The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: Anonymous | Story In Progress | Last updated May 2, 2024

Stephen's life begins to change dramatically on the very night he's set to lose his virginity. CW: Strong Sexual Content, AR, Reality Warping, Diapers. Please read the disclaimer at the beginning of Chapter 1 before continuing.

Chapter Description: Meet Stephen, a eighteen year old quarterback preparing for the biggest night of his life...

Disclaimer: Similar to older stories on this platform, like those by LittleTrip, Tainted Sins, Luz Rojo, Nomdreserv, etc. this story contains some sexual scenes with a character who has regressed physically below the age of 18. The content is not intercourse related and is not written in any way to condone real life attraction to u—-age persons but is included to act as a catharsis for the commissioner regarding the confusing, erotic, and sometimes shameful fantasies many of us experienced during the onset of puberty and thereafter. I understand that for certain readers material of this nature may be considered taboo or maybe even downright despicable. To those readers I have a few more words. First, you don't have to read this story. I'm not making you read it in any way so if you read it and are upset with the material after I've prefaced this warning for you, the burden of responsibility is ultimately yours. For others who are offended or concerned simply that that this content exists on the ARarchive I would offer my original explanation concerning the cathartic nature of this material for some individuals and clarify further that care has been taken to write the material in such a way as to not glorify or promote p—philia. I am not attracted to m—--s in any way and when I personally read scenes like the ones I wrote in this story I enjoy them because I imagine them happening to myself, as an adult placing myself in the character's position. It is not because I wish them on another person, and certainly not because I wish them on a young person. If after reading all of this you still feel that I have crossed some unforgivable moral line, that's your right to believe and express. Just know that myself and others on this platform have a difference of opinion. As a final note I want to say that if anyone who legitimately struggles with p—philia is reading this right now please do not read this story, and if you feel in danger of hurting someone seek help at:

Beep Beep Beep Beep,

Stephen’s tired eyes blinked as he struggled to locate his phone and shut off his morning alarm. Finding it, the waking eighteen year old suddenly shot out of bed with a newfound burst of energy. Today was the day. Today he and Katlynn were finally going to go all the way. The teen rushed to his bathroom, and began brushing his teeth with energetic anticipation. He was determined to look as good as he felt at school today. Five minutes later he sprinted down the steps to the entryway, only slowing down at the sight of his mother standing at the front door,

“You’re up early, Stephen. Is something exciting happening today? Your hair looks different.”

She smiled. Stephen slowed his pace and walked up to her, grabbing his backpack out of her small perfectly manicured hands. Stephen’s mom was what his friends called a ‘knockout’, or when he wasn’t in the room, a ‘MILF’. The woman in her forties had curves in all the right places, and as his buddies said, the ‘porn star blonde’ hair to go with them. Worst of all were her massive breasts, or ‘ta tas’, which the boys always liked to objectify. After growing to be pretty into ‘boobies’ himself, Stephen tended to try and disassociate whenever his mom’s feminine assets became a topic of discussion in the boy’s locker room.

“No, mom, just football practice as usual after school, then heading home. You’re working tonight right?”

Stephen hoped he wasn’t giving himself away. He and Katlynn had planned on hooking up at his place tonight, but the plan was contingent on his mom being gone at work. He felt a little bad about using her job as a way to go behind her back, but it wasn’t his fault his dad had abandoned them both months before he was even born, forcing her to work nights to pay the bills.

Stephen pushed thoughts of his loser father from his mind. Aside from that minor detail of his dad missing from the picture, Stephen’s life was practically perfect, almost stereotypically so. His mom was loving, supportive, and super hot, he had great grades, he was quarterback on the football team in his senior year and dating the head cheerleader to top it all off. 

He couldn’t be happier or more excited for his future with Katlynn. Pretty much the only thing that had been bothering him over the last two years was her insistence to only do rubbing and oral in the bedroom till she turned 18 and could go on birth control of her own accord. Her birthday had been a few days ago and she had gotten the pill soon after. Today was the first day the young couple had an opportunity to try ‘making love’ for the first time, which was precisely why Stephen needed to be sure his mom didn't get her shift moved. Stephen’s mom replied interrupting his thoughts,

“Working tonight? Oh, yes. I’ll probably be gone when you get home, which reminds me. I packed some leftover pizza in your backpack and left the rest in the fridge for you. Did you need something else?” 

“Erm… no, just making sure I remembered what day it was?”

