The Sanctity of Knowledge

by: BackToBabyHood | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 5, 2024

Chapter 18
Chapter 18

The day had finally come.  The silence of the early morning was interrupted by the staccato, choked sobs of a newborn baby girl.  By the time Kelly had entered the nursery, Metis was already cleaning newborn Alexa on the changing table.

“Just a wet diaper, thankfully” Metis commented as Kelly stood by, ready to assist.

“I’m not going to bother diapering her.  After I clean her, I’m going to feed her.  Then, you’re going to swaddle her while I get in place.  You’re to do everything I say, understood?” Metis hurriedly explained. 

“Of course” Kelly deadpanned.

“Good.  What you’re about to see is going to be, well, unnatural.  I need you to watch all of it, though in case something goes wrong” Metis ordered. 

Kelly remained silent and watched as Metis brought the shrieking newborn to the nursing chair.  Alexa rooted for Metis’s bosom, latched on and was soon breastfeeding.  When she was finished, Metis handed Alexa to Kelly, disrobed and walked towards the master bedroom. 

“Come, bring Alexa!” Metis instructed, her wings bouncing as she made her way down the hall. 

Alexa, who was made immobile by the swaddle she was in, now had no way of interpreting what was going on around her.  Her vision was unfocused and blurry.  She couldn’t see definite shapes, rather everything seemed to look like amorphous blobs.  Her muscles seemed to involuntarily twitch and move on their own.  She couldn’t move her head at all and the only sounds she produced were short coos and cries. 

Once in the bedroom, Metis sat down on large bed in the middle.  The same bed where Alexa had slept as an adult, was about to serve as the altar for her unbirthing.  Metis slowly spread her wings, then her legs, her womanhood on full display. 

“Take her out of the swaddle and put her on the bed, here” Metis commanded, pointing at a spot on the mattress that was a few feet from her crotch.  Kelly did as she was told, then waited. 

For a few minutes, it seemed nothing was happening.  Alexa had begun to cry and Metis sat with her eyes closed in seeming anticipation.  Then, it started happening.  Kelly’s mouth dropped open as an umbilicus began to emerge from Alexa’s navel.  It wound its way towards Metis’s open vagina, slithering almost like a snake. 

Metis opened her eyes and saw it coming towards her and used her hands to spread her vaginal laps as far apart as they could go.  The umbilicus paused, then quickly found its way inside of Metis.  She gasped, moaned and then screamed as the umbilical cord made its way through her cervix and attached to the placenta that was now forming inside of her womb. 

Metis scooted forward on the bed, attempting to get closer to Alexa but crying out in pain as she was wracked by the trauma that the curse was inflicting on her body. 

Kelly watched in horror as Alexa began to be dragged towards Metis’s vagina, feet-first.  The newborn began to enter Metis, who was now screaming in agony.  Kelly simply couldn’t watch anymore.  She turned away as Metis’s screams filled the room, occasionally turning back to see if it was almost over.  The last thing Kelly saw was the crown of Alexa’s head passing into Metis, whose belly was now visibly distended. 

Finally, it was all over.  Metis lay on the bed, panting from pain and exhaustion.  Kelly drew closer, but nearly shrieked when bumps suddenly appeared on Metis’s belly.

“The poor…..thing……” Metis began through heaving breaths.  “I can…..feel her……she’s afraid….she’s kicking…..”

Kelly immediately ran to Metis’s side.  “It’s ok, it’s ok.  It’s over, now!” Kelly assured, taking a towel and wiping the sweat from Metis’s brow.  “Just lay here for as long as you have to.  I’ll get you some water” Kelly offered before running out of the room.  Metis placed her hands on top of her belly and began to rub it softly.  As she did so, she began to sing a lullaby. 

The kicking and restlessness that she had felt just moments ago suddenly ceased.  Alexa was asleep in Metis’s womb.



End Chapter 18

The Sanctity of Knowledge

by: BackToBabyHood | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 5, 2024


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Chapter 19?

Nyatan · Apr 28, 2024

Your story is very cool, but chapter 19 does not appear, instead a page error appears, I would like to finish the story, I really liked it so far 🙏🏻

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