The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 10

“Wait!” Abby cried desperately. “I didn’t cheat! It’s not true! I… I…” She let out a squeal of shock and fear. Her clothes were changing, just like Katherine’s had done the evening before. “No, no, no, no…” she muttered frantically as her skinny jeans vanished, leaving her in nothing but her lacy black underwear from the waist down. Her crop top was turning pastel pink and lengthening, stretching down to reach her waist, but stopping so short that it failed to completely cover her knickers. Sleeves grew; pale, puffy sleeves that ended just past her shoulders. A pacifier popped into existence on the end of a clip and pressed itself firmly between her lips by an invisible hand. Her socks gained a rim of frills, and her stylish shoes turned into black Mary Janes. Last, and worst, her underwear began to thicken, and Abby started to cry. She knew what was coming. Her skimpy panties turned white and crinkly, ballooning outwards and taking on the shape of a huge disposable diaper. “No!” she wailed behind her soother. Her bulky nappy was pushing her legs apart, giving a gait as wide and toddler-like as the others. But the Magician’s alterations weren’t done there. She could feel a tingling in her head as the mental changes started to take effect.

“No, no, no!” she sobbed. Then her dummy started bobbing in her mouth as her oral fixation took over, an overwhelming desire to have something in her mouth at all times. If it wasn’t her pacifier then it would be her thumb, or even her toes. The idea disgusted her, but at the same time it felt so right to suck on something. She hadn’t realised how empty her mouth had been before. She had to have something inside it! Abby whimpered as she realised the Magician was turning her into an orally-fixated freak, like Madelyn but worse, someone who’d cram random objects into her mouth and cry like a baby if anyone took her paci out.

With a loud hiss, her bladder let go and Abby started drenching her diaper with pee. She shrieked behind her dummy and tried to clench down to stop the flow, but nothing happened. Her muscles wouldn’t respond at all! She was no different from Becky now, she knew. No different from a baby! She pissed herself helplessly, feeling the yucky warmth spreading around her crotch, soaking into the thirsty padding of her nappy until it was sagging well below the short hem of her little girl’s dress. She squealed piteously and reached down, intending to rip the horrible thing off and throw it in the Magician’s face, no matter what the consequences would be – but something was wrong with her hands. Her fingers felt clumsy and uncoordinated all of a sudden. They patted uselessly against the tapes of her diaper, and with another sob, Abby understood that the Magician must have taken away her fine motor control. She stumbled backwards, almost losing her balance. Her legs felt as awkward as her hands, and Abby guessed that her wide, babyish gait was the result of more than just an extra-thick diaper. She thought of Katherine, waddling around like she’d only just learned to walk, and realised that she would now be exactly the same.

She looked up at the other girls. Becky and Madelyn were watching with slightly queasy expressions on their faces – but Abby thought she could detect a trace of satisfaction in them too, as if they thought she deserved what she was getting. Abby shrieked again, an incoherent shriek of fear, humiliation, and anger. This couldn’t be happening to her! It couldn’t! Things like this didn’t happen to girls who were as pretty as she was!

The Magician was watching her, an evil smile twisting his handsome features. She had to convince him to change her back! She still had her body! She toddled forwards and pressed herself against the man who’d turned her into an overgrown baby, trying, through tear-stained eyes, to look seductive.

“Awww,” the Magician cooed. “Are you trying to be sexy, sweetie? That’s so cute! Coochie-coochie-coo!” He reached out and tickled her under the chin.

Abby let out an involuntary, gurgling giggle. Then she blushed furiously and pushed him away. Of course he didn’t want her body… It had been a stupid idea from the start. He just wanted to turn her into a ridiculous baby-woman like the others! Her head tingled again, and her emotions suddenly became much, much harder to control. Abby burst into tears. If the others had thought she was crying hard before, it was nothing compared to what she was doing now. She screamed at the top of her lungs, sobbing and wailing like a toddler in her terrible twos. There was a restlessness in her arms and legs, and she felt compelled to stomp her feet and flap her arms stupidly, her face screwed up with the effort of crying and shrieking as hard as she could.

Becky and Madelyn winced at the noise, both watching Abby with a mixture of disdain and pity. She looked exactly like a naughty little two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

Abby couldn’t control herself. Her face was crimson with shame. She was struggling as hard as she could to stop herself acting like a bratty little toddler, but she was angry and upset and embarrassed, and some part of her brain was insisting that meant she had to act like this. She didn’t stop stomping her feet and screeching until the Magician grabbed her by the arm.

