continuing education and other opportunities to fill their time. 

The local community college was approached to begin offering a selection of classes designed for adults.  One result of these was a growing interest in crafts, which led to some of the residents eventually offering items for sale.  New classroom and activity buildings were added to meet this need and are in frequent use. Over time, a sales shop was established and became both a profit center for the residents and a regular stop for crafts-minded tourists.  It now has its own free-standing building along the road.

Today, a broad range of classes is offered, with a number of academic disciplines included.  The Arts and craft classes are most numerous, as the campus has become known as a creative center, but general educational topics also are well received. Most of the faculty is composed of residents, but some are drawn from the local community and colleges.

The gymnasium was used for recreation and fitness training for residents and was also used by the community for adult and children’s activities. It has been enlarged and now contains a well-equipped fitness center, dance studio and even a racquetball court.  In 2077, a natatorium was also added, as swimming proved to be both beneficial and popular year-round.  It provides both indoor and outdoor pools. 

The original athletic field has also been expanded in its size and scope.  Today, there are multiple sports fields, allowing more than one game at a time, with soccer and baseball complexes.  Courts for tennis, badminton, and handball have also been added. Other recreation development has included a skateboard park, an off-road bike course, and small motocross and go-kart tracks. One of the regular events which has developed is an annual series of ‘All-Star’ athletic competitions between the best players on various community children’s teams and teams of residents.  These are festive events which bring many community families to the facility to watch their children compete.  The residents do not always win and sometimes win only barely.  




End Chapter 15

Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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