The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Chapter 7

Madelyn gasped as she felt her short hair tickling her neck as it began to lengthen, growing down past her shoulders, not stopping until it was halfway down her back. It lightened in colour as it grew, turning from its original black to a trashy shade of bleached platinum blonde. But Madelyn didn’t have time to mourn her sensible, gender-neutral hairstyle. Her childish clothes had suddenly vanished, leaving her totally naked, and she could feel a strange tingling in her breasts. She looked down at them and squealed in horror. They were expanding, her nearly flat chest ballooning outwards. She clutched at her boobs desperately, trying to stop them getting any bigger, but it was hopeless. They went from A-cup to B-cup, then C-cup, then D-cup, then double-Ds, growing larger and larger until the proud, dignified, man-hating feminist had an enormous pair of pornstar tits jutting out from her chest.

Struggling to see past her new breasts, Madelyn realised that all the hair on her body had vanished below the neck. The thatch of pubic hair she kept above her pussy, the symbol of her womanhood, had disappeared, leaving her bare as a little girl – like those traitorous patriarchal stooges who shaved away their maturity just to cater to men’s perverted tastes. She stared down at her new body in disgust. She looked like a total bimbo! And unless she won the competition, this was what she’d be stuck looking like forever. She thought about having to explain her ridiculous new stripper body to her fellow academics, and her thumb slipped anxiously back between her lips, which felt much fuller than before. Looking up, Madelyn saw her reflection in the large mirror that hung across one of the walls, and tears of anger and shame welled up in her eyes. Reflected back at her was a big-titted slut with a thumbsucking habit. She looked like everything she hated. An immature skank, at once childish and lewd. A total disgrace to women everywhere.

Abby, Becky, and Katherine looked at Madelyn with queasy expressions on their faces. On one level they thought she’d gotten off lightly – at least there was nothing overtly babyish about her new appearance – but on the other hand they knew her whorish look had been chosen by the Magician precisely because it was one that she would detest, and that thought gave them no comfort at all.

“Do you like your new look, Maddy?” the Magician asked.

Madelyn had never hated his smirk more than she did at that moment. “I wook wike a bimbo!” she shrieked. She’d yanked her thumb out of her mouth to speak, but her new plumped-up lips were enough on their own to make a mockery of her once-confident, commanding voice. She felt sick. Her mouth definitely wasn’t meant for talking anymore. DSLs, Madelyn thought in revulsion. She had dick-sucking lips. But if her lips had been enlarged, it was nothing compared to what the Magician had done to her breasts. She cupped them in her hands, feeling their weight in disbelief. Jugs. The word came into her head unbidden. She had jugs. Knockers. Melons.

“I forgot, you don’t approve of large breasts, do you Maddy?” the Magician mocked. He conjured an academic-looking paper from nowhere and opened it. Madelyn recognised it as one of the feminist journals she occasionally wrote for. “Where was it… Ah, here we are. ‘Women who fill their bodies with silicone and inflate their breasts for the sole purpose of making themselves more appealing to the male gaze are the very worst among women. They reduce themselves to objects, livestock with ridiculous, oversized udders, making a mockery not just of themselves, but of every other woman whose reputation is damaged as a result.’” The Magician looked up from the article, grinning. “How does it feel, Maddy?” he asked. “To have a pair of udders of your own?”

Madelyn glared at him furiously, but with her bimbo-blonde hair framing her face and her pouty lips wrapped around her thumb, her scowl just looked adorable – and the tears glittering in her eyes didn’t help. They threatened to spill down her cheeks, but Madelyn was desperate not to cry. She was determined not to degrade herself even further by bawling like a baby, no matter what the Magician did to her.

