A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 71
CHAPTER 171 .......... Sleepover – Part One – The Spanking

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We were lucky to make a quick getaway from Pizza Hut before anyone called the authorities.  That would have been a tough one to explain … why a seven-year-old girl should wash someone’s penis before she sucked on it.


It may have sounded like good hygiene, but explaining away the girl’s age might have been problematic.  And Officer George would not have been able to help much in that circumstance.  It wasn’t like fixing a ticket.


Madeline and I rode back together as we came, in the back seat.  She had a clever smirk on her face … like she had gotten her way in the argument.  She reached over and squeezed my hand while looking at me.


I attempted to break up the tedium by whining, “Mom, Madeline’s looking at me!  Make her stop!”


That got everyone giggling, not just Madeline.   When we arrived at the apartment, Daniel said his goodbyes before taking his own car home.


We took the elevator upstairs and I asked Sammantha if she could prepare the tub for a milk/water bath.  I figured we’d be using it some time tonight.  Madeline was quick to pick up on these cues, but said nothing … yet.


Sammantha said, “I assume you guys are not hungry and you don’t need a snack right now?”


In unison, we answered, “Nope … nope … but thanks for offering.”


“Okay, well I’ll probably be watching TV in the living room.  You two can just pretend I’m not here.  I trust Derrek to be safe … and stay away from cucumbers.”


“We will, Mom,” I answered.  “We’ll just go in my room and shut the door.  Bye.”


(Well this is interesting.  Did I really want to be doing this? … ‘frolicking’ with a seven-year-old?  Should I take her clothes off?  And how am I suppose to start this evening off?  Should I suggest, “Hey, Madeline, wanna do 69? … that’s like ewwwwww.)


Without warning, my bedroom door was slammed so hard, it shook our whole apartment.  I looked at Madeline.  She was standing in front of the door with a childlike, but stern look on her face.  Her legs were spread apart and her two fists were on her hips.


I asked, “What’s wrong, Maddie—?“  (I was going to say Madeline, but she interrupted me quite loudly and so ‘Maddie’ is what I called her for the rest of the evening.)


“What’s wrong?!” she said crossly.  “You know god damn well what’s wrong!  I get all the shit jobs around here!  And now Mom says I have to wash your stinkin’ filthy penis!”


(I was actually pleased that Madeline took the lead.  I had so much experience role-playing with Sammantha and I was curious to see where this scenario would take us.  My only real fear was … what if she wanted to throw some water on me to turn me into a fellow seven-year-old?  … or worse yet, a baby that she could diaper?  I’d have to watch her, cuz something like that would seriously piss me off.)


I put both of my hands over my crotch and whimpered, “But Maddie, I—“


“Shut the hell up, you little bastard!!” she yelled at me.  “Some girls get to have a hamster.  Some girls get to have a pet rat.  But I get to have a little brother.  And that’s the worst pet of all!”


“I’m sorry,” I whimpered again and gazed downward.


“You’re sorry?!!” she yelled again.  “You want to know what really sucks?  Mom doesn’t even PAY me to take care of you!  Why aren’t you taking your clothes off yet?!”


With my hands still over my crotch, I said timidly, “But you don’t have to, Maddie.  I know how to wash my penis.”


“You little shit!  You little liar!  What did you do the last time Mom let you take a bath on your own?”


Without looking up at her, I shrugged.


“You filled up the tub.  You waited five minutes while you played with your body in front of the mirror … making muscles.  Then you put your hand in the water and ran to show Mom that you were wet.  You might have even gotten away with it, except the bar of soap was still dry.”




“Shut the fuck up, you little scrotum!!  If I have to undress you myself, you’re still gonna get your dick washed … but I’ll give you a spanking first … and not just an ordinary one … This time, I’ll give you the hardest spanking of your life.  You’re going to be crying big crocodile tears and you’ll wish that you had obeyed me the first time.  So what’s it going to be, baby brother?”


Her powerful domineering words were making me turn red with sexual embarrassment.  I could already feel some pre-cum at the tip of my penis.


I was shaking.  I really didn’t think it was fair that Maddie was allowed to undress me and spank me just because she was my older sister.  (In this role play scenario, I would pretend that Madeline was five years older than me, 17, instead of five years younger.)  I was twelve … way too old to be spanked.  I asked in a really scared tone, “Maddie, okay, I’ll do it, but could you maybe just this one time just watch how I clean my penis, so you could see that I can—“


“FUCK this attitude!!” the girl bellowed at me.  She took two steps forward and grabbed my left ear with her right hand … and then she grabbed my belt with her left hand.  She tugged forcefully on both.”


“Ow!  Maddie, you’re hurting my ear!”


“Good, that’s just the beginning, you little booger biter.”


Maddie threw me onto the bed.  (I helped a little.)  I landed on my back, and she jumped up and sat on my thighs facing me.


“Okay!” I now begged.  “I’ll get undressed.  I promise.”


“Yes, Derrek.  We now agree on something.”  Maddie grabbed my shirt from the bottom and pulled it off.


