The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 11

Madelyn’s New Life

Maddy sucked her thumb lustily as she toddled out on stage. She was dressed in a sparkly pink t-shirt that looked like it was designed for a ten-year-old. The words “Daddy’s Little Girl” were written across the front in sequins, and it was so tight that the outline of her large, braless breasts were clearly visible beneath it, her nipples jutting out obscenely. Below the waist, she wore a tiny pink miniskirt; the plastic waistband of her diaper stuck at least two inches out of the top, and the thick white padding flashed between her thighs with every step she took. Her long, newly blonde hair was tied up in a pair of high pigtails that jiggled about as she walked, tickling the sides of her face. She thought about how ridiculous she must look, and felt her pussy moisten.

Once she reached the lectern in the middle of the stage, Maddy looked out at the crowd of students sitting in rows before her. They were mostly girls, staring at her with expressions of shock and disgust and second-hand embarrassment. The few men in the room were looking at her wide-eyed, and Maddy giggled as she noticed a few tents appearing in the fronts of their jeans. Her thumb started to work a little faster in her mouth. By the time the first semester was over, she hoped she would’ve been able to wrap her lips around each and every one of their cocks and given them a good suck.

But she frowned when she saw what all the women were wearing. She didn’t think she could see even a single one of them dressed appropriately – either like dirty whores or sweet little girls. What were they thinking?! If she were a student again, she’d go to every class dressed in nothing but a tutu and a pair of fairy wings. And her nappy, of course.

Maddy giggled vapidly again. “Hi evewyone!” she said into the microphone. “Today I’m gonna talk about how girlth are weally jutht big babieth who, wike, totawwy need men to keep dem in line!” She realised her thumb was garbling her words, so she yanked it out of her mouth with a wet pop. Normally she always had to have something between her lips, usually her thumb or somebody’s cock, but talking about a woman’s rightful place was an exception. Daddy said she could keep her thumb out of her mouth for as long as she needed if she was explaining how women were just whores and maids and overgrown babies. “Oopsie!” she giggled, pulling a silly face. “I’m, like, such a dumdum! I totally forgot to stop sucking my thumbie!” She played with one of her trashy blonde pigtails and fought the urge to stick the end in her mouth and start chewing on it.

There was a stunned silence in the room. Many of the students couldn’t believe their eyes, or their ears. This had to be some sort of joke! How could Madelyn Smith, the renowned feminist activist and academic, be standing in front of them with plumped up lips and an oversized rack, dressed up like a little girl while she spouted some lisping, fetishy nonsense about how women were really just oversized babies?!

“But it’s good for girls to, like, always be sucking on something,” Maddy continued. “It means our mouths will always be wet and ready for cock! And it stops our silly bitching too. Men can just, like, shove a pacifier in our mouths when they want us to shut the fuck up! A girl’s mouth is for sucking, not talking.”

Many people in the crowd were whispering to each other now, wondering whether their professor had had some sort of nervous breakdown, or if she was suddenly going to announce this was all just a bizarre prank.

Maddy looked over to the door and saw her Daddy lounging there against the wall, smiling encouragingly at her. She grinned back at him. She loved her Daddy. It was strange, because she was pretty sure she’d used to hate him. But that was back when they were colleagues, equals, before the Magician had helped her understand her rightful place as a silly little pants-wetting cumrag. She was Daddy’s property now, and she was much happier.

She turned back to her students. “So anyway, I know this course was gonna be about, like, girls being oppressed or something, but now it’s gonna be about how girls are total dummies who deserve to be put in diapers! It’s also gonna be about, like, how to suck dick and stuff!” The muttering was growing louder and louder, but Maddy ignored it. “And you’re not gonna be able to drop out of this class either!” she said brightly. “I know a man who says he’s gonna make it so none of the girls can leave this class without failing their whole degree, so unless you want all the time and money you’ve spent at college to be, like, a total waste, then you’re gonna have to pass my exams on cocksucking and slutwear and un-potty-training!” Maddy giggled as some of the girls in the crowd exchanged confused, fearful looks. She was sure most of them didn’t believe her yet, but they would. The Magician said he was going to make sure every single one of her female students ended up as diaper-dependent sluts, and she was going to help!

At that moment, Maddy felt a slight pressure in her bladder, and she immediately started wetting herself. She let out an “Aaaaah…” of relief as the warmth spread across her groin and soaked into her nappy. Women didn’t deserve to use toilets. It was yucky and embarrassing having to go to the potty in her pants, but that just made her pussy tingle even more.

“Anyway!” she chirped, blushing and squirming in place, enjoying the sensation of her pee-soaked diaper squishing against her privates. “It’s just, like, an introduction today ‘cause I gotta go do my porn shoot! Bye-bye! I’ll see you tomorrow for our first class on how girls should dress like immature skanks!” And with that, she toddled off the stage and over to her Daddy, her tits bouncing beneath her tight top and her soaking wet nappy jiggling and drooping low between her legs.

The moment she reached him, he shoved his hand down the front of her diaper. “Oh my!” he said, “I think someone’s done a big wee-wee, hasn’t she?”

“I peed!” Maddy said happily, making him chuckle. Some of the nearest girls were staring at the scene in horror.

“That’s right, sweetie, you did go pee!” Maddy’s Daddy cooed. “What a clever girl!”

Maddy glowed with his praise and shoved her thumb back into her mouth where it belonged. She felt her Daddy’s hand cup the soggy seat of her padded bottom, and another pleasurable tingle jolted into her pussy. Her head was so foggy with happiness that she barely noticed herself being led out of the building and over to the car. She sat in the back, in her cramped car-seat, sucking her thumb dreamily and imagining it was a nice thick cock, until they arrived back at Daddy’s house. It had been her house once, but stupid little girls like her couldn’t be trusted to own anything. Daddy had explained it to her. So now it was his house.

He helped her out of her car-seat (she wasn’t allowed to undo her seatbelt by herself) and spurred her inside with a few sharp smacks on her bum. The moment she was through the door, he lifted her sparkly pink t-shirt over her head, exposing her enormous tits, and tugged her skirt down her legs so that her thoroughly soaked nappy was on full display.

“Are you ready to be Daddy’s little pornstar, sweetie?” he cooed, making Maddy giggle and wiggle her bottom happily. She loved being his pornstar!

He took her into the living room, where there was a large plastic playmat lying on the carpet. Maddy’s training potty was sitting in the corner – she didn’t get to use it much, but sometimes Daddy thought it was funny to make her sit on it and try to “make tinkles” for him.

Maddy got to her knees on her playmat and sat still while Daddy tied her bib around her neck. It was bright pink, like many things in her new life, and had the words “Daddy’s Little Whore” written across it. There was still some dried semen on it from that morning’s blowjob, and it didn’t even come close to covering her huge jugs. Her Daddy fiddled about behind the camera that was pointing in their direction, and then he smiled and walked over to her.

“Ready, sweetie?” he asked, unzipping his fly and taking out his cock. “This one is going to be called Ex-Feminist Sucks Dick in a Pissy Pamper.”

Maddy bounced up and down on her bottom in excitement, her nappy squishing wetly beneath her. “I’m, like, an ex-feminist in a pissy Pamper!” she squealed.

“That’s right, sweetie,” her Daddy said with a laugh. “You are.” He smirked down at the woman who had once been such a bitch to him when they’d worked together at the college, and shoved his cock between her eager lips. “And that’s all you’ll ever be.”



End Chapter 11

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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