“Poor little thing,” the Magician cooed. “What’s the matter, honey? There’s no need to look so upset. I’m sure you’re worried that none of your ugly old pantsuits and mannish clothes will fit over your new figure, isn’t that right? Well don’t worry. I’ve taken the liberty of supplying you with a whole new wardrobe of appropriate outfits! Why don’t we get you dressed, cutiepie? You’re a gorgeous girl, Maddy, but you can’t go running around in your birthday suit all day. We’ll soon have you looking pretty as a princess!” He snapped his fingers, and Madelyn felt clothes reappear on her body at once.

She looked at herself in the mirror again and let out another squeal of dismay. Framing her face and her newly bleached blonde head was a pale pink baby bonnet, trimmed in white lace at the edges, much like the one that Katherine had chosen to wear for the challenge. She was also wearing a pastel pink frock, so puffy and frilly that it might have made her look like a two-year-old on the way to visit her grandma if it wasn’t for the fact that the outline of her enormous tits were clearly visible beneath it, her nipples poking out obscenely. The hem of her childish dress ended halfway down her perky, plumped-up rear, leaving the bulky adult nappy she was now wearing almost completely exposed. It bulged around her bottom and between her thighs, pushing her slender legs apart and contrasting ridiculously with her new ultrafeminine body. She also wore a pair of thigh-high white socks with pink bows on the top, and on her feet were two black, silver-buckled Mary-Janes. With her thumb planted in her mouth to complete the image, Madelyn looked utterly ridiculous. Staring back at her in the mirror, wide-eyed and horrified, was a voluptuous woman’s body crammed into the most babyish clothes she could possibly imagine.

Abby had to stifle a laugh, and Katherine allowed herself a smirk – she’d disliked Madelyn’s superior attitude, and obvious disdain for her profession as a model, right from the start, and as far as she was concerned, the stupid woman was getting exactly what was coming to her.

Upon seeing her new outfit, Madelyn instinctively took a step backwards, and as she did so her nipples brushed against the material of her frock dress. Immediately, a rush of pleasure pulsed through her tits, sending a delightful tingle straight down her spine and into her pussy. She had to suck hard on her thumb to supress a moan, and her pussy started getting wet inside her nappy. After the feeling passed, she looked up at the Magician in shock.

“Have you noticed how sensitive your new boobies are, baby?” he asked, chuckling. “You were so austere and sexless before, but I think keeping you constantly horny will improve your attitude towards men, don’t you think?”

Madelyn could only whine her displeasure, struggling to keep her mind clear as every slight movement she made caused her boobs to rub against the fabric of her clothes and send another bolt of ecstasy coursing through her body. She shook her head and tried to focus. She had other things to worry about. She clutched at the bulky white diaper between her legs with a fearful expression on her face. Had she been made incontinent too?!

“Don’t worry, little Maddy, you’ve still got your potty training,” the Magician soothed her, correctly interpreting her look of terror. “But I thought putting you in nappies would help prevent that naughty little no-no spot of yours leaving icky wet spots everywhere. I know how much all this is turning you on.”

Madelyn’s self-control failed. Hot tears ran down her cheeks, and she started to sniffle. She looked over at Abby, Becky, and Katherine, and seeing the looks of mingled pity and contempt on their faces, she burst into tears. She was supposed to be the one who was always in control! The tough, self-possessed woman who’d lead them out of this mess! And now she was just some stupid bimbo baby! She bawled like a little girl, destroying whatever was left of her reputation among the others.

“Awww,” the Magician cooed condescendingly. “There, there, baby.” He pulled Madelyn’s bombshell body in for a cuddle, one hand rubbing her back, the other patting her padded bottom. “It’s okay. Daddy’s got you.”

Madelyn sobbed into his chest. She wanted to shove him away, to spit in the face of this evil, tyrannical patriarch… but she was too overwhelmed by her emotions, and too scared of what else he might do to her.

“Abby, Katherine, the two of you can go back to your rooms and change if you like,” the Magician said. “We’ll be meeting back in the dining room for lunch and the second vote. Becky, you’d better stay here so I can change that stinky little bottom of yours. And I think baby Maddy could do with a bit more cuddling before I send her off too.”

