The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 15
Before & After - Ice Queen

I've also written three very short before & after stories set in the same world as The Magician's Game, which I'll post here.


Candice Holbrook was a rich socialite, famous in certain well-to-do circles both for her stunning beauty and for the cold, stuck-up, utterly disdainful attitude she showed towards anyone she considered to be beneath her, which was just about everyone. She was known among her friends (though ‘friends’ was a generous term for the underlings she surrounded herself with) as the Ice Queen – but people who were less charitable simply called her the Frigid Bitch. Even her own husband was sick of her frostiness.

It is perhaps no surprise, then, that she came to the attention of the Magician as he was selecting the unfortunate women who were to take part in one of his life-altering games. Candice started out strong, avoiding penalties and taking charge of the other girls, but during the second round she irritated the Magician so much with haughtiness that she was rendered incontinent and, as an extra insult, was stripped of the ability to change her own diapers unless they were right on the verge of leaking.

Candice tried desperately to hold on to her refined, authoritative persona, even as she toddled about attempting the challenges with an increasingly full nappy under her dress, but she may have tried a little too hard. Her fellow contestants didn’t take kindly to be scolded and bossed about by a woman in stinky Pampers, and Candice was voted out in the third round. Horrified as she was by the thought of spending the result of her life in adult diapers, Candice’s icy façade began to crack – but not enough to satisfy the Magician. Determined to put Candice in her place, he took away the one thing she prized above all else: her self-control. Robbed permanently of the power to regulate her own emotions, not to mention control her bladder and bowels, the Ice Queen had been melted into a puddle princess, and she was ready to be sent home…


Candice’s New Life

“WAAAAAH!” Candice wailed at the top of her lungs. She tried as hard as she could to stop, to pull herself together, but it was useless. “WAAAAAH!”

“What’s the matter, baby girl?” came her husband’s voice, and Candice squinted through her tears to see him lounging against the doorframe of her nursery, smirking at the sight of her bawling like a baby. She knew she must look utterly ridiculous with her nose running, her beautiful face red from shouting, standing in a giant playpen wearing only a Disney Frozen dress, a thick diaper, and a large, pale blue bow in her hair – a mockery of a tiara. But she still felt a fresh wave of uncontrollable anger rush through her at the sight of his smug expression.

“Don’t look at me like that!” she blubbered, stamping her foot. “I’m Candice Holbrook! I’M CANDICE HOLBROOK AND YOU CAN’T LOOK DOWN ON ME!”

“What a fussy little girl,” her husband cooed, walking over to her. “What’s got you so grumpy, hmm? Daddy fed you earlier, and you’ve had your nap…” Once he reached her, he turned her around, lifted up the hem of her dress, and pulled out the waistband of her nappy. “Just as I thought,” he said, chuckling. He spun her back around and looking her directly in the eyes. “Baby Candice made a stinky, didn’t she? Does the big baby want her dirty diaper changed?”

Candice wrenched away from her husband, her anger and shame totally spilling over. “I’M NOT A BIG BABY!” she screeched in an ear-piercing voice that made her cringe. “I’M NOT, I’M NOT, I’M NOT!” Her cheeks burned with humiliation at what she was doing, at the absurd spectacle she was making of herself, but she was completely unable to stop herself from stomping her feet and pumping her fists in an impotent fury as she shrieked and cried like an oversized two-year-old having a meltdown. “I WANT MY OLD LIFE BACK!” she wailed, jumping up and down on the spot and making her sagging nappy jiggle about stupidly between her legs. “I HATE POOPY DIAPERS! I HATE THEM!”

Her husband simply stood there, watching her throwing her tantrum with a wide smile on his face, until at last she wore herself out, and she was left gasping and hiccupping between quiet sobs. Her nappy felt disgusting.

“That’s it, baby,” her husband said gently, pulling her into a cuddle. “You got it all out, that’s a good girl.” He reached down and patted her padded rear, cupping the heavy seat of her diaper with his hand. “There’s plenty of wee-wee in here too. I bet you want a nice, clean diapie now, don’t you darling?”

Candice nodded, her face buried in his chest. A moment later, an unwilling giggle spilled from her mouth as her husband’s hands shot to her waist and tickled her sides. Her heart leapt with sudden, unwelcome happiness. She’d always suppressed her playful side before, but now, because of that foul Magician, there was nothing to stop the more childish aspects of her nature rearing their heads at any time. She hated how she couldn’t stop the smile tugging at her lips. But an even more embarrassing urge arose in her a second later as she pressed her body against her husband’s firm chest. No. She had to stop herself. She couldn’t lower herself like that!

“Daddy, I’m horny!” she blurted, grinding her diapered crotch needily against his groin and blushing scarlet.

Her husband laughed. “Alright, baby,” he said, his voice rich with amusement, “Daddy will change your nappy, and then we can have a little bit of grown-up time together, okay?”

“Yay!” Candice squealed. A big, dumb grin spread across her face, even as she cursed fiercely inside her head. This was almost worse than her tantrums! “I love doing grown-up things with Daddy!”



End Chapter 15

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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