A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 27, 2024

Chapter 74
CHAPTER 174 .......... Sleepover – Part Four – The Crib

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This time, I hopped up into the crib and tried to sit.  I could, except I had to keep my legs bent.  Maddie came forward and raised the bar till it clanged shut.


My sister then informed me, “I’m putting you to bed early, Derrek.”


“WHAT?!!” I cried out.  “I’m not sleeping in a crib!!”  I tried to shuffle around in the crib and at least get up on my knees.  Panic mode set in as the vertical bars created a makeshift prison from which there was no escape.


“Maddie, you can’t do this!  I’m NOT a baby.  I’m twelve years old.  You can’t be this mean to me!  Come on, Maddie!  Don’t do this!  Let me out!  You’re just joking, aren’t you?”


“There’s new rules, Derrek,” she scolded me.  “If you’re going act like a baby, you’re going to be treated like a baby.  When I asked you to get undressed the first time, instead of cooperating, you copped a major attitude and I had to spank you for it.”


“And I said ‘I’m sorry’ a bunch of times!  I was good after that.  I’m NOT acting like a baby now!  You can’t force me to sleep in a crib!  I’ll climb out!”


“Derrek, the first time I catch you out of your crib, your rear end and this wooden ruler are going to collide.  So do I have to tell you what your butt will feel like when that happens?”


“No, but can’t I at least wear PJ’s?”


“I wanted to put you in a diaper, but I don’t think we have one your size.  You can sleep nude.  I’m pretty sure you won’t wet your bed … and I’m giving you a blankey and a pillow.  You’ll be fine …  Right now you’re being punished for playing with it, and if I catch you doing it again … Well, you know what this ruler is for.  Now you lay there and be ashamed of yourself.”


I cried out, “But you’re the one who made me do it!


“That’s right, Derrek.  I was attempting to maximize your shame so that the next time you think about doing it, you’ll think more about what kind of pain this ruler will have on your butt.”


My voice was almost choked up when I yelled, “This totally sucks, Maddie!!” I thought you said that we were going to have a sleepover tonight!”


The girl pointed to the other side of the room and and answered, “Oh, we are, Derrek.  I’m going to ‘sleep-over’ there in the big bed … And you’re going to ‘sleep-over’ here in the baby crib.”


“But it’s only 8 o’clock!  I’m twelve!  I can’t go to bed this early!”


“Derrek, what did I just say about acting like a baby?  And while we’re at, I want to see how cute you look sucking your thumb in your crib.  Go ahead.  Suck your thumb, baby.”


“I’m NOT doing it!!”


My hands were on the upper guard rail, a perfect target for Maddie to pinch the webbing between any two of my fingers … and when she uses her fingernails there, it’s like getting shot up with novacane.  It’s horribly painful.


“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!  Stop it!”


“Then do as I ask, Derrek.”


I pouted, “Why?!  Everything you do to me is so unfair!”


“Because I want you to acknowledge who’s the boss here.  I think it’s pretty simple, Derrek.  I’m five years older than you.  So I’m bigger than you.  I’m stronger than you.  I can tell you what to do whenever the fuck I feel like it.  And if you don’t obey me, you get spanked with ‘this’.” 


Holding the wooden ruler up high, she leaned forward over the crib, and with her left hand, she reached through the bars and pushed my chest, forcing me to back up and sit again.  “Now be a good baby and suck your thumb.”


I grunted loudly in protest. “Uggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!”


As the pain in my hand lingered, I did as told.  With her weapon just a few inches above me, I sat down and put my left thumb in my mouth.  Still being naked in front of my sister, this had to be my most embarrassing moment of the evening … or my life … and I grew another boner in reaction.  The bars that surrounded me reinforced my feeling of being a ‘toddler prisoner’.


“Cute … Now let’s see you put your legs in a diamond shape like you do when you’re jacking off.”


When I did that too, she whipped out her phone and took a few more pictures.  I felt so small now … as if I were a real baby.  My eyes started tearing up again.  I touched the tip of my penis with my right hand because I felt some pre-cum drops again.


“Good pose, Derrek.  You’re boner adds a nice touch to the composition.”  The girl then turned to leave.


“Maddie, wait!” I called out, rearranging my thumb so I could speak.  “Where are you going?”


“I’m going to the kitchen to have a bedtime snack with Mom.  If you hadn’t eaten so much pizza, I might have let you have a snack too … Sorry, I’ll be back later.”


“Maddie, wait!”


“What is it, now?”


I was exhausted from crying.  “Can I please have bunny rabbit?”


“And will that guarantee acceptable behavior out of you?”




“Here’s your bunny rabbit.  Get that thumb back in your mouth.”




At around 10:30 pm, the girl returned to my bedroom and shut the door.  She had probably been watching TV with Sammantha, who felt no urgency to rescue me.  I was, of course, still nude in the crib clutching hold of my bunny rabbit.  But I had stopped sucking my thumb.


Maddie didn’t say a word to me.  She was still dressed in the same clothes as before when she hopped up onto my boys’ bed.  But instead of going to sleep, she started jumping up and down on the mattress, using my bed as a trampoline.


After each set of several jumps, she came crashing down on the bed in a sitting position … And she began to giggle again from the fun she was having.


