The Flower Girl

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 30, 2024

Chapter 3

“You remember what to do, don’t you, Gracie?” Olivia asked, handing her a basket full of flower petals.

“Uh-hu!” Grace mumbled around her pacifier, nodding eagerly. No! She couldn’t walk down the aisle like this! She was supposed to be getting married! This was supposed to be the best day of her life!

“Good girl,” said Olivia, giving her a gentle push.

Grace toddled awkwardly, her legs pushed apart by the thickness of her soggy diaper. She waddled into the entranceway and stood there with the aisle ahead of her. Heads turned in her direction, smiles slipped from faces, and people started whispering to each other.

She saw Rob standing at the altar, her gorgeous husband-to-be, staring at her with a stunned expression on his face – his beautiful bride was dressed as an overgrown flower girl, her sexy body crammed into a ridiculous little girl’s dress, her elegant hair in pigtails, a dummy in her mouth, the hint of a nappy flashing about her waist.

Grace’s mother hurried over to her. “What’s going on?” she whispered, taking in the sight of Grace’s braless tits crammed into the blouse of the dress, and the flower crown in her hair. “What are you doing? Why aren’t you in your wedding dress?” Then her nose twitched as she smelled her adult daughter’s wet diaper. “Grace…” she said in shock, looking down at her daughter’s crotch, seeing the hint of discoloured padding peeking out below the hem of her poofy dress. “Have you wet yourself?

“Jessica’s wearing my wedding dwess!” Grace chirped, her words slightly muffled by her pacifier. “It wooks so much better on her dan it does on a stupid, big-titted baby wike me. I’m just da flower giwl!”

Grace was cringing inside, but at least her mother knew that something was wrong. She took her daughter’s hand looking deeply concerned, making as if to usher Grace back out of the door, but at that moment there was movement behind them, and she looked up. Immediately, her horrified expression relaxed into a smile. No. Grace looked around as well and saw Jessica standing there in her wedding dress, smirking at her. No! Not her mother too! How was Jessica doing this?! Someone had to help her!

But nobody did. Her mother turned her back around and patted her on her soggy diapered bum. “Go on, sweetie,” she coaxed. “You know what to do. Being the flower girl is a very important job!”

Grace started toddling down the aisle, the sagging seat of her nappy flashing beneath the short hem of her flower girl dress with every step she took. She willed herself to stop, concentrated as hard as she could on taking back control of her body, but it was useless. She reached into the basket she was carrying and tossed a handful of flowers into the air, giggling delightedly.

Everyone was looking at her very differently now, smiling broadly and making cutesy faces at her.

Then, quite suddenly, she stopped. For a moment, Grace thought that she’d got control of her body back, but then, with a thrill of horror, she realised that there was a growing pressure in her bowels. Oh God, she thought. Not that. Please, anything but that!

Grace’s face went red. She clenched her fists and bent her knees. Then, on what was supposed to be the most special day of her life, in front of all her family and friends, in front of the man she was supposed to marry and the woman who was stealing him from her, Gracie let out a loud grunt and started making a big, stinky mess in her diaper.

There was a chorus of ‘awwws’ and some tittering laughter in the crowd.

Grace was screaming inside her head, but on the outside she just hitched a big smile back onto her face as she stood up straight again when she was done. With her pants now full of poop, she continued stomping up at aisle, tossing out flowers, her loaded nappy now drooping well below the hem of her dress, swinging pendulously between her thighs for all to see.

Grace felt like she was going mad. The shame was too much. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be how she walked down the aisle! It had to be some sort of nightmare! She looked up at Rob, her last hope, but his eyes were fixed over her head. He was staring at Jessica with adoration in his eyes. No!

Once she got close to the altar, Caroline and Annie moved forwards to take her by the hands and guide her off to the side with them, where she stood for the recent of the ceremony, fidgeting with her dress. She wasn’t even watching when Jessica and Rob said their vows and kissed. She was too busy looking down at her diaper, shaking her bottom and watching her loaded Pampers jiggling about between her legs.