“What a naughty little girl!” he scolded, mock-stern. His eyes were glinting again, and his expression was predatory. “I think somebody needs a time-out!” Abby whined, but the Magician smacked her sharply on her bottom, aiming for what little of her bum wasn’t covered by her nappy. Still whimpering and hiccupping pathetically, Abby allowed herself to be led back inside, vaguely aware of the other two women following along behind them. The Magician took her back into the lavish hall where they’d all first appeared and stood her in a corner, facing the wall. “You can stay there until you calm down, little miss crybaby!”

Abby sniffled, shifting her weight from foot to foot and cringing at the way her sodden diaper felt against her skin. Then, quite suddenly, she felt a pressure in her bowels. Her face went white. She had to do a whoopsie! No – that wasn’t it. That sounded so stupid! She needed to… make boom-booms? No! Have an uh-oh in her pants? Go poopies? Make a stinky? Abby shook her heard fiercely, but it was no use. The Magician had taken away her grown-up words! “I…” she squeaked, knowing the Magician was still right behind her, with Becky and Madelyn too. “I gotta… I gotta go potty poo-poos!” But she’d only just gotten the words out when the pressure in her bottom became too much for her newly incontinent body. With a horrified expression on her face, Abby felt herself sink into a squat and immediately start loading her nappy with a big, smelly mess.

She could hear the Magician laughing behind her, and knew that the other girls must be watching her as well. She felt stunned. Even when she’d pooped her pants in the first challenge, she’d told herself that this would never happen to her. She could never do that, not in a diaper. But now she had. She was a Pamper-packer now. A diaper-dumper. A ridiculous, nappy-filling, overgrown baby. Her lower lip trembled, and Abby started wailing again.

“Poor baby,” the Magician taunted. “Don’t worry, sweetie, Daddy will take care of that icky, stinky diaper. Becky needs a change too,” he said, glancing at the blushing girl. “Why don’t we do both at once? You can lie down side by side for your nappy changes! Won’t that be sweet? And little Maddy can help.” He looked at Madelyn and raised his eyebrow. “Unless she’d prefer to join you?”

Madelyn rushed forwards, wrinkling her nose, and helped the Magician guide both Abby and Becky onto the floor. As she did so, the Magician slipped a hand up her frock and gave one of her oversized tits a squeeze. Madelyn orgasmed immediately. She fell to her knees beside Becky and moaned like a pornstar around the thumb that was still planted firmly between her lips. She sucked on it obscenely for a few seconds, then shook her head, trying to clear it of the desperate lust that was constantly threatening to take over since the Magician had bimbofied her body. Once she’d recovered, she wanted to slap him across the face, but she was too terrified by what she’d just seen him do to Abby. She supposed she should count herself lucky that she was the one changing diapers, not lying on the floor with her legs in the air like the other two…

Becky hid her face while Madelyn changed her nappy one-handed. Madelyn couldn’t keep the look of disgust off her face as she wiped the young woman’s messy bottom clean with wet wipes. She knew it must hurt Becky’s feelings to see such open revulsion, but she couldn’t help herself. It was just so gross!

Abby continued to cry as the Magician un-taped her diaper and lifted her legs up by the ankles. “What a messy baby!” he cooed. “What a stinky little girl!”

The feeling of the cool wipes gradually clearing away her mess wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but Abby still wanted to disappear. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare. She tried not to look at Becky lying next to her – getting their nappies changed together, like they were equals, like she was on the same level as that pants-filling little brat! She sobbed as she felt the Magician slide out her loaded diaper out from underneath her and slip a fresh one in its place. After a healthy sprinkling of sweet-smelling baby powder, she was ready to be taped into a clean diaper. Unless she won the game, she realised, this would probably happen two or three times a day for the rest of her life. She let out another wail.

Once she was taped securely into her thick new nappy, Abby was taken back to the corner by the Magician to “continue the rest of her time-out”, and that was where she stayed for the rest of the afternoon. The other girls went off to their rooms while she stood, nose in the corner, trying not to think about what her life would be like if she didn’t get back to normal.

