The Road Trip, Part 31

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Chapter 30
The Road Trip, Part 30

Part 30

Almost flat as a board.

If anything, my actual boobs had been replaced by the barely existent curve that the training bra had built into it. Not only did I have less to show in the chest department than usual, but the too-small fit was an extra frustration. After everything leading up to this, I immediately suspected that Kate did this on purpose. But once again, I was stuck. Blaming her would only make me look immature all over; I had already been called out for ‘pretending,’ and the twins didn’t know my sister like I did. Without proof, I couldn’t point fingers. 

“Let’s take a look.” Kate appeared over my shoulder out of nowhere. Whatever fleeting thoughts I had of yanking the bra off and demanding something else vanished when I was put on the spot. Using both hands to roughly swivel me around, Kate gave me the most innocent smile. It was even more annoying that she was doing it when our cousins couldn’t see her. There was no need for the act, and yet she persisted. “Looks like a perfect fit! And hey, no more nipples. How does it feel, Annie?”

Another fight or flight moment. Even though I had already resolved to begrudgingly play along with whatever it took to expedite all of this in the name of getting changed, I was constantly tempted to take a different approach whenever Kate pulled shit like this. It was a lose/lose. Either I gave her an excuse to drag this out, or I kept digging myself deeper.

Choosing the latter, I pushed an overly cheery smile on my face. “Fine, I guess. Let’s try on some outfits!”

Right away, Kate smirked. “That’s the spirit, little sis. Here, come take a look at what we have for you.”

As irritating as my sister’s expressions were, I almost would have preferred staying face to face with her in comparison to the mortifying exposure that came next. The moment she stepped aside and placed a hand on my back to ‘helpfully’ nudge me forward with her, I realized just what our cousins were seeing. Instead of a mature college girl who got into the car with a push-up bra and a flawlessly mature appearance, I was Kate’s ‘tween’ sister who apparently needed fashion advice. And now, yet another piece of my maturity had been stripped away from me–this time, literally. 

I could feel my cheeks begin to heat up as I realized this was the first time in years anyone had seen me without the support of my padding. At least, with the lights on. I wasn’t a total prude, even if Kate presumed as much, but guys tended to miss details like that when in a more horizontal position. 

It wasn’t the first time the thought had crossed my mind, but it was a LOT more present now–since our cousins were seeing me in such a flat state, my normal ensemble didn’t matter any more. Even when I got my stuff back, Luna and Lilah would know that my boobs were ‘all in the bra,’ no matter what I wore. 

“Well, what do you think, Annie?” Kate asked. She walked me to the edge of the bed that was covered in clothes at this point. It was easy to see which three outfits were for me, as one of them was the hideous one my sister had already held up. That, and all three were neatly laid out in comparison to the surrounding chaos of dismissed options. “Do you have a favorite?”

No. I didn’t. My ‘favorite’ was always going to be the fourth outfit, the one that I chose. It might have been too late for that, however, as I had dawdled too long changing into the training bra and never got a chance to find something that would impress the girls while simultaneously covering the pull-ups I was stuck in. I hadn’t been paying any attention to the conversation across the room a minute ago, but maybe Kate finally covered for me. The two other outfits had skirts, rather than anything that would have been impossible to wear over the bulky underwear. Of course, that benefited her as well, since she could keep dangling the secret over my head without any extra complications.

As for what was laid out for me, I was surprisingly in favor of Kate’s choice compared to the others. The first option was a pink tulle skirt and a plain white top, but the bottom half alone was enough to make me almost vomit in disgust. The second actually had a decently cute skirt, but the striped top was almost as bad as the skirt before it. The only issue with Kate’s was the super immature look, but at least it was a more casual combination.

I hesitated, not quite sure what to say. Even if my sister’s selection might have been the least painful to look at, I didn’t exactly want to give her the satisfaction of admitting I liked hers the best. 

For once, I was glad Kate spoke before I had the chance to. “Really, Luna?” she asked. Stepping over and fiddling with the tulle material, she gave our cousin a teasing smile, “Not exactly a mini golf outfit.”

“Yeah, but we’re going out for dinner tomorrow. This would look super cute with the red hair!”

“Oh, perfect. Good choice, then; pink is Annie’s favorite color!”

“Really?” Luna smiled, “You can totally have all my old pink stuff.”

It took everything in me to keep the idle smile on my face. Despite how pink was very much my least favorite color, I made myself commit to the sickening girly girl act. “Oh my God, really?” I asked. The only way to stop standing there in the degrading bra was to push through. Flashing her a big smile, kept leaning into filler words that I normally wouldn’t be caught dead using. “You’re, like, totally the best. Like, seriously!”

“Really,” she said, “Here, I can start making a pink pile.”

“And I can help little Annie get changed. This one first, then?” Kate asked. Answering the question herself, she picked up the tulle skirt off the bed. “Come on, sis. There’s a bathroom down the hall.”


Loath as I was to dress myself up like that, this was going to be the first chance for Kate and I to have a real conversation. We couldn’t get into much in the car without the risk of our parents overhearing, and the twins answered the door before any conversational progress could be made outside. Granted, a closed bathroom door still didn’t guarantee privacy in terms of a verbal conversation, but I could whisper-shout my grievances as easily as I could yell them. 

Following Kate out of the bedroom after giving the back of my skirt a nervous tug or two in the hopes nothing was poking out from underneath the skirt, I felt self conscious all over again when I stepped out into the hall. Even though it wasn’t my bedroom, the act of leaving the privacy of a room while being half topless affected me all the same. Hurrying to match Kate’s stride, I scurried into the bathroom and shut the door behind us before anyone else could see the humiliating state of my chest. 

A cramped bathroom wasn’t exactly the ideal place to do it, but I was still ready to face off with my sister. This had gone SO much further than what was supposed to be a simple dare that was embarrassing enough to begin with, and she still wasn’t letting up. 

Except I never got the chance to say anything. The moment I turned around, Kate shoved the pacifier in my mouth.

“Mmm!” Whining into the plastic and silicone, my reflexive squirming didn’t do much when she was actively pushing it against my mouth. I was also half stuck between her and the closed bathroom door, though I still raised my hands and made the effort to push her back.

“NO.” Abruptly reaching under my skirt, Kate grabbed the pull-ups and roughly pushed them up before shifting them forward and back to create the most horrifying massage of my own mess. “Hold still, you fucking twelve year old brat.”

My strength evaporated immediately. I was not prepared for the aggression, or the disgusting sensations, or the harshness in Kate’s eyes and voice. Squirming more in discomfort than protest for a moment, I dropped my arms and let my sister do whatever she wanted.

“Good girl,” Kate said. “You know, all I really wanted was for our cousins to see you in pull-ups. But God, you just made everything else so easy. It’s almost like you want to be my little sister.”


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End Chapter 30

The Road Trip, Part 31

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 27, 2024


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