The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 9

The morning after Katherine’s ejection from the competition, Becky woke up to find her diaper soaked to the brim. It was absolutely drenched with wee-wee, and when she slipped out of bed and got to her feet, it hung so heavily between her legs that she thought the tapes holding it in place might snap. She looked down at the soggy thing in disgust, but the feeling of pee sloshing about in her pants was nothing compared to what happened next. Standing up was all it had taken. Becky’s bowels lurched into life. She barely had time to do more than squeal in shock and dismay before she was doubling over and filling her nappy with yet another enormous, yucky mess. She grunted loudly as she packed her Pampers with poo-poo, feeling the now familiar rush of shame as she automatically compared herself to the stupid little toddlers she had to take care of every day at work. She knew she must look exactly like them, squatting down and making a smelly mess in her own pants.

After she finished pooping herself, Becky burst into tears, as she so often did since her continence had been taken away from her. She mewled and whimpered, stepping from foot to foot almost involuntarily, as if she was trying to get away from the heavily sagging seat of her diaper as it swung between her thighs. She had to win this evil game and get back to normal! Struggling to supress her sobs, she forced herself to waddle out of her room to go and search for the Magician, trying to ignore the mess pressed against her bottom. If she was lucky, he might change her before the other girls got up, and she wouldn’t have to endure their looks of mingled pity and disgust again. Then she could sneak back and get dressed, and the other two might not even know what she’d done in her overnight nappy.

Meanwhile, Abby and Madelyn were both relieved to find that they hadn’t woken up in wet beds again (or in Madelyn’s case a wet nappy). It seemed that their bedwetting episodes had just been a result of the breastmilk they’d been forced to drink the night before last. Abby breathed a sigh of relief as she got up and started to dress. She’d never be able to sleep with another man again if she was stuck pissing herself in her sleep! Her string of bachelors and married men would take one look at her in a night-time diaper and dump her immediately, and Abby depended on their infatuation with her, their gifts and generous allowances, to fund the luxurious lifestyle she’d gotten used to.

Fully dressed in skinny jeans and a tight tank-top, she stepped out of her room at almost the exact same time as Madelyn toddled out of hers, the bulk of her nappy pushing her legs slightly apart. Abby had to supress a laugh at the sight of her oversexed bimbo body crammed into a stupid little girl’s dress, canary yellow this time, with a matching bonnet. She’d actually been nervous of Madelyn at first, but now the empowered feminist lecturer was just some big-titted skank dressed up like a two-year-old. She’d be too busy moaning like a pornstar and jiggling her boobs to be much of a threat in the competition. And Becky was nothing but a big, smelly baby. Sure, Abby herself had peed or pooped her pants every day since the competition had started, but that was different. Becky was actually incontinent. The girl couldn’t even change her own nappies – she was a total freak! Abby almost felt a little sad for her, since she knew that she, Abby, would be the one to win the Magician’s twisted game. She had to. And that meant Becky would be spending the rest of her days squishing around in loaded diapers, begging people for changes. Maybe Madelyn could get a job as a truck-stop whore or something. The two of them headed towards the dining room, Madelyn lagging behind because her new stripper-tits kept putting her off-balance. They didn’t speak to each other as they walked, and when they arrived they found Becky and the Magician already seated at the table, eating their breakfast.

Becky was picking at her food mournfully. She was hungry, but she knew that whatever she ate now was sure to come out not long afterwards, and she’d only just gotten a change. She was sure the Magician wouldn’t be willing to wipe her butt for her again so soon. She doubted he would’ve given her one in the first place if it wasn’t for the way she’d pouted and looked up at him like a tearful little girl. She hated his stupid smirk, and the way his eyes glittered with malice whenever he saw her, or any of them, degrading themselves like that. But she hated sitting around in full nappies even more.

Abby and Madelyn took seats at the table and started helping themselves to breakfast. Madelyn’s new plumped-up, pouty lips were very ill-suited to eating. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t seem to stop making herself look obscene as she tucked into her bowl of fruit. She let out breathy little gasps and moans every time her sensitive lips so much as touched a strawberry, and when she tried to take a bite out of a banana, she felt an uncontrollable compulsion to shove it deep into her mouth. Abby shot her a disparaging look as she let out a loud moan.

Other than that, they ate in silence, until at last the Magician got to his feet, his dark eyes glittering once again. “Now that your cute little tummies are full,” he said, “it’s time for me to announce my third little challenge. You’ll be taking part in an egg hunt! Now I know it’s not Easter at the moment, but I just can’t waste an opportunity to send three pretty little girls toddling around the garden looking for chocolate. I’ll set you loose in the playground behind the house, and your task will be to collect as many chocolate eggs as you can before I announce that time is up. You’ll be trying to find more eggs than your fellow contestants, but you’re not allowed to steal them from each other, is that clear?”

They all nodded.

“What happens to the person who gets the least amount of eggs?” Becky asked nervously.