Her legs were aching by the time the Magician patted her on the bottom and told her she could go to the dining room. It was almost a relief to sit down at the table for dinner, even if she was crammed into the oversized highchair that had replaced her usual chair. What was less of a relief, however, was the lady who pulled up a seat next to her. With a plummeting sensation in her stomach, Abby recognised the busty woman who had breastfed her a couple of nights before, the woman who had called herself ‘Nanny’. She was holding a jar of baby food in one hand and a plastic spoon in the other, and there was a condescending smile on her face.

“You’re too little to feed yourself, Abby,” the Magician said. “Those clumsy little hands of yours would just make a mess of everything! Nanny will be feeding you from now on, understood?”

The woman raised the jar of baby food and the plastic spoon and said, in a cooing voice that made Abby cringe with embarrassment, “Who’s weady for her nummy-nums? Does baby Abby-wabby want something yummy in her cute wittle tum-tum?”

Abby averted her eyes and tried to refuse the first spoonful, but all that accomplished was getting baby food smeared all around her lips and chin.

“Oopsie-daisy!” the woman trilled. “Let’s try that again, shall we? Time to make your num-nums go all-gones for Nanny, baby! Here comes the airplane!”

Reluctantly, Abby opened her mouth to accept the second spoonful of mush. Despite the texture, the taste wasn’t horrible, and she resigned herself to being fed the rest of the jar while her two fellow contestants got to eat solid food across the table.

She scowled jealously at Becky. She looked so grown-up in her big-girl clothes. Her diaper bulge was obvious, leaving anybody who saw her in no doubt that she couldn’t be trusted to use a toilet, but otherwise Becky looked like an adult. And Madelyn might look absurd with her bimbo body and her baby clothes, but at least her nappy was just for show. Abby looked down at the bulky, crinkly thing between her own legs, cushioning her bottom like a pillow. She felt a tiny bit of wee-wee trickle into it, and she whimpered quietly. Another spoonful of baby food was pushed between her lips, and she wondered how long it would be before she was pushing this meal into her pants.

When they were all done with their food, the Magician got to his feet. He nodded at Abby’s Nanny, who curtsied and left the room, then he looked at each of them in turn, smiling maliciously at the Becky’s diaper-stuffed jeans, at Madelyn’s bombshell body in its baby clothes, and at Abby’s utterly infantilized appearance. “Well, little girls,” he said, and despite everything that had happened to them, the three women still felt a prickle of anger at being addressed as such. “You know what’s next. I’ll give you a few moments to talk amongst yourselves, and then it will be time to vote.”

The moment he vanished, Abby put her plan into action. She’d been thinking about it all through corner time. She just needed a few moments to talk to Becky without Madelyn interfering, and the stupid bimbo was sitting directly across from her – before she could even get to her feet, Abby had reached out her foot under the table and pressed it against the front of Madelyn’s nappy.

Madelyn let out a high-pitched, girlish moan as her diaper, still slightly damp from her tiny accident, squished against her pussy. She doubled over, gripping the table to steady herself as waves of pleasure crashed over her, coursing through her body from her tits to her toes.

Abby squeezed herself out of her highchair as fast as she could and toddled over to Becky. “I fink we should vote for Madewyn,” she said, without preamble. Her words were muffled by her pacifier, but she didn’t care. “I know I twied to cheat,” Abby said desperately, as Becky looked sceptical and opened her mouth to say something, “but I stole the egg from Madewyn, not you! I didn’t know it might make you the loser as well! I’ve always stuck up for you, haven’t I?” She looked at Becky pleadingly, even allowing tears to fill her eyes (although she wasn’t sure she’d have even been able to stop them anyway). “Like when we teamed up against Kaffewine? And it’s not like I’m much of a fweat now, am I? If you leave me until last, it will be easier. Madewyn might be in baby cwothes, but she doesn’t need diapers like… like we do.” Abby hated herself for saying that last part. She wouldn’t, she would never, think of herself as someone who needed diapers. This was only temporary. Just a setback. One more day of this hell and she’d win the challenge, get her wishes, and then she’d never have to think about nappies ever again. Becky would be spending the rest of her life peeing and pooping her pants, but that was just too bad for her!

