Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024

Chapter Description: Disaster strikes Sam as the girls go out on their bikes. She is simply along for the ride until she is discovered at the other end.

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There was no response. The canopy was doing a remarkable job in stopping sound from escaping. She belatedly wished that she had the presence of mind to ask Nina to leave the front flap open. She let out a deep shaky breath. Wearing a diaper by choice in front of her friends was one thing, she could easily play it off as a precaution, but using it was something else entirely.

Every time the trailer went over a bump on the path Sam felt more rumbles. Soon the rumbling became shifting which turned into pressure on Sam’s bowels. Perhaps the worst part of all this was not knowing how far they had left to go, they could be a minute or an hour away as far as Sam knew. She was shifting as much as she could in her seat but the cramps were getting worse.

“Nina!” Sam cried out desperately.

There was no response. No one could hear her. Sam was trapped in a little bubble separate from the rest of the world. She was trying not to panic but every time she got her breathing under control she felt another pain tear through her intestines. It felt like they were twisting and writhing in protest. Sam’s little arms and legs flailed as she tried to hit the canopy in the hope of attracting attention.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…” Sam repeated to herself.

It was really going to happen. Sam felt heat rising in her face, her hands and feet shook and her desperate brain was racing through thoughts at a hundred miles per hour. She angrily rebuked herself for not going to the bathroom before they left, she hadn’t felt the need to go but she could’ve tried at least.

Wetting her diaper in the night was one thing but Sam couldn’t fathom this. In the crib she wet herself because she couldn’t get out and didn’t want to wake up her best friend. Now her friends were mere feet away but completely absorbed in cycling and weren’t paying her any attention. This was going to be so much worse.

Sam’s desperate mind came up with an idea. Maybe the problem was that she was just too full and she could buy herself some time by relaxing her bladder and peeing. She didn’t particularly want to wet herself but it was better than the alternative which felt like it was just minutes away. If it gave her a couple of minutes and that was enough time to make it to the next stop then it would be worth it.

Remembering the night before Sam did her best to take a deep breath and relax herself. To her surprise she began peeing almost immediately. She hadn’t been aware of any special need to pee but maybe it had always been there, unnoticed because of the bigger urgencies. It was a still a very peculiar feeling. The warmth burst around her bottom and quickly spread up the back thanks to the way the seat had her sitting. She slowly let out her breath as she released her bladder. When she was finally done there was a cocoon of heat around her waist that didn’t feel all that bad, it was certainly better than her wet clothes had been.

Sam looked out of the canopy she was under. For some reason she felt that what she had done would’ve been obvious to everyone around her but, of course, nobody was paying attention. The cycling continued as Sam felt the creeping heat continuing to slowly spread around her butt. As long as she didn’t let any of the others find out what had happened it didn’t seem so bad…

A cramp ripped through Sam’s intestines. And her hands went straight down to her tummy. Any good feelings she had disappeared as she realised wetting herself hadn’t relieved the pressure in the slightest. She started feeling panicked as the pressure in her bowels seemed to grow by the second.

“Nina!” Sam yelled. It was hopeless. She still couldn’t be heard.

Sam tried to desperately think of some way to get out of the situation. The buckle for her seat was behind her, she knew that much, and reaching around she tried to find it. Her little arms had no hope of reaching the release, she couldn’t so much as lean forwards as the straps held her tightly back.

Sam whimpered as tears filled her eyes. The pressure was building to levels she couldn’t control, it felt like there was a huge weight pressing against her sphincter and it was getting heavier all the time.

There was no way for Sam to get anyone’s attention or get off the trailer. She was as useless as a baby. She waved her arms desperately as she saw her friends cycling past. Chrissy was paying no attention as she race around on the rocky path whilst Amy was constantly stopping and peering into the forest on one side and the lake the other with her binoculars. Soon it wouldn’t matter if anyone did notice her struggles as it felt like the only thing keeping the battle going was the seat right below her. She could feel her tired sphincter slowly losing the fight millimetre-by-millimetre. A family came cycling the other way and in her desperate state Sam tried to wave them down. They simply waved back and smiled thinking she was an excitable toddler.

