The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 14

Abby stared at the spot where Becky had vanished, her horrified screams still echoing in her ears. She couldn’t help but feel a little sick, but happiness quickly took over. Who cared about stupid, stinky Becky? She’d won! She wouldn’t have to wear baby clothes or diapers anymore! She wouldn’t have to act like a stupid little girl! And she could wish for anything she wanted!

Intense, giddy excitement welled up inside her. She knew it was just another one of the babyish traits the Magician had given her, but she still couldn’t control herself. She started jumping up and down as her emotions overwhelmed her – she was just so happy! “I win! I win!” she squealed. “I get three wishes!”

The Magician chuckled at her immature antics. “Yes, little one. You win. Now, why don’t you tell me what you want to wish for, sweetie?”

Abby squealed again, wonderful ideas flashing through her mind. She’d been so focused on the game that she hadn’t even really considered what fabulous things she could ask for with her wish, but now, with the childish energy coursing through her, her answers burst from her lips at once.

“I wanna big mansion!” she demanded eagerly. “And, and I wanna be rich! And I want a handsome husband to care for my every need! And-”

“Hold your horses, sweetie!” the Magician chuckled. “You’ve made your three wishes! Alright then, Abby. A big, lavish mansion, all the money you could ever need, and a handsome husband to take care of you.”

“Yeah!” Abby shouted, still bouncing in excitement.

The Magician smiled his dark, twisted smile. “Your wish is my command.” And with a snap of his fingers, Abby’s surroundings vanished.

At once, the playroom had disappeared, and Abby found herself in an enormous, lavishly decorated bedroom, with gorgeous chests of drawers, a walk-in closet, and a king size bed. She grinned. She had her mansion. And she clearly had her riches as well. Now to find her perfect husband…

But when Abby took a step towards the door, she realised that something was wrong. There was still something thick between her legs. Something soft and crinkly. She looked down and breathed in sharply when she saw the puffy white nappy she was wearing around her waist. Why was she still in diapers?! And why wasn’t she wearing any other clothes?! Didn’t this new life of hers come with lavish outfits in the latest styles?

Then, her stomach dropping horribly, she realised. In her babyish excitement, she’d completely forgotten to wish herself back to normal.

“No…” she whispered, but even as she spoke she felt a fullness in her bottom, a pressure that became uncontrollable almost as soon as it had appeared. “No!” she squealed. Abby clenched her bottom as tightly as it would go, but it was no use. Her body betrayed her. She felt herself bending her knees and sinking into an uncontrollable squat, her padded bottom thrust out behind her and her bare breasts wobbling on her chest. Then with a loud grunt, she started pooping her pants. A stream of warm pee-pee soaked into the padding as well, drenching and discolouring the front of the large, pristine nappy she’d only just been magicked into. The seat of her diaper sagged as a heavy, stinky load dropped into the back. “No!” she cried, as the yucky mess filled her pants. “You twicked me!” she screeched, even though the Magician was nowhere to be seen. “It’s not fair! I won! I WON! I wanna be a big girl again! I WISH I WAS A BIG GIRL AGAIN!”

She heard a chuckle from the doorway, and looked up. But it wasn’t the Magician. It was her boyfriend, Alex, the one she’d been serially cheating on for months and months.

“Hi, darling!” he cooed, hungrily taking in the sight of her messing her nappy like a two-year-old. “I’ve missed you, sweetheart. I kept hoping you’d be back sooner, but it looks like you managed to hold on right to the end, didn’t you, baby?”

Abby just stared at him in horror. Then she scrunched up her face again as her body started dumping another wave of poo-poo into her pants.

Alex chuckled again and strode over to her. “The Magician told me he’s given you all sorts of babyish behaviours,” he said pleasantly. His eyes were glittering, not unlike the Magician’s had done whenever he was feeling particularly malevolent. “But that’s okay, princess. Even though you’re just a big, stinky baby now, Daddy still loves you.”

Abby groaned, partly in disgust at what she’d just done in her diaper, and partly in horror at her boyfriend’s words. A big, stinky baby? Daddy?! No… She’d won! This wasn’t supposed to be happening! She looked up at him tearfully and remembered her own words – a handsome husband to care for my every need – and let out a piteous sob.

“There, there, precious girl,” Alex said soothingly – but there was something darkly patronising about his tone as well. He stroked her back, and reached down to pat her sagging nappy. “It’s okay. It won’t be so bad. It’s not like your life is over, silly! But a lot of things are going to have to change, little one, and I’m not just talking about your diapers.” He leaned in close to whisper in her ear. “Things are going to have to change in the bedroom.”

Abby felt a chill run down her spine, and then the realisation of what was happening became too much, and she started bawling at the top of her lungs.


