A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 75
CHAPTER 175 .......... Sleepover – Part Five – I Hate Being a Five-Year-Old

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Sammantha shook her head.  “Derrek, you’re the one who agreed to this sleepover, and what’s done is done, so I have no sympathy for you OR empathy.  So the two of you, go back and play, and stop bothering me.”


Maddie smiled and grabbed my wrist.  “Come on, little man,” she ordered me again … another deaming dig.  My face turned red again. 


Since I was only five, it felt like a huge tug.  The muscle tone on a five-year-old is almost non-existent.  She easily drgged me back to my bedroom and shut the door, getting another good look in the full length mirror.  She grabbed both of my wrists and lifted me till my toes were off the floor.  I kicked and screamed and wiggled my legs as I was forced to look at my nude, powerless little body and cry at the view of my helplessness.


Maddie set my feet down and began  pawing me all over.  I struggled to no avail as she petted and felt up every square inch of my naked little body.  She didn’t forget my smaller penis either which quickly turned into a little boner.


“Lemme GO!!” I yelled at her.  I hated my ‘five-year-old’ voice so much.  I sounded like a frickin pre-schooler now.   I was deeply embarrassed just by trying to speak words.  My childish voice was laughable, even to me … but I wasn’t laughing.


“You’re the best, Derrek,” she cooed in my ear.  You’re making me sooooo horny.  This is what I’ve wanted to do to you the whole school year … just have free reign, feeling up your body as long as I wanted to … while you couldn’t do a thing to stop me.”


“Noooo, lemme go!” I whined, tears running down my face.


“I’m really sorry, Derrek, but molesting you as a little boy is just so much fun.  I may be only seven at the moment but my pussy is so wet.  Wouldn’t it be fun to spank you again?”


“Nooooooooooooooo!!!” I squealed.


Maddie picked me up under my armpits and threw me on the bed … then she took me quickly over her knees, and I was scared shitless.


But Maddie just laughed and pretended to swat me with little pats on my rump.  It was still humiliating because I could not escape this position. 


“You naughty, naughty boy,” she said about a dozen times as she patted rear end.  “By the way, Derrek, did you say you were ticklish?”


“Nooooooooooooooo!!!” I squealed again.


She flipped me onto my back on the bed and I couldn’t stop her from poking and stroking my tummy with her fingers … especially with her fingernails.


I struggled again.  “Stoppppppp op op op op ah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah.”


My legs pounded the mattress as hard as I could, but Maddie just got a real charge watching me squirm every which way and I was seemingly sqealing with delight … But I wasn’t happy at all.  This was the worst kind of over-stimulation.


She slowed down but didn’t stop … she kept poking me with one finger and I kept squirming and giggling against my will.  It must have gone on for five minutes.  Of course it kept my boner rigid but not from any sex drive.


Then Maddie grabbed both my wrists and brought me up to a sitting position on my bed.


She smiled at me and said, “Let’s give you a bath, Derrek.”


I protested in my squeaky voice, “But you already gave me a bath tonight.”


“Yeah, but I never bathed a five-year-old before.  Come with me to the kitchen.”




The girl didn’t answer.  She just grabbed a wrist and took me forcibly to the kitchen ( right past Sammantha again) and picked me up and sat my nude body on a chair.


“If you get off the chair, I’ll spank you for real,” she threatened me.


“You always say that, Maddie,” I pouted.


“Because you know I’ll do it,” she answered.


“What are you doing now, Maddie?”


“I’m boiling a small pot of water since the tub cooled down.  This will make your bath more comfortable and there’s still enough milk in it so that you don’t become a baby … unless you WANT to become a baby.”


I lowered my head and mumbled, “No.”



In a few minutes, I was back in the tub, going through the same ritual as before … only this time, it was against my will.  I had no choice in the matter.


She rubbed my crotch thoroughly again and commented, “Gee, Derrek, your boner is so tiny now, I would need a microscope to see it.”


So would I.  She was right … just more humiliation.   She washed and rinsed my hair again and stood me up in the tub.  I hated looking up to her … like she was my real big sister now.


As she dried me off, I waited till she blew the obligatory raspberries on my tummy … which I couldn’t help giggling about again.


“Now go pee and brush your teeth,” she directed.


“Uggghhhhh,” I mumbled because I knew I had no choice.  She nudged me over to the toilet and stood behind me … so I wasn’t surprised when she reached around and took hold of my penis with both of her hands just like earlier in the evening.


“Do it,” she ordered.


When I got the flow going, she did the ‘fireman’ thing all over again for a second time, except now, she was pointing me all over the toilet instead of the tub to put out the imaginary ‘fire’.


She flushed and then followed up with her next order.  “Open your mouth … wider … wider.”


I whined, “That’s as wide as I can go.”  I opened again and she proceeded to brush my teeth for me.


Maddie said, “You can spit it out now.  Your teeth look pretty good for a toddler, Derrek … Pretty soon you’ll be losing your baby teeth.”