When the end came it was sudden. Sam felt the pressure building a little more but then her control gave out. She gasped as she suddenly felt a hot mushy mass get deposited in her seat. Sitting down as she was the poop had nowhere to go and spread out against her skin. She knew there was more to come but she was still trying to deal with the devastating reality that she was doing this.

Sam’s bowels groaned in protest and she knew she had to get everything else. Without even thinking about what she was doing she lifted her butt an inch off the seat, it was all she could manage, and as soon as there was space her body pushed again. Sam moaned as she felt several long logs push into her underwear. She closed her eyes and felt her face go red as she held her breath and pushed.

There was a muffled sound of breaking wind before a rush of sloppy mess rushed out and over the pile already in her diaper. Sam grimaced as she felt the waste pressing against her skin and spreading out. It got even worse as she lowered herself to sit in it. Compressed between the seat and her body, the poop spread over even more of her diaper. The smell started to leak out and contaminate the air as Sam started sniffing back tears.

Sam caught a whiff of her own smell and cringed. The canopy stopped the sound going out and it was equally good at keeping the stink in. She was utterly trapped, all she could do was sit in the seat and wait to inevitably be discovered but she had no idea when it might be.

The bike ride continued and every bump in the road made Sam bounce in her mess. She had cried for the first few minutes but then the tears dried up leaving her with a red face with streaks going down her cheeks. The smell became overpowering and she almost made herself sick but she slowly adjusted, or at least the smell seemed to get better.

At the top of the hill they had been climbing for some time there was a rest area. Sam could see the path opening up into a clearing. To one side was an even more picturesque view of the valley below. The lake surrounded by forest was laid out before them all just over the edge of a small railing. There were a couple of picnic tables nearby though Sam was thankful that the four girls were the only people there.

Amy stopped and neatly lowered her bike’s kickstand. Chrissy spun her bike as she skidded to a halt throwing up a cloud of dust. When Nina stopped next to her two friends Sam found herself shaking. She started crying again as she knew the moment of her discovery was at hand. Nina got off her bike and took a second before turning around when she saw Sam crying she frowned and hurried over.

“Sam, what’s… Oh… God…” Nina unzipped the front of the canopy and the smell must’ve hit her like a bomb blast. Nina backed away. She almost looked like she was in shock.

“Nina? What’s going on?” Chrissy asked.

Amy and Chrissy came over and when they got within a few feet of the trailer they sniffed the air. They asked if some animal had left droppings nearby before the reality of the situation dawned on them. All three women looked into the trailer where Sam was hiding her face with her hands. Her diaper, the source of the offending smell was pushed out in front of her and she almost felt like she was looking at her friends through green stink lines.

“I’m sorry…” Sam mumbled, “I… I’m sorry…”

“Oh damn.” Chrissy said.

“We’ve got to get her out.” Amy said though she made no attempt to approach Sam.

It was Nina who had somewhat recovered from her shock who came forwards. She finished unzipping the canopy whilst clearly holding her breath. She was looking at Sam with sympathy and yet also didn’t want to spend too much time with her head in the trailer. It was typical, Sam thought, she just realised she might have a major crush on her friend and then she does this to utterly repel her.

“I didn’t mean to…” Sam muttered.

“It’s going to be OK.” Nina choked out.

Sam felt Nina reach behind her and press the release for the straps. The belts slackened and with Nina’s help Sam climbed out of the seat. She felt disgusting and smelt worse. Nina backed up to let Sam step down off the trailer. She was crying still, her breath came in stages as tears cascaded down her face. If her diaper had felt heavy after her wetting it was nothing compared to how it was then. Her diaper was drooping as much as it was able to and seemed impossibly thick.

Looking up Sam saw Chrissy suddenly cover her nose and back up several steps with a look of disgust on her face. Amy just seemed too shocked to do anything, it was only Nina who was trying to help in any way.

“What happened?” Chrissy asked. Her voice was strained like she was doing her best not to breathe in at all.

“I… I needed to go…” Sam sobbed, “I tried to tell Nina but she couldn’t hear me.”

“I’m sorry.” Nina frowned with concern, “I didn’t hear a thing.”

“Why didn’t you just wait?” Chrissy asked accusingly.

“I tried!” Sam exclaimed and stomped her foot on the gravel. Did her friend think she did this deliberately?

