The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 17
Before & After - Daddy's Girl

Lucy Thompson was a strident feminist, an activist with a reputation across her college campus both for her good looks and for her habit of biting the head off any man who tried to flirt with her. With her beautiful face and hourglass figure, she naturally drew the eyes of all the men in her classes – but there was nothing Lucy hated more than the male gaze, as she wrote about frequently in her Critical Theory essays. She couldn’t stand the idea that people saw her as a mere sex object, and there was nothing she hated more than men who assumed she must secretly want to be “put in her place” by a big, strong man like them.

Unfortunately for her, to the Magician’s mind, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking a strong-willed, empowered woman and making her fight for her adulthood, so naturally Miss Thompson made the ideal candidate for one of his twisted games. She played the game well, however, avoiding all but a minor thumbsucking penalty and making it all the way to the final round before finally losing in a nursery rhyme sing-along contest.

Tired of her constant ranting about the evils of the patriarchy, the Magician decided that Lucy needed a little help changing her attitude towards men. With a snap of his fingers, he gave her a hardcore diaper fetish and an overpowering Daddy kink that soon had her squirming on the floor with one hand stuck down the front of her pants, imagining herself being forced into diapers and made to live as a dumb toddler forever. Then the Magician gave her the choice; she could return to her normal life without so much as losing her continence, or he could strip her of all her bladder and bowel control and let her live with him as his full-time adult baby girl…


Lucy’s New Life

Lucy moaned around her thumb and humped her thickly padded crotch desperately against her teddy bear. Her squishy nappy felt delightful against her pussy. It was soaked with pee, just the way she liked it. Her face burned with humiliation at what she was doing, but that just made her pussy even wetter. The old her would have died with shame if she could’ve seen herself now, grinding her sopping wet Pampers on her stuffed animals. But it was the only way a stupid, horny diaper girl like her could get off. She let out another slutty moan.

“Uh-oh,” came a deep male voice from above her. “I think someone’s being a naughty little girl…”

Lucy felt a powerful rush of arousal. She loved the way Daddy talked to her, like she was a particularly dim-witted four-year-old. She hated him too, hated the way he’d turned her into a diaper-wearing freak, the way he’d stolen her future and reduced her to a life of bottle-feeds and early bedtimes, spankings and nappy changes. But another part, just as strong, thought it was the hottest thing ever. She looked up, and her nether regions pulsed with pleasure at the sight of his handsome face, his sadistic smile.

“Does Daddy need to pull off your diaper and spank your naughty bottom, Lulu?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Lucy shook her head hurriedly from side to side, but she couldn’t help sucking her thumb lustily at the thought of being turned over Daddy’s lap, having her nappy pulled down, getting her plump bare bottom smacked over and over again until it turned bright pink…

“Are you sure?” he asked, a smirk playing around his lips. “Your Nanny told me she caught you doing something naughty this morning too.”

Lucy’s face went even redder.

“Did you really try to sneak a wet diaper out of the pail and put it on?” he asked, sounding deeply amused.

Lucy thought she might faint with the humiliation. She gave her teddy an extra hard hump and nodded.

“Silly girl,” said the Magician, reaching out and patting her padded rear. “If you want playtime in your icky used nappies then all you have to do is ask. Daddy already knows what a disgusting, depraved little girl you are.”

Lucy groaned and shut her eyes, still grinding on her bear. She was getting so close to orgasm now. But then there was a sudden pressure in her bottom, and she gasped around her thumb. Instinctively she tried to clamp down, to hold it in, but that wasn’t something her body was capable of anymore. Instead, she barely felt it as a big, yucky mess filled her diaper. The Magician started to laugh, and Lucy humped her teddy bear faster and faster, even as she grimaced with revulsion. The mess in the back of her pants felt disgusting. It was so gross and stinky and babyish.

She could have walked away, she told herself. She could have been a normal woman, or at least a woman who could control when she peed and pooped. But now she was just a big, smelly baby who needed nappies on her butt 24/7. A naughty, overgrown toddler who needed a Daddy to keep her in her rightful place… and she always would be. She moaned again. How could she have chosen this?! With one final, desperate thrust of her hips, Lucy had a shuddering orgasm in her soaked and stinky diaper and slumped over her teddy bear, gasping for breath.

As the euphoria began to fade, the familiar shame and self-disgust started to creep over her, and she buried her face in her teddy’s soft fur. But when her Daddy bent down, kissed the top of her head, and whispered, “That’s my girl,” the tingling started in her pussy all over again.



End Chapter 17

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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