The Magician grinned. “The loser will get the full adult baby treatment,” he said. “Diapers and incontinence, baby clothes, thumbsucking, messy eating, cribs and naptimes, reduced emotional control, increased immaturity. The works.”

Abby felt a knot of anxiety tighten in her stomach. That sounded like the worst punishment so far by a long way. She glanced at the other girls’ bottoms, Becky’s puffy nappy bulged out from underneath her jeans, and Madelyn’s was hardly covered at all by the ultrashort hem of her frilly little baby dress. She couldn’t wear something like that. Her life would be ruined! Let alone having to suck her thumb and sleep in a crib and lose the ability to act like a mature adult woman!

“Well, there’s no point in wasting time,” the Magician continued. “It’s a beautiful day outside. Perfect for big babies to run around in!”

He led them out of the dining room and through a door they’d never used before. As they walked, Abby glanced again at Becky’s bulbous diapered bottom. Her nappy forced her to waddle almost as badly as Katherine had been doing, but it didn’t seem as though she’d dirtied herself yet. Abby supposed she’d pooped her pants already that morning, the disgusting girl. Abby wrinkled her nose, then she looked up as warm sunlight hit her face. The Magician had taken them outside. A beautiful lawn stretched before them, dotted with numerous flower patches and fantastically trimmed hedges. Taking centre stage was an enormous playground, complete with swings, climbing frame, a set of plastic tunnels, and an elaborate spiralling slide.

Madelyn scowled at the scene, looking utterly ridiculous with her plumped-up lips forming a juvenile pout. Was that monster really going to make them run around on a playground like a group of four-year-olds? She wanted to protest, but she wasn’t sure she trusted herself to open her mouth without moaning. The stupid udders on her chest kept rubbing again her frock, and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter inside her soft, fluffy nappy. “You can’t…” she began to squeak, her voice breathy and high-pitched, but a silly little moan cut her off. “Ooh! You can’t… You can’t make us do dis! We’re not your pwayfings!”

“Don’t take that tone with me, young lady,” the Magician said sternly, raising an eyebrow at Madelyn. “You most certainly are my playthings, and you’re going to do as you’re told. If you keep being fussy, I’ll have no choice but to tug you over my knee and turn your naughty tushy bright red. Is that what you want, Maddy?”

Madelyn whimpered and did a little tinkle in her nappy out of fear. Her face reddened. Had the Magician given her bimbo body a weak bladder too?!

Becky and Abby were given ridiculous frilly bonnets to match the one Madelyn was wearing, pale blue for Becky and pink for Abby. “To keep the sun off your pretty little heads,” the Magician explained as he fastened them beneath their chins. Then he stood back to admire the effect, smirking. “Such pretty babies!” he cooed. “Who’s ready to show Daddy how many eggs she can find?” All three women were glaring at him, but their obvious displeasure only seemed to make him happier. “Alright, little ones,” he said, handing each of them a little wicker basket to put their eggs in. “Time to begin. And remember what will happens to the girl who finds the fewest eggs.” He grinned wickedly. “Off you go!”

They hurried off towards the playground. Abby ran fastest, as she was the only one not taped into a bulky disposable diaper, and she reached the playground first. She immediately grabbed a shiny green foil-covered egg from the base of the climbing frame and popped it into her basket, feeling elated. She was going to win this! There was no way she was going to let herself be turned into some absurd adult-sized baby. And she definitely couldn’t let herself be voted out. She thought of all the other punishments the Magician had inflicted so far. A daycare worker who hated nappies stripped of her potty training and forced to wear them full-time. A girl desperate to escape her tyrannical mother sent back to live with her and made to obey her every command. A proud feminist lecturer turned into a busty bimbo in baby clothes. A fashion model robbed of her ability to dress herself and forced to wear ridiculous toddler outfits. It was pretty clear the Magician enjoyed inflicting their very worst nightmares onto them. Abby shivered. What would he do to her if she lost?

She still had her backup plan, she reminded herself. She’d never yet met a man who’d been able to resist her charms, not when she really wanted to seduce them, and for all his otherworldly powers, the Magician was clearly still a man with a sex drive – even if it was a horribly twisted, nightmarish one, it was still something to work with. But if she could just win the competition, that would be much safer.

Madelyn’s brain became a ditzy fog as she ran across the grass, her tits bouncing about wildly inside her dress and sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body and into her nether regions. She focused as hard as she could. Eggs. She had to find eggs. She couldn’t lay down and start rubbing her tingling pussy. She couldn’t just sit on the grass and play with herself, imagining a man bending her over a bed and thrusting himself deep inside her, taking what was his… No! Focus. Focus…

She toddled over to the swings, already panting a little in the heat of the sun. Her formerly tight, athletic figure was no more. Her new body was soft and curvy, poorly suited for anything other than decoration and sex. She inspected the seats of the swings and felt her heart leap when she saw a blue egg sitting in one. She snatched it up and dropped it into her basket. She could still win this. As bad as it was being trapped in baby clothes and a stupid bimbo body, things could get much worse if she lost this round.