“Chrissy.” Nina looked over at the other woman with a severe look.

Chrissy put her free hand up in apology before turning away and walking back several more paces. Sam felt like she was at the centre of some sort of exclusion zone, that her diaper was a toxic gas poisoning everyone around her. Even worse, she could see how Chrissy had looked at her, how Amy still WAS looking at her. She felt like she could read their minds: “Why did we bring this baby?”

Perhaps worst of all was Nina. Sam could see her crush was trying to put a brave face on what had happened but it didn’t hide the embarrassment Sam knew Nina must have for being around her. It felt like no sooner had Sam noticed she had feelings for Nina than she blew up the chance for anything to happen in the most humiliating way possible.

“It’s OK, Sam.” Nina said, “We’re going to sort this out. No one is coming up here so no one will know.”

Those words did little to comfort Sam. It didn’t matter if strangers saw her like this, they all assumed she was a baby anyway, no matter how much she fought against that. It was her friends that worried Sam more. The people she was staying with, the people who knew her and would never forget what she had done. They would never see her the same way. Sam could already tell that as soon as they got back she would be asked to find a new place of residence. She sobbed even harder.

“Please, Sam, don’t cry.” Nina said quietly in an understanding tone, “It’s going to be OK.”

“It isn’t!” Sam finally exploded loudly enough that Chrissy turned and saw her.

Sam didn’t want to open up emotionally. She’d already burdened her friends with everything that had happened on their vacation, with every adjustment they had had to make since they met her. She couldn’t just drop an emotional bomb on them. Not when she could still feel the squishy mess in the back of her diaper slipping against her skin whenever she shifted position.

“Sam?” Nina prodded for Sam to open up.

“I didn’t bring a spare diaper or anything.” Sam finally said. It was much easier to divulge the physical problem rather than the emotional one that was really causing her trouble, “I’m going to ruin your picnic by making us all go back before… Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You don’t have to ruin anything.” Nina said. Her eyes flicked away from Sam guiltily.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked, “I can’t just sit here like this…”

Sam frowned as Nina looked at her with a sheepish smile. She slipped her backpack off her back and brought it to the ground between them both. She slowly unzipped it and Sam was shocked to see two clean diapers as well as a roll of toilet paper and a plastic bag.

“You… You brought all this?” Sam said dumbly.

“I wasn’t presuming you’d need it or anything!” Nina was quick to say, “It was for emergencies. I saw that you were wearing a diaper this morning, I know you’ve been having some trouble and I thought it was better to be safe than sorry.”

Sam was so surprised she didn’t know what to say. On the one hand she was very grateful that Nina’s forward thinking may have saved their picnic, but on the other it meant that her friend had thought she would NEED a change. She could say it was “just in case” but friends don’t normally bring diapers on days out for “just in case”, these were brought specifically because of her. She might need them. No one else. The fact that she DID need them only did a little to ease Sam’s negative thoughts.

“Please don’t be mad.” Nina finally said when Sam remained silent.

“I just… I don’t know what to say.” Sam replied truthfully.

“You don’t have to say anything.” Nina gave another small smile that sent Sam’s heart fluttering, “Just take my bag into the trees, find a spot and… well, you know.”

“Change my diaper?” Sam said with self-loathing. She sniffed. The tears were stopping but the childish phrase made her cheeks turn pink, she saw Nina was blushing a little too.

“You know the other two won’t say anything about it.” Nina continued, “We’ll look back on this in a few years and laugh.”

Sam thought that might be pushing it but she took the bag from Nina and looked behind her to the trees at the edge of the clearing. The forest was pretty thick with vegetation, she wouldn’t have to go far in to them to get some privacy.

“You’ll make sure no one comes over and sees what’s happening?” Sam asked Nina.

“I’ll be your bodyguard.” Nina nodded.

Sam took a deep breath and then wished she hadn’t as she smelt the pungent scent of her own heavily used diaper. She took the straps of the backpack and started dragging it over to the trees. She felt like Nina, Amy and Chrissy were all staring at her butt to see if they could see a bulge but she wasn’t going to look back to confirm that suspicion. She couldn’t believe she was finding herself in a position like this.


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End Chapter 16

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024


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