Not long afterwards, she was led over to a corner for a nappy change. Her three bridesmaids did it – the people who should have been her bridesmaids. Annie tickled her tummy, Caroline pulled silly faces at her, and Olivia worked away at her messy bottom with a pack of wet wipes. Grace wished she could be swallowed up by the ground and disappear forever, or better yet wake up to find this had all been a horrible dream, but all she could do was giggle and gurgle while her three best friends changed her stinky diaper.

Once she was clean and dry, a fresh pair of Pampers hugging her bottom, she was led over to Jessica.

“There you are, sweetie!” she cooed, her eyes glinting again. “What a good girl you were! I know you had a little whoopsie-daisy poo-poo accident in your nappy in the middle of the aisle, but that’s only to be expected of a big baby like you.”

Grace had never hated anyone more in her whole life.

“And I know you must be a bit upset about not getting to marry Rob,” Jessica continued, “but I have a surprise for you! Rob and I are going to adopt you as our little girl! Isn’t that nice?”

Grace felt like her insides had turned to ice. Adopted? How long was this going to go on for?! But she started jumping up and down on the spot in excitement. “Yay! Yay! Yay! You’re gonna be my Mama and Dada!”

“That’s right, little one!” she cooed. “I’m going to take such good care of you.”

“Maybe you’ll even be able to get married yourself one day,” one of the women surrounding them said to Grace.

Jessica laughed. “Oh no, I don’t think marriage is going to be in Gracie’s future. She’s far too immature for that. I’m going to keep her away from boys.”

“But Mama!” Grace whined. “I wanna get married!”

Quite suddenly, in full view of everyone, Jessica lifted up the back of Grace’s dress and delivered several sharp swats to her behind, aiming for what little of her bottom wasn’t covered by her thick disposable diaper.

“Owwwwie!” Grace cried, tears filling her eyes. Her bottom was stinging painfully. She seethed on the inside. If she still had control of her body, she swore she’d rip and claw at Jessica until she was nothing but ribbons.

“Bad baby!” Jessica scolded, and Grace felt her lower lip beginning to tremble. “No boys for you, little girl. You’ve proved you’re too immature for dating, let alone marriage.”

Tears ran down Grace’s cheeks. “Sowwy, Mama!” she sobbed.

“Suck your thumb, baby,” Jessica ordered, and Grace’s thumb immediately flew to her lips. She shoved the digit into her mouth and started sucking on it wetly. A line of drool spilled from her mouth and down her chin.

“Good girl,” said Jessica.

“I see you’ve got her in hand,” Grace’s mother chuckled. She’d just walked over to join them. “I never spanked little Gracie myself, but maybe that was a mistake.”

“Oh yes, I think so,” said Jessica. “A naughty little girl like her needs plenty of strict discipline. She’ll be under my thumb for a very, very long time.”

Everyone nodded their heads approvingly, and Grace’s mother said, “I’m so glad you helped us all understand that my daughter is really just an overgrown toddler. Just imagine the thought of this little stinker getting married to Rob!”

Everyone laughed.

“Are you planning to let her grow up again?” one of Grace’s cousins asked.

“Oh no, she’s perfect just the way she is,” said Jessica, and even though she was smiling pleasantly, there was a malicious glint in her eyes as she looked at Grace. “It’s a lifetime of early bedtimes, smacked bottoms, and smelly nappies for my little Gracie.”

Grace sucked her thumb noisily. A lifetime?! Was Jessica planning to keep her like this forever?! She felt herself start peeing again. The thirsty padding between her thighs soaked up her wee-wee, and her diaper began to droop.

“Rob and I had better be going,” Jessica said. “We have a lovely honeymoon to look forward to.” She turned to look down at Grace. “But don’t worry, little girl.” She grinned horribly. “Mama will be back to play with you again very soon.”



End Chapter 3

The Flower Girl

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 30, 2024


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maniac78 · Apr 30, 2024

Loved it! I can't help but feel so sorry for Grace but this was sooo good!

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