Abby’s New Life

Months later, Abby pouted in her crib. Her nappy was full and yucky and she wanted changies now. But Daddy was busy with his new girlfriend. Her nursery was right next to his bedroom, the room she’d so mistakenly believed to be her own when she’d first appeared in her new home, and she could hear the faint sounds of a creaking bed and short, excited gasps and moans through the wall.

She blushed with humiliation. Daddy was supposed to be her boyfriend, but doing naughty things like that with him (or indeed with anyone) was a big no-no for her now. She’d been naughty for sleeping with other men, Daddy said, and her punishment was to say bye-bye to adult fun forever. She scowled petulantly and went back to looking at the large TV screen Daddy had set up facing her crib. Something to keep you entertained while I’m doing grown-up things, he’d told her. Madelyn Smith was on the screen. It was one of her many porn videos; Ex-Feminist Sucks Dick in a Pissy Diaper.

Abby watched Madelyn deepthroat the man’s cock, cross-eyed and drooling, a clearly soaked nappy squishing beneath her bottom as she sucked, and her pussy tingled. She started rocking against her teddy-bear, biting her lip. She was desperate. Desperate for anything, for any kind of sexual contact with a man at all. Maddy might have been turned into a diaper fetish pornstar, but at least she still got to have sex!

Abby could feel the beginnings of a tantrum coming on. She’d won the Magician’s game! And yet here she was, sitting in her crib in a wet and messy nappy, watching a feminist academic turned adult-baby bimbo slobber and drool over a man’s cock while her own boyfriend fucked another girl in the bedroom next door!

And it wasn’t just Maddy – she saw all of her former co-contestants a lot more regularly than she’d hoped. She saw Katherine’s ridiculous adult Pampers advert whenever she was allowed to watch television with Daddy. Abby had never liked her, but she still found herself blushing with second-hand embarrassment at the thought of Katherine dirtying her diaper on camera for millions of people to see.

Then there was Becky. They went to the same daycare, at least on the days when Daddy said he was too busy to be stuck changing her smelly nappies, and the staff were constantly having to separate the two of them when they inevitably started shoving or name-calling or pulling on each other’s pigtails at any opportunity.

Susie was there too, but she was in the older girls class. Abby might have been jealous if it wasn’t for the bright red bottom she was so often sporting under her soggy training pants. It seemed that even though she was unable to disobey her mother, the woman always made sure to give her daughter plenty of ‘smacky bum-bum time’ to remind her of her place. When she was led past the older girls room, Abby sometimes saw Susie perched on one of the little plastic training potties than lined one side of the wall, doing her business while a daycare worker supervised – at least on the days when the girl’s mother didn’t send her to daycare with a bulky diaper under her skirt.

Abby’s attention drifted back to Maddy, the baby bimbo. She watched her sucking cock jealously, growing more and more restless in her crib. She still had no more control over her emotions than the average toddler. Tears stung her eyes, and she started breathily heavily. Her chest hitched. Then, out of nowhere, she couldn’t contain herself any longer. “WAAAAAAAAAAH!” she wailed at the top of her lungs. “WAAAAAAAAAAH! I don’t wanna be a baby! DADDY PLEASE! I don’t wanna pee and poop my pants! I don’t wanna wear NAPPIES! I wanna have big-girl naughty time! I wanna be a grown-up again! WAAAAAAAAAAH!”

She heard a woman’s laughter from the bedroom, followed by a girlish squeal and a moan of pleasure, and she sobbed and cried even harder, pounding the mattress of her crib furiously. She wanted to have sex! She wanted to fuck!

Driven wild by the sounds of cocksucking from the television and sex from the room next door, Abby mounted her teddy-bear and began to hump it desperately in her soaked and stinky diaper, grinding her pussy against the sodden padding and trying to imagine she was with a man. Her neediness built and built, and the sounds of sex got louder and louder, not quite drowned out by the whorish moans coming from the TV. She started issuing little high-pitched grunts of pleasure. Her mind was focused on the noises coming from the bedroom, and as her boyfriend’s latest lay cried out in orgasm, Abby did the same in her poopy nappy. Then she collapsed onto her mattress, red-faced and breathing heavily, her full diaper stuck up in the air behind her. It was the closest she’d ever get to having sex again.

Just like all the other girls, Abby’s life had been forever altered, and she would have no choice but to get used to it.

The End


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End Chapter 14

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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Thank you thank you thank you thank you

maniac78 · Mar 18, 2024

This story was such a great ride! I loved every second of this story and I’m so sad it’s come to an end. There aren’t enough stories like this anymore and I truly appreciate you sharing it with us. I also am truly grateful you delivered new chapters so consistently! I look so much forward to your future work!

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NxK · Mar 22, 2024

Great story all the way through!

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