That was one aspect of the water curse I never understood.  DNA was followed perfectly and every time I went back and forth through childhood, the baby teeth and the adult teeth came in and fell out at the proper times.


Maddie took my hand and led me out of the bathroom to the hallway linen closet.  “Let’s do it differently this time, Derrek.  You’re small enough to wear a diaper tonight and big enough to wear PJ’s.”


“But I don’t want to wear a diaper,” I said, stomping my foot.


“I didn’t ask you what you want, little guy.”


I knew I wasn’t going to win that argument.  Maddie laid me on the bed and lifted both my legs.


“I really HATE this!” I yelled at her.


“Maybe so,” she replied, “but right now, you look so fucking cute, I wouldn’t mind if you stayed this way … but we do have to get the future class president back to school.”


The girl shook plenty of baby powder on my crotch and took her sweet old time rubbing it in across my tiny package.  Then she taped up the diaper tabs and bagan rummaging through my dresser drawers.


“Derrek, the reason I want you to wear pajamas now is because I always liked dressing up my Barbie dolls when I was a kid and I think it would be fun to play dress up with you.  But first, you get your wish.  Take off your diaper. We don’t want your PJ’s bulging out.


This was a lose-lose for me.  Either wear a diaper or be naked.


Maddie got a real kick out of ordering me to take off my clothes four times in row, gazing at the nude little boy with the tiny prick.  And she dressed me up in a different pair of PJ’s each time … and standing behind me in front of the mirror each time, smugly addressing our height difference each time.  She was basking in her power trip.


“I love you so much when you’re little like this, Derrek.  Now take off your clothes.”


She was finally satisfied when she had me posing in the Batman pajamas.


“This is so you, Derrek,” she said smiling.


“Thanks a lot,” I muttered, as she sat on the bed and put me on her lap again.


I didn’t realize she had also grabbed a book off the shelf so I was forced to endure another rendition of Dr. Suess’s ‘Cat in the Hat’.


She enjoyed reading to me because it made me feel like a little kid.  Then she picked me up and took me to my crib … again ...  kissed my forehead and laid the five-year-old toddler down.  “Good night, sweety,” she cooed … which got me really annoyed because only Sammantha called me ‘sweety’.


By now, my younger body was exhausted.  I grabbed bunny rabbit and went right to sleep.



At 6:30 am, I felt a hand tapping lightly on my face.


“Derrek, wake up.”


I was groggy and mumbled, “Huh?”


The little girl’s voice was giggly again.  “Derrek, how come you’re sleeping in a crib? 


I noticed that the girl had changed a little.  She was eight years old now and her jeans and tee shirt looked a little short.


I mumbled in my high-pitched six-year-old voice, “I must have had a bad night.”


Madeline took hold of the two latches with her thumbs and forefingers … and lowered the front gate on my crib.  She grabbed the blankey out of my hands and threw it on the floor.  “Come on, Derrek, get dressed.  Sammantha’s making us breakfast.  Let’s pick out a good toddler outfit for you today … or if you still feel like running around naked, that’s okay too.  Now, come on … hurry up.”


I thought that maybe Madeline had two personalities, one good, one evil … and I got to experience the latter last night.


“Uh oh,” I murmured, still sitting in the crib.


“What’s wrong, Derrek?”


I remarked tepidly, “I have a problem.”


“What kind of prob-“ … Maddie felt my Batman PJ’s.  “Aw shit.  Derrek, did you wet your bed last night?”


My lower lip began to quiver and a few tears formed quickly in my eyes.


Maddie raised her voice at me.  “Derrek, how old are you?”


I answered weakly, “I guess I’m six now.”


Then she put both of her fists on her hips and scolded me harshly, “Well, six-year-old boys are NOT supposed to wet their bed.”


(I thought that six was a common age for bedwetting.)


The girl looked downright scary to me now, and I whimpered, “I know … I’m sorry, Maddie.  I guess I should have worn the diaper”.  I sniffed back tears and asked, “Are you going to spank me, Maddie?”


“You’re right, you should have worn the diaper.  Did you wet your bed on purpose?”


“Noooooo,” I answered through my tears, shaking my head back and forth.


“Then I won’t spank you, but I have to say that I’m very disappointed in you, Derrek.”


I sniffed back my tears and repeated, “I’m sorry.”


“We need to have a discussion here.  Do you still intend to run for class president of the seventh grade?”


I couldn’t look at her.  I just murmured, “I guess so.”


“That wasn’t a very confident sounding answer, Derrek.   How do you think our classmates will feel if they find out that the leading candidate is a bedwetter?  Do you think that bedwetting is something that represents strength and leadership?”


I shook my head and cried, “No.  You won’t tell them, will you, Maddie?”


“I’ll have to think about that, Derrek.  It’s a problem, isn’t it?”


“Yes,” I replied weakly.  “But this sometimes happens when I get younger because of the water curse.”