Before Becky had a chance to reply, Madelyn had grabbed Abby by the shoulder and spun her around. “What do you think you’re doing, you stupid freak?!” she screamed, yanking her thumb out of her mouth to speak. A line of drool connected it to her lips. “First you try to sabotage me in the challenge, and now you’re-”

But Abby cut her off. “I’m the fweak?! I’m not the one who’s been moaning like a swut and pwaying wif her boobieth all day!”

“How dare you!”

“Girls, girls!” the Magician interrupted, reappearing suddenly. “If you’re going to scream at each other, then I’ll have no choice but to spank your naughty little bottoms! Is that what you want?”

Abby and Madelyn glared at each other, but kept their mouths shut. Becky looked anxious and confused.

“It’s clear that you’ve had enough time to talk,” the Magician went on, grinning horribly. He walked over to them and handed each girl a piece of paper and a crayon. “Time to decide which of you will get a chance to win, and who will be heading off to enjoy her new life.”

The girls scurried away from each other and hurriedly wrote down names on their pieces of paper. Abby and Madelyn looked over at Becky fearfully. They had no idea who she was going to pick. Becky was writing something on her piece of paper, looking anxious and a little bit guilty. Once they were all done, the Magician collected up their pieces of paper, and smirked down at the names they had written. Then he looked up at the girls, his eyes flitting between Abby and Madelyn.

Abby realised she was shaking. She glanced at Becky, but the girl was staring down at her own feet, deliberately avoiding making eye contact with either her or Madelyn.

“Well, I’m glad this never became too complicated,” said the Magician. “We managed to avoid a tie in every single vote!” He looked up, grinning. “I know just what you deserve… Maddy.”

Madelyn took a step backwards. “No…” she whispered. “Not me…”

“Time for your mind to match your body, sweetheart,” the Magician said. His eyes were glinting darkly again. “I promise you’ll be much happier without all that nasty intelligence of yours.”

“No!” Madelyn squealed, supressing a moan as her tits bounced in her top. “Please! Oh God, no! It’s everything that I am!”

“Well now you’ll be something else, sweetie,” said the Magician happily. “The old you might have been an intelligent, strong-willed feminist, but now you’ll just be a ditzy, immature little slut who’s still in nappies.”

Please!” Madelyn screamed, her eyes wide and terrified, but the Magician snapped his fingers, and at once, with a powerful rush of pleasure, Madelyn felt her mind emptying. She tried desperately to cling onto who she was as her IQ plummeted and a tingling pink fog rolled over her mind. She clutched her head in panic. “No, no, no, no, no…”

Abby and Becky watched with slightly sick expressions on their faces.

Then, after a few moments of silence, Madelyn giggled. She looked up at them in confusion, biting her lip. “I’m, like, so horny!” she said. Then she shook her head fiercely and groaned. “No! That’s not… That isn’t me! I’m not, like, a dumb whore!” One of her hands reached down to stroke the front of her nappy. She giggled again. “A dumb whore! I’m not, like, a dumb whore who  needs diapies… I’m… I’m…” She trailed off, then she blinked a few times and looked up at them all, smiling dimly.

“How do you feel, Maddy?” asked the Magician, grinning broadly. “Do you remember being a strong, independent women’s rights activist?”

Maddy nodded, frowning. She remembered who she was, but she didn’t understand why she’d been acting like such a frigid, uptight bitch for so long. How would she ever, like, get a man to rip off her nappy and fuck her twat if she always acted like such a boring old prude? She giggled. She was such a fucking ditz! “I’m just, like, an immature, big-titted whore!” she said.

Becky was staring at Madelyn in horror, and even Abby looked uncomfortable.

“Well, sweetie,” said the Magician, “it looks like your days as a ruthless, man-hating academic are over. But don’t worry,” he added nastily, “I’ll make sure you still get to teach classes on women. You’ll get to teach your students all about how women are nothing but maids and sex toys and stupid little girls who need men to tell them what to do. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

“Oh-em-gee!” Maddy squealed, jumping up and down and making her tits jiggle about in her baby-doll dress. “Totally! I hope there are some hot boys in my class who want to, like, fuck me in all my holes and treat me like the baby-slut I am!”

The Magician chuckled. “I’m sure there will be, sugar-tits.”

Maddy grinned vapidly.

“Now, it’s time for you to head off to your new life, sweetie.” And with a wave of his hand, the feminist-turned-bimbo baby had disappeared.



End Chapter 10

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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