The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 16
Before & After - The New Maid

Samantha Devereux came from old money, and she’d married well. She’d never had to work a day in her life, but there was nothing she liked more than ordering everybody else around. She’d spend her days strutting around her large manor house, barking orders at the maid, Hannah, changing her instructions constantly and forcing her to perform her duties within impossibly short timeframes. Poor Hannah couldn’t afford to give up her job, despite the awful treatment she received at the hands of her employer, not even when Mrs Devereaux went as far as to prohibit her from taking bathrooms breaks until all her work was done. The tearful young maid was forced to mop the floors and scrub the windows with a thick diaper flashing underneath the short hem of her uniform, a diaper that would inevitably end up heavy with pee by the end of the day.

It may have been Hannah’s burning resentment towards her boss that first drew the Magician to take an interest in Mrs Deveraux, and he soon decided that the arrogant heiress would be the perfect candidate for one of his little games. Samantha was shocked to suddenly find herself transported to a manor even more richly furnished and extravagant than her own, right when she’d been in the middle of chewing out her maid over some insufficiently polished silverware, but she didn’t have much time to recover before she was pitched into the game that would drastically alter the course of her life. The snobbish thirty-five-year-old was able to avoid taking any penalties in the first task, but unfortunately for her, her fellow contestants didn’t much appreciate her laziness and bad attitude (Samantha had never learned to develop much of a work ethic), and she was voted out at the end of the first day.

Although Mrs Deveraux cried and pleaded, the Magician wasn’t about to send her home without any ‘alterations’. With a magically imbued command, he ordered her never to pee or poop outside of her own pants again, much to her dismay. Not only that, he decided that a change in status would suit the entitled little woman, and with a snap of his fingers Samantha Deveraux went back to being Samantha Page; though she retained all her memories of her former life, in this new reality she’d never married Mr Deveraux, nor had she been born into a rich family herself. Instead she was employed as a maid at the manor she had once claimed as hers, confined to nappies and a frilly little maid’s outfit, under the strict supervision of the new lady of the house…


Samantha’s New Life

“Make sure that floor is spotless, potty-pants, or you won’t be getting your diaper changed before bed tonight.”

Samantha glared up at Hannah, Mrs Deveraux, through tear-filled eyes, but she didn’t dare stop her scrubbing. She knew the threat was genuine. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d been sent to bed without a change, forced to spend the night in a soaked, or even stinky, nappy. It was hard to get to sleep in a cold, clammy pair of Pampers, let alone one with a big, smelly mess in the back.

Over the past few weeks, Samantha had had plenty of experience dealing with full diapers, but that didn’t mean she hated them any less. Of all the humiliating features of her new life, there was nothing she despised more than having to let go of her bladder into her pants, or worse, to squat and do a poo-poo in her own knickers. Only they weren’t knickers. Not anymore. The only thing Samantha wore over her bottom these days were the thick, adult-sized baby nappies she depended upon to keep herself from making a mess on the floor. Noisy and bulky, they forced her thighs apart and crinkled with every movement she made, a constant reminder of their presence.

Samantha scrubbed hard at the floor, making absolutely sure there wasn’t a speck of dirt to be seen. Her knees were sore from the amount of time she’d spent crawling around the kitchen, scouring the tiles, but she couldn’t afford to take a break if she wanted to get all her chores done before the end of her shift. Her breasts jostled in the loose-fitting blouse of her uniform, wobbling stupidly beneath her like they always did when she cleaned the floor. Her outfit was skimpy and slutty – Hannah said it was to give Mr Deveraux “something pretty to look at”, but whenever he saw her, Samantha’s former husband usually did little more than wrinkle his nose at the sight of the used diaper peeking out from under the hem of her dress. She knew the real reason was simply to humiliate her even more; there was no hiding her nappy in her outfit, and the sexiness of her uniform only served to clash ridiculously with her babyish underwear, turning her into even more of a joke.

Samantha’s tummy made a loud rumbling noise. Her diaper was already drenched with pee, and with a sinking feeling in her stomach, she realised she could feel the beginnings of a bowel movement coming on.

“Would you like a bathroom break, Sammy?” asked Hannah, with a faint smirk. She was leaning against the kitchen counter, watching her work with a martini in her hand. “You can go and use the toilet if you want to. I’m not a monster.”

“No thank you, Mrs Deveraux,” Samantha said, as politely as she could, not pausing in her scrubbing. She didn’t want to give Hannah any excuse to discipline her, but she couldn’t stop herself from scowling.

“No? Are you sure, sweetie? It sounds like you need to go potty.”

Samantha said nothing.

“Sammy…” Hannah said warningly. “I asked you a question. You need to go poopy, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mrs Deveraux,” said Samantha, trying not to grit her teeth in anger.

“Then don’t you want to use the toilet?”

Samantha glared up at her former employee. Perhaps there was one thing she hated more than wearing nappies. “No thank you, Mrs Deveraux,” she said sweetly, just as Hannah had trained her to do. “I’d rather keep working and use my pants.”

“Yuck!” said Hannah, clearly relishing the sight of her ex-boss acting so slavishly. “That’s disgusting, Sammy! But I suppose I should be grateful that I have such a diligent worker, shouldn’t I? Go ahead then. Fill your diaper, sweetie.”

For a moment Samantha considered saying no, getting up, ripping off her soggy nappy and flinging it in Hannah’s face. But she knew it would do her no good. It wouldn’t undo the Magician’s power, and it would only get her into huge trouble. Clenching her eyes shut, face burning with shame, she did as she was told. She grunted and pushed, and a second later the seat of her Pampers bulged out behind her. She grunted again and continued to wipe the floor while she pooped. All she could do was keep doing her chores, and hope that by the end of the day she’d have done enough work to get herself out of the now thoroughly dirty diaper hanging off her hips.



End Chapter 16

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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