The Magician's Game

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Chapter 8

Katherine’s New Life

Katherine seethed as she squatted down and pushed out a horrible, disgusting mess into the seat of her adult-sized Pampers. She blushed scarlet when she caught sight of herself in the mirror, bare-breasted, her hair in ludicrous pigtails, a thick diaper drooping between her legs.

It hadn’t taken Katherine long to realise that with her ability to dress (and just as importantly undress) herself taken away, she had no way of taking down her underwear to use the toilet. So to her own squealing dismay, and her sister’s very great amusement, Katherine had no choice but to pee and poop in her pants, no different than if she’d been rendered incontinent. It was incredibly humiliating having to deliberately wet and dirty her nappies, reduced to the same level as that snivelling pants-filler Becky despite the fact that she still had all her bladder and bowel control. But it was even worse having to waddle up to her sister and beg her for a diaper change.

Of course, at first Katherine had tried to insist her sister accompany her to the toilet every time she needed to go, so that she could pull her underwear up and down for her. As humiliating as it would have been needing help to use the toilet like some stupid little girl struggling with her potty-training, it would’ve been better than diapers, but her sister had only laughed at the idea and said she had better things to do than run around after some overgrown toddler who couldn’t even go potty by herself. So Katherine had to wear diapers. In fact, most of the time these days she didn’t wear anything but diapers. Her sister thought it was funny to watch the former snobbish fashion model waddle about nearly naked, with nothing but a symbol of her newfound babyhood taped around her waist, which was how Katherine came to be stomping into the living room of her sister’s house in nothing but her stinky nappy, her large bare breasts sloshing about stupidly on her chest as she approached her sister, who was sat on the sofa watching television with a glass of wine in her hand.

Mommy,” Katherine said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, baby?” her sister smirked, looking away from the screen. She was enjoying having her bitchy older sister reduced to her pathetic, oversized toddler.

Katherine took a deep breath. “Baby Katie did a whoopsie!” she whined, turning around and shaking her diapered bottom from side to side. The drooping seat of her nappy swung pendulously between her legs. Doing this was part of her routine for asking for a change – if she didn’t make herself look and sound as ridiculous as possible, she’d have to stay in her used diaper all day. Katherine looked over her shoulder, hating her sister almost as much as she hated the Magician, and put a finger up to touch the side of her pouting lips. “Me a vewy stinky giwl! Pwease will you wipe my poopy bum-bum, Mommy?”

Katherine’s sister continued to smirk, and took a slow sip from her glass. She opened her mouth to reply, but at that moment the show she was watching suddenly cut to an advert, and her eyes lit up. “Oh look, Katie! It’s your commercial!”

Katherine blushed and averted her eyes, but her sister got up and leaned close to her. “No, no, baby,” she said maliciously. “If you want a diaper change today, you have to watch.”

Katherine clenched her jaw and forced herself to look at the television. She’d seen her commercial before, but it still made her want to sink into the ground and disappear forever. Stuck in nappies and baby clothes, Katherine’s modelling days were over, but her sister had got her a new job – the poster girl for Pampers Adult Discipline Diapers. Katherine had tried to refuse, but after spending two whole days in the same filthy nappy, she’d had no choice but to give in to her sister’s demands.

“Hi everyone!” came her own exaggeratedly enthusiastic voice, as she toddled onto the screen with a very forced smile. She was wearing a tight pink t-shirt with the words “Mummy’s Little Princess” written on it in sequins, and no bra beneath. There was a cheap-looking plastic tiara on her head, like something out of a little girl’s dress-up set, and below the waist she wore a very short skirt that did nothing whatsoever to hide the thick disposable nappy taped around her bottom. “My name’s Katherine Bower-Thomas, and I used to be such a spoilt little princess,” she said, sticking out her bottom lip in an exaggerated pout and pointing at the plastic tiara on her head. Katherine could still see the anger and resentment burning behind the eyes of her on-screen counterpart. “Being a successful model gave me such an attitude, and the only thing I thought about was me, me, me. But thanks to Pampers Adult Discipline Diapers, I’m a good girl again! Studies have shown that diaper discipline reduces brattiness significantly in adult women, and Pampers have the thickest, crinkliest, most absorbent adult nappies on the market.” The Katherine on the screen forced a grin. “When your naughty girl has to pee and poop in her own pants like a baby, she’ll never be able to take herself seriously!”

The Katherine of the present knew what was coming, but it still didn’t make it any easier. She watched in disgust and shame as the on-screen Katherine squatted down. Her face took on a look of concentration and, with a loud grunt, the seat of her nappy started to sag heavily. She was pooping her pants on television for millions to see. There was a faint hissing sound, barely picked up by the on-set microphone, as pee rushed into her diaper as well. After a few moments of grunting and straining, she looked up into the camera, her face bright red with humiliation, and said with supressed tears, “It’s hard to have an attitude when you’ve got a yucky load in your pants! Try Pampers Adult Discipline Diapers today! Put your naughty girl in her rightful place!”

The screen suddenly cut to a recording of her from a different day, squalling like a baby over her sister’s lap with her diaper un-taped and her jiggling bare bottom exposed. A man’s voice was talking over the scene. “Now with reusable tapes, so you don’t have to worry about wasting diapers when your bratty little lady needs a bare-bottom spanking! Get yours today!”

Katherine closed her eyes, wishing she could wake up and find this was all just a horrible nightmare. Her sister was laughing and applauding. “I’ll never get tired of seeing that! Even though we have all the Pampers we’ll ever need – aren’t you grateful that the company gave you a lifetime supply?” She giggled, reaching out and jiggling the messy nappy between Katherine’s legs. “You’re going to need them after all!”

Katherine felt tears coming on, but she did her best to hold them back. “Can I… Can I please have a diaper change now, Mommy?” she asked stiffy.

“Awww, I’m afraid not, sweetie!” her sister said in a falsely sympathetic voice. “Some of your old colleagues and managers are coming to visit in a little bit, you see. You know, the ones you were such a bitch to for so many years. And I promised them you’d put on a little fashion show! You can put on your bonnet and show them all how cute you look sucking you thumb. You can wiggle your butt in those adorable plastic pants, the ones with the ruffles on the back, and make lots of cute crinkles. You could do it in a clean diaper, but I think you’ll look much more precious waddling around in a dirty one. You can even re-enact your commercial! Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Katherine couldn’t contain herself any longer. The former fashion model burst into tears. She sobbed and wailed at the top of her lungs, mourning the adulthood that had been taken away from her forever. She wanted to be a model again! She wanted to wear sexy clothes and underwear, not bonnets and plastic pants and stupid nappies! She wanted to be a grown-up who used the toilet! She didn’t want to pee and poop her pants anymore!

Her sister patted her bottom, half sadistic, half soothing, and started to steer her towards her nursery. “Come along, stinky-pants,” she cooed gently. “If you’re a good girl for your fashion show, I’ll change you before dinner, okay? To start off with, I think you’ll look just darling in that frilly pink frock!”



End Chapter 8

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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