I was pretending I was asleep.  I was laying on my side facing away from her with my scrotum accidentally tucked under my thighs … and visible to her.  Then she walked over to the crib and reached in through the bars and began tickling my scrotum with her finger nails.


She started giggling again and I tried not to stir … But she didn’t like that she was getting no reaction from me, so she grabbed my whole scrotum and squeezed my balls really hard.


“Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!  Stop it!!!” I cried out and tried to bring my balls to my forward side again.


She swatted my butt with her hand.  I said ‘Ouch!’ but otherwise, tried not to react.


I was hoping that she had changed back her role-play character from seventeen-year-old Maddie to seven-year-old Madeline.  But I wasn’t going to spoil the moment by asking her.  If she was going to do it, she had to do it herself.


And she didn’t.


She just returned to her ‘jumping splashes’ on my bed, and about a half hour later, she got under ‘my’ cover on the ‘big’ bed and said, ‘Goodnight baby Derrek’.  Yeah, she had to get in one more dig beforefalling asleep in ten minutes while I was still wide awake.


I started wondering if I had mis-judged Madeline.  Maybe she wasn’t as nice of a person as I had thought.  At school today, she raped me.  At home, she stripped and spanked me … and tried to infantilize me … doing a pretty good job of it.


Sure, I could have exited the crib and gotten under the covers with her, but I just didn’t feel like it anymore.  I wanted the effort to come from her, not me.  Fuck it.  Out of sheer boredom, I grabbed my dick and started jacking off again.  I fantasized that I was having sex with twelve-year-old Madeline.


There wasn’t much to shoot out a second time, and I consciously suppressed my ‘No’ calls so that I wouldn’t wake up the little girl in my bed.  Too late—there was just enough ambient light in the room to startle me when I saw a pair of eyes staring at me through the bars of my crib.


Maddie jumped up and supported herself by standing on my little mattress from the outside with her shoes poking through the bars.  My legs were still crossed so I couldn’t move to avoid her and defend myself.  Quickly, she grabbed the back of my thick hair and forced my head forward and down over my legs … exposing the top half of my butt which she mercilessly swatted with the 18-inch wooden ruler.


“How DARE you abuse my good nature?!” the little girl scolded me.


I screamed and cried again as she wacked the daylights out of my rear end.  I swear I thought she had been sleeping.


“Owwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!   Please Maddie!” I begged.  “Stop!  It’s hurts so bad!  I  won’t do it again!   I promise!  Owwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!  Stop!  Please!  I promise I won’t play with it anymore!”


I was wailing with tears when she suddenly stopped.  “Put that thumb back in your mouth Derrek,” she ordered.


I obeyed right away and turned on my side in a very pouty mood …with bunny rabbit clutched in my right elbow.  Eventually, my tears stopped flowing.  But just a few minutes later, Maddie returned with a cup in her hand and she said something very ominous.


“You need to be punished, Derrek.”


“Huh?” I said, spinning my head to face her.  Then she threw a half cup of water in my face.


“WHAT??!!” I screamed.   “Why did you do that??!!”


This was horrible.  I immediately felt contractions in my body … the pop pop pop of all my joints and muscles which I’ve experienced so many times.


“Don’t worry, Derrek,” the girl said, smirking.  “You won’t be a baby.  I measured the water very carefully.  You’ll just be a five-year-old.”


“FIVE??!!” I further screamed.  “But WHY?   OH Noooooooo.”


“Because I told you not to play with it, and you went and did it anyway.”


Maddie released the front bars on the crib and I hopped out and ran to the door mirror.  I was now the same height as Maddie, so I must have dropped down to seven years old very quickly, but the contractions hadn’t stopped.


In my shrinking nude little body, I started jumping up and down and pouting, “No!  No!  No!  No!  No!” … oddly the exact same reaction I have when I ejaculate.  My negative emotions were really intense.


After another minute, I found myself looking up at Maddie and I knew I could be no older that five, but still with a big head of hair.


Maddie put both her hands around my tummy and stared in the mirror with me.  “You look ridiculously cute, Derrek.  This is like the perfect age for you.”


“Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!” I yelled again.  I grabbed the door handle.  I broke free of Maddie’s grasp and ran toward the living room where Samantha snacking on popcorn and watching TV.


“MOM!  Look what Maddie DID to me!!!” I screamed.  Then I put both hands over my mouth, shocked at what a squeaky high pitched voice I had.  Sounding like a toddler makes me feel so babyish.


Samantha turned her head, looked at my nude little body and shrugged.  “What?  I don’t see any blood.”


Maddie came over, too and stood at least three inches taller than me.


I yelled again, “She turned me into a five-year-old!!!  Look at me!  I’m so little!”


“So?” she replied.  “You guys are what, 30 and 28 years old?  Maddie’s two years older than you.  And what are you now, seven and five?  Same difference.  She’s still two years older.  I don’t see a problem here.”


“But, Mom, how am I going to go to school?”


Sammantha thought it over.  “So you’ll be six on Saturday morning, then eight and ten by Monday.  Maddie, that wasn’t very smart.  Derrek will have to miss a day of school.”


“I’m sorry,” the girl said without much sincerity.


Sammantha shook her head.  “Derrek, you’re the one who agreed to this sleepover, and what’s done is done, so I have no sympathy for you OR empathy.  So the two of you, go back and play, and stop bothering me.”




End Chapter 74

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 27, 2024


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