Then the little girl grabbed my belt and started to unbuckle it.  (This is the single most powerful sexual arousal act that I can experience.  My face turns a deep red.  I feel waves of erotic embarrassment and helplessness as my sexual fortress is stormed.


When I tried to push her hands away from the button snap, my greater strength was outmatched by her array of ‘pinching’ and twisting torments.  Any loose skin in the hands and arms can be made to feel excruciating pain, especially if the attacker has some finger nails.


She got me pretty bad in the inner elbow and tricep area.  But the worst was the webbing between my fingers.  “Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!!”  That was unbelievably painful.


When I still tried to resist, she switched to titty twisters.  “Aaaaggghhh!!” And those always hurt bad.  I was starting to think that this little kid could beat me up in real life.  And I became panicky and frightful as she pulled down my zipper an grabbed the top of my pants.


I tried to sit up but she used both her hands to push hard into my chest and knocked me down flat again.  Then she tugged down at my pants … left, right, left, right.  But I didn’t give up.  I sat up again and grabbed my pants, pulling them back up part way.


This girl had a real thing about my nipples.  As I sat up, grabbed both of them again and twisted them in half-circles. 


“Owwwwwwwwwwwww!!”  I finally had to let go of my pants and try to pull her hands away from me.  There’s a sensitive ‘after-pain’ with nipples.  Even when she let go of me, they kept hurting and I tried to rub them, as the top of my pants were yanked down to my ankles.


“What’s THIS??!” the girl demanded, poking her index finger repeatedly on the wet spot on my tighty whities.


“Nothing,” I muttered, using my hands again, trying to cover up my pre-cum stain.”


“Nothing my ass, you disgusting little pervert.  Maybe we should show Mom that little spot before you get your spanking.”


“No!  Maddie, please!” I squealed.  “I don’t want to show Mom and I don’t want a spanking.  Can we just go to the washing part, please?”


“Uh uh … The spanking will be the most fun part … for me anyway.”  Maddie showed me an evil smile as she removed my shoes and socks.  “In fact, it’s the only good thing about having a little brother as a pet.  You wouldn’t spank a dog or a cat … but I get a real charge out of making you cry.”


When Maddie finally yanked my pants off my ankles, it gave me split second to try to attempt an escape.  I ran to my bedroom door and opened it quickly enough to sneak through and into the hallway.  I made a right turn and headed toward the living room / dining room area with Maddie in hot pursuit.


Just in my underwear, I ran to the other side of the dining room table and kept trying to beg for mercy.


My heart pounded and I was in full panic mode.  “Maddie, please!  I’ll be good!  I promise!  Don’t spank me!  I’ll obey you, but I don’t want a spanking!”


“Too late, JOKER!!” she yelled.  (Isn’t that something Batman would yell?)


We circled around the dining room table several more times, back and forth.  Then she did something bold.  She stepped up on one of the chairs, then stepped up on top of the table. 


That was rude, but it gave her a way to come after me from any direction.  So I dashed into the living room and tried to elude the predator by bobbing and weaving in several directions like a boxer.  I thought if I could escape the living room, I could maybe get back to my bedroom and shut the door on her.


But when I tried the move, it didn’t work out.  Maddie made a diving tackle around my ankles and dragged me back into the center of the living room.  Again, I was on my back with my knees up in a defensive posture.


Maddie punched my leg and reached down, grabbing the side of my waistband.  I grabbed the other side and we both pulled in opposite directions.  My tighty whities split in half … except her half was a lot bigger than my half … which fell off.


This was the worst part about having a big sister.  I was the one who was totally nude now, and I was the one about to get spanked.  It wasn’t fair at all.


When she grabbed my wrist tightly, I yelled, “Leave me alone!!  Let go of me!!”  I was already starting to cry.  I pulled and tugged to try to get away but Maddie had an iron grip around my wrist and she started to drag me in the direction of the sofa.


I whimpered through tears, “No! … No! … I don’t want a spanking!”  Adding to my humiliation was my raging hard-on pointing straight up … and guess what part of me got the first spank.


Maddie smacked my penis sideways and it really stung.  I began crying freely now and there were no more avenues of escape.


The girl sat down on the sofa and began pulling my left wrist (and the rest of me) over her right thigh first … and then farther over her left thigh.  Then my center of gravity betrayed me and I fell over onto her lap.  My fingers dangled an inch above the carpet.


I knew from past experience that she was going to reach under me and grab my penis, bending it downward so she could squeeze it between her legs.  In that moment I wished that I had been the bigger sibling and then I could force HER to be naked and that I could give HER a spanking. 


Her left hand held firmly down on my neck when she administered the first swat.  I had forgotten how hard she could hit … and that was just with her hand.




All I could do was kick my legs and cry now.  This was so NOT FAIR.  I was twelve years old and my sister was still spanking me just like she did when I was a toddler.  That’s what was so humiliating about this.




There were a lot more ‘OW’s’ to follow and I was crying loudly now … and I felt like a toddler.


(During all this, there was actually another person sitting on the sofa ignoring the commotion.  My head was only a couple inches from Sammantha’s knee.  She never batted an eyelash.  She did tell us just to pretend that she wasn’t even there … and she was keeping up her end of the bargain.)



End Chapter 71

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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