Stephen laughed nervously at his pathetic coverup. Thankfully his mom seemed blissfully unaware of his hidden motives,

“I swear you boys, You don’t grow up you just get bigger.”

She laughed as she stepped away from the door, 

“Have a good day, sweetie! Say hello to Katlynn and David for me.”

Stephen was already halfway to his car as he called back,

“I will. You too, mom!”

Stephens public highschool wasn't huge but it wasn't the smallest in their county, either. One oddity of the school was the connected daycare for children ages 6 mo to 5 years. The childcare service was established due to the remarkably high population of large families in their mostly Hispanic community. The daycare also served as a public service to the few unfortunate teen moms who went to their school. Unlike them, Stephen himself was currently having the opposite problem in his sex life, which his best friend David was sure to reminded him of as the two met up during their first passing period,

“Hey, Stephen, excited to finally get laid? The guys on the team are gonna have to pick a different ‘virgin of the month’ to crown after tonight huh?”

His best friend elbowed him in the ribs. David and Stephen met at tryouts freshman year and had been best friends ever since. In spite of the teasing the bronze skinned Running Back had always been a good and loyal friend and backed Stephen up on more than one occasion when the other team members took their antics too far. Stephen brushed aside his friend's comments called back confidently,

“Yeah, yeah yeah. You idiots couldn't find the other end of the football field without me so why don't you take all your teasing bullshit and file it under, ‘I’m dating the hottest girl in school and you aren't.’”

David held his hands up,

“Woah, someone's feisty today. Probably manning up for that hot night amiright?”

David moved to playfully shove his friend's shoulder but stopped as he caught sight of a young woman standing next to them,

“Speaking of which… looks like you got stuff to do, stud. I'll catch up with you at practice. Hey Katlynn, you're looking lovely as ever.”

David waved to Stephen's girlfriend as he walked away. She called after him,

“Yeah, yeah, go grab a sock or something perv. Don't think I didn't hear you. You football boys should all should be back in diapers with how much you like squirting your little pee pees everywhere!”

Stephen's eyes widened. His girlfriend sighed and then looked at him, her eyes brightening. She had thick chestnut hair that she liked to keep tied up in a ribbon. A bit of a prude, Katlynn usually dressed pretty modestly at school with longer skirts or summer dresses along with her signature ribbon tying up her hair. That is, she dressed that way everywhere except when she was performing in cheer. Stephen remembered the first time saw her during his premier as a rookie, freshman year. He swore he could spend eternity looking at her smooth tan skin shaking those athletic hips in that skimpy cheerleader outfit and never get bored. She looked him up and down, raised her eyebrows and asked sarcastically,

“Hey Stephen, you look nice today, got a date or something?”

She winked and it was all Stephen could do to not jump on her right then and there. Katlynn took her hands and began to fixed the collar of his button down overshirt, commenting,

“Your hair is getting a bit long. Are you planning on bringing back the surfer look or something?”

Stephen shook his medium length brown hair and replied, 

“Only if surfer's are sexy to hot cheerleaders like you.”

Katlynn giggled. She had the cutest, most honest laugh, it was one of Stephen's favorite things about her. She toyed with his hair affectionately as she replied,

“They could be… they definitely could be. I finish my job after cheer practice at 7 p.m. Your mom's leaving at six right?” 

“Yup,” Stephen replied. “I'll have leftover pizza ready for you.”

“Yummy! We need to be done by 10 p.m. though okay? I have to turn in my Home EC report to my teacher tomorrow.” 

Stephen rolled his eyes. “You already have a job at the daycare, why are you bothering taking that class?”

She bumped into him annoyedly, “Because it looks good to colleges, dummy. And the daycare job is a good way to make money. I get a ton of side gigs babysitting from work and they tip super well. You're lucky your ‘super hot cheerleader’ is mature enough to support you by working, surfer boy.”

Katlynn kept an annoyed expression for a second before laughing and kissing her boyfriend on the cheek, commenting,

“You're so cute when you're worried. I gotta get to class. Looking forward to tonight, big boy.”

She flashed her eyes as she kissed him on the lips and walked off to her next period. Stephen stood stunned staring after her for a moment, before a hot uncomfortable feeling brought his attention to the super obvious erection that was currently tenting his jeans.

“Oh fuck!”

He said in surprise as he quickly shoved his hand into his pants to adjust his penis into a less obvious position. Turning quickly with his cheeks still red Stephen resolved seven o’ clock couldn't come fast enough.



End Chapter 1

The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: Anonymous | Story In Progress | Last updated May 2, 2024


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