Madelyn continued to cry. Becky blushed, but she was pleased she’d finally be getting out of the disgusting diaper that was now hanging off her hips. Abby and Katherine hurried out of the hall and back towards their rooms – they didn’t talk all the way, still angry at each other from their last encounter alone. Katherine wrinkled her nose pointedly at the soaking wet skirt and underwear Abby was wearing, and Abby shot her a nasty look before entering her room.

Once she was inside, Abby immediately stripped off her soggy skirt and peeled her pissy underwear down her legs. She was relieved that she hadn’t lost and ended up like Madelyn, stuck looking like some ridiculous adult baby pornstar, but still… she’d come second to last again. How much longer could she keep this up? It would only take one mistake for her life to be permanently altered. She changed back into adult clothes – it seemed as though the Magician had transported her entire wardrobe from home to this room – and lay down on the bed, trying to get the imagine of the once-confident Madelyn sobbing like a babified barbie-doll out of her mind.

Sometime later, Abby left her room and headed for the dining room for lunch. The other three girls were already there – Katherine looking snooty, Becky looking embarrassed but pleased to be out of her filthy nappy at last (though the outline of her fresh one was visible under her jeans), and Madelyn sucking her thumb, teary-eyed and big-titted, looking like a mallrat bimbo who’d raided a store full of toddler clothes. The Magician was sat at the head of the table again, tucking into a steak.

Abby took a seat and helped herself to food. None of them talked, just like every other meal they’d had so far. On the one hand, they were all in this together, innocents stolen away by the Magician for his sick game, but on the other hand they all knew that only one of them could win his insane competition and avoid a terrible fate. It was hard to feel a sense of camaraderie with people they’d have to vote out, writing down their names and condemning them to a lifetime of diapers or spankings or whatever other twisted fantasies the Magician had in mind for them.

Once they were all finished with their food, the Magician got to his feet, smiling down at all of them with that horrible sparkling light in his dark eyes. “Well girls,” he said, “you know the drill.” He waved his hand and their plates vanished, to be replaced by the ballot box. “I’ll give you a few moments to talk among yourselves.” He vanished.

Abby knew she had to move quickly. Katherine would almost certainly vote for her this round, so she had to make sure neither of the others would too. She hurried over to Becky and whispered, “How about we both vote for Katherine? She’s such a stuck-up bitch! You’ve seen the way she looks at us, haven’t you? Like we’re something disgusting.”

Becky looked pathetically hopeful. “You don’t think I’m disgusting?” she asked meekly.

Abby had to stop herself laughing. Of course she thought Becky was disgusting! Who wouldn’t? She was a grown woman who still pooped her pants for God’s sake! Abby had had to put up with her stinking up every room she was in for just one day and she already wanted her kicked out of the competition – but saving her own neck took precedence at the moment, and years of cheating on her boyfriends had made her an excellent liar. “Of course not!” she said earnestly. “This isn’t your fault, Becky. It’s the Magician and his sick games. You can’t help what he’s turned you into. But Katherine doesn’t understand that. Personally, I think she deserves whatever the Magician decides to do to her.”

“What are you two talking about?” Katherine interrupted angrily, toddling over to them.

Madelyn followed, not wanting to be left out, but just the walk around the dining table was enough to leave her a wet, squirming mess. Her boobs jiggled near-constantly, and the tingling pleasure that began in her oversensitive nipples rushed straight to her twat. She gasped and moaned behind her thumb, blushing furiously.

“None of your business,” Abby told her. She turned to Madelyn. “I think we should vote for Katherine. We need to start thinking about how to get out of this mess, and we need someone like you to help with that, Miss Smith. But we don’t need her.”

Madelyn barely heard her. She was sucking her thumb enthusiastically and fighting the urge to shove one of her hands down the front of her nappy and start playing with herself. But she understood enough of what Abby had said to get the message. She looked at Katherine appraisingly.