The girl let out a deep breath.  “I’m tired of your bullshit excuses, Derrek.  You’re probably the only seventh grader in our class that still wets his bed.  So what do you intend to do about it? … sit there and wallow in a clump of urine stained PJ’s?”


My crying started to sound like a pre-schooler.  “Maybe you should be class president, Maddie.”


“Oh, I’ll bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?  Uh uh … The kids at school look up to you, Derrek.  You’re can’t sherk your responsibilities on me just because you want to act like a toddler.  So what are you going to do?”


With a face full of tears running down my cheeks, I answered, “I’ll try to do better, Maddie.  I won’t drink anything before bedtime.  Maybe I’ll set an alarm for the middle of the night so I can go pee.  I’ll try real hard not to wet my bed.”


“Did you play with it again last night?  That would definitely earn you a spanking.”


I replied loudly, “Nooooooooooooooo! … Maddie,  I’m so cold and wet.  Can you please help me change now?”


“Let’s clean you up with a wash cloth.  Should I wash you with milk or water?”


“Milk please.”


“Derrek, I want you to hop out of your crib and peel off your wet pajamas.  Throw them in the hamper while I get some milk.”


I was quickly nude again … and cold, shivering from the wetness.  Maddie returned shortly with a wash cloth and a plastic half gallon of milk.  She took my hand again and told me to stand in the tub.  Then she put milk on the cloth and washed me down.


I was so cold, my baby teeth were chattering.  But I felt better without the sticky urine against my body.  She dried me off and took me back to the bedroom.


“Derrek, you have a little Oshkosh outfit with suspenders that should be appropriate for a six-year-old.  Try it on and see if it fits you.”


Maddie also gave me some clean underpants and dressed me herself, as if I were one of her dolls.


“Good job, Derrek,” she praised.  “Now let’s find you a pair of shoes.  Do you like sneakers?”




“Are you able to tie your own shoes?”




“Well in case you can’t, I’ll tie them for you.  Go sit up on your desk chair.”


 (It was absolutely no fun being a toddler.  I was doing so well adapting to the role of a leader as a twelve-year-old.  At least I could return to that ‘normal’ in three days.)



At the breakfast table, Sammantha asked, “So did you guys have fun last night?”


With dripping sarcasm, I replied, “Oodles.”


Madeline answered, “I always have fun when I’m with Derrek.”


“Sweety, I have to ask … How does your butt feel?”


“Oh, it’s fine, Mom.  I’m still alive, aren’t I?”


“Technically, I’ll give that a ‘yes’.   But after breakfast, you should pick out some Goodwill clothes for Madeline for ages 8, 9, 10, 11.”


“Okay, Mom.”


“Do you kids think that you can wait till New Year’s Eve before your next sleepover?”


“I can definitely wait, Mom.” I said with a sincere high-pitched tone.


“Sammantha, Derrek was acting really weird last night.”


“I hate to tell you this, Madeline, but that’s not unusual.  He IS a middle school boy.”


“He slept in his crib.”


“What?!”  Sammantha burst out.  “Is this true, Derrek?”


I nodded, “I’m afraid so.”


“And he wet his bed, too.”


“Aw, sweety, I’m sorry to hear that.”  Sammantha opened up her hands.  “I don’t understand.  I thought the two of you came here for a sleepover.”


“We did, Sammantha,” said the girl.  “But Derrek looked so cute before I gave him the Batman PJ’s … all naked, sucking his thumb, clutching his bunny rabbit … and I need to tell you a secret, so come close.”


I think that Madeline whispered ‘loudly’ on purpose so that I could hear too.


“He had an erection and I caught him playing with it.”


“He did?!” Sammantha whispered back.


Back to regular talking, Madeline pointed out with a giggle, “Yeah, and I told him that only bad boys do that.”


“Well, that may be so,” Sammantha offered, “but we have to keep in mind that most of the time, Derrek is a very good boy.”


Madeline thought about it, “Hmmm, yeah, I guess I’ll give you that one.”


“Did you take any pictures of Derrek?”


“Oh yeah … and he is soooooooooooooooo cute when he’s horny … or little … or both.”


“Can I see them?”


“Unfortunately, my phone broke when I dropped it on a rock at lunch time, so I was just pretending to take pictures of Derrek.”


(That was the only good news of the morning.  Madeline wouldn’t be ‘sharing’ embarrassing photos of me with school friends.)


Sammantha concluded, “Well let’s clean up in the kitchen now, so we can drive you back home.”




As it was Saturday, David and Debbie Davenport both anxiously answered the front door.


“Welcome back, Madeline,” said the girl’s mother.  “How’d it go last night?”


“It was fun, Mom … and Sammantha made a nice breakfast … and I’m eight years old now too!”


Debbie looked at Sammantha, “And who’s the little boy?”






End Chapter 75

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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Love the story!

NxK · Mar 22, 2024

Can't wait for more! Might not post a comment, but check back every few days for an update!

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Love the story!

NxK · Mar 22, 2024

Can't wait for more! Might not post a comment, but check back every few days for an update!

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