Becky was waddling around underneath the slide. Her tummy was starting to feel rumbly, and she couldn’t tell if it was because she was just hungry, or if there was another messy accident on its way. Then she spotted it – a pink, foil-covered egg tucked away at the point where the underside of the slide touched the ground. She bent over and grabbed it, a jubilant smile spreading across her face. But at that moment, her stomach lurched into action once again, and her grin turned into a look of surprise as a yucky load pushed itself into the seat of her nappy, making it bulge out through her jeans. Her mess was followed by a long rush of pee that soaked her diaper so thoroughly it was almost as wet it had been when she’d woken up that morning. Tears welled up in her eyes again, but this time Becky didn’t start wailing. She couldn’t help stomping her foot in frustration, but all that did was make the contents of her nappy shift around unpleasantly. Taking a deep, steadily breath (trying to ignore the smell of her stinky pants as she did so), she forced herself to calm down. She’d found an egg. She could win this challenge, get through the final one, and wish herself back to normal. She hadn’t given much thought to what else she might wish for. At this point, she wanted nothing more than to be a regular young woman again, one who’d never have to see another dirty diaper for as long as she lived. Her resolve steeled, she went back to hunting for eggs.

The three girls continued to hurry around the playground and the surrounding flower beds, occasionally finding an egg to add to their growing collections, and spying on the others’ baskets whenever they passed to see who’d gotten more.

Abby clambered up to the top of the slide, and froze. There was an egg, golden-wrapped and shining brightly in the sun – but Madelyn had got there first! She was standing over it, reaching down with one hand and groping her chest through the front of her baby-doll dress with the other. Her basket was on the floor next to her, and Abby felt a thrill of fear when she was what was inside. Madelyn had five eggs! And the one in front of her would make six! When she’d last seen Becky, toddling around with an obviously full nappy, she’d had five. Abby herself had five too. This was too close. Far too close. She felt sick when she thought about what losing this stupid egg hunt would mean. It would be even worse than anything either Becky or Madelyn had yet experienced. From the sound of it, the Magician intended to turn the loser into an overgrown baby in almost every way. The Magician had told them they couldn’t steal other people’s eggs… but he couldn’t be omniscient. Could he? At this rate, there was a good chance that Abby might lose. Becky was bound to have found another egg by now, and the Magician could call an end to the game at any moment. While Madelyn was distracted picking up the gold egg and playing with her oversized melons, Abby snuck out a hand and snatched a purple egg from her basket. Then she slipped quietly down the slide. Madelyn was gasping and moaning to herself too loudly to even hear her. Abby reached the bottom and sprinted away towards a row of hedges in case she was seen.

The three girls wandered around for a minute or two more, until the Magician’s voice rang out across the garden. “Alright, little ones!” he called. “Time to come back to Daddy!” And with a snap of his fingers, the three of them appeared suddenly in front of him. “Well,” he said, looking at them with hungry eyes, “I hope you all enjoyed your little egg hunt. Now it’s time to see who’s got the most… and more importantly, who’s got the least.” He grinned horribly, his handsome features twisting in anticipation, and stepped forwards to inspect their baskets. “Let’s see. Five for little Becky. And five for little Maddy too!”

Madelyn looked down in confusion. Five?! She thought she’d found six! Had she somehow miscounted?

“And how many does Abby have…?” the Magician went on. Abby could feel her heart pounding in her chest as he peered into her basket. “One, two, three, four, five, six for little Abby! So, it would appear as though we have two losers today.”

Abby breathed a sigh of relief.

“No!” Madelyn squealed, pulling her thumb out of her mouth desperately. “I had six! I swear! I must have dropped one or something!” She felt her thick, crinkly, but dry diaper rub against her thighs and imagined having to actually use it. Worse, she imagined the Magician getting inside her head, giving her even more babyish behaviours to accompany her thumbsucking.

Becky looked just as horror-struck. “Please!” she begged, tears filling her eyes again. Her lower lip trembled. She didn’t know how long she could keep it together. She thought she might go insane if she had to live like a baby as well as wear nappies like one! “Please don’t!”

But,” said the Magician firmly, cutting them off, “things aren’t always as they appear.” His eyes moved onto Abby, who felt her blood turn cold. “One of you has been very naughty,” he said, and there was a terrifying happiness in his voice. He tutted. “Such a naughty girl, Abby, stealing one of little Maddy’s eggs!”

Abby felt frozen in place. He knew!

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” said the Magician, not sounding sorry at all, “but Daddy did tell you that stealing is a no-no. I’m afraid I have no choice but to disqualify you from the third challenge. And that makes you the loser.”

Abby could only stare at him, her mouth open, her eyes wide and terrified.

The Magician’s eyes glinted. “Time for someone to get her penalty.”



End Chapter 9

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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