Katherine glared back. “You’ve got to be joking. Abby is clearly the one we need to vote out! She’s a nasty, manipulative little brat. Only someone totally stupid would fall for her tricks.”

Abby opened her mouth furiously, but before any of them could say any more, the Magician reappeared in their midst, making them jump.

“It’s time, girls,” he grinned. “I hope you’re ready.” He handed a piece of paper and a crayon to each other them, and they moved away from each other to lean over the table and write down a name.

The Magician collected them up when they were done, and looked down at them. He laughed. “Three to one!” he said happily. “Oh dear! Someone’s not very popular, I see.”

Katherine’s superior look faltered slightly. She hadn’t lost. The other two must have voted for Abby as well. She was going to win the competition and wish herself back to normal, in addition to whatever else she wanted. She wasn’t going to spend the rest of her life waddling about like a stupid toddler. She couldn’t.

Then the Magician’s gaze fell upon her. “It looks like it’s bye-bye for little Katie,” he cooed mockingly.

Abby grinned almost as broadly as the Magician.

“No,” said Katherine, feeling her heart drop into her stomach. “NO!” She backed away as the Magician advanced on her, but she lost her balance and fell hard on her bottom.

The Magician stood over her with an evil look in his eyes. “I know the perfect penalty for you, young lady,” he said. “All that status as a model has gone straight to your head, you see. I think your fellow contestants got a sense of why you have a reputation as the most bitchy and entitled girl in the whole modelling industry, and they only got to know you for a day! But fortunately for everyone else, those days are over. The catwalk isn’t the right place for a silly little girl, Katie.” The Magician grinned sadistically. “Especially not one who can’t even dress herself!”

Katherine looked petrified. With a wave of the Magician’s hand, the elegant dress that she’d changed into after that day’s challenge vanished, to be replaced by a silly, frilly baby frock, just like the one Madelyn’s stripper body was crammed into, only pure white instead of pink. Her silk stockings and expensive heels disappeared too, replaced by ruffled socks and trainers with Velcro straps. A lacy bonnet soon framed her face, the same one she’d worn earlier that day, and an enormous baby bib came into being to tie itself around her neck. Emblazoned on the front was a cartoonish depiction of Katherine’s own face, grinning stupidly and covered in baby food, above a caption that read “Messy Little Girl”. A pacifier on the end of a cord appeared out of nowhere, clipping itself to the front of her frock in case any adults needed to soothe the fussy, overgrown baby it belonged to. Finally, her underwear began to thicken, her lacey lingerie expanding between her legs and turning white.

Katherine stared down at her new clothes, appalled. She looked absolutely ludicrous! Even worse than when she’d dressed up for the second challenge! She lifted up the hem of her toddler dress and screamed when she saw the bulky disposable diaper taped around her waist. She immediately started clawing at it, desperate to rip it off and fling it away, but the moment her fingers made contact with her nappy, they become weak and uncoordinated, and all she could do was pat feebly at the puffy white padding.

“I can’t get it off!” Katherine shrieked, panicking and starting to hyperventilate.

“Of course you can’t, sweetie,” said the Magician. “Weren’t you listening to what I said? You can’t dress yourself anymore. I’ve taken that privilege away from you permanently. Other people will decide what you wear from now on. Maybe that will teach you a little bit of humility.”

Katherine started screaming madly.

“Time for you to head home, little one!” the Magician said happily, his voice raised over the din. “I’ll leave you to your family to look after. I hear you have a sister who you’ve been very rude to for years. I’m sure she’ll take good care of you! Bye-bye, baby!”

And with a snap of his fingers, the fashion model turned screeching baby-woman disappeared off to her new life, leaving the other three ladies staring at the place where she’d vanished, her screams still echoing in their ears.



End Chapter 7

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 24, 2024


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