Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 9
Emily returns.

                                                                    28th of April.

David woke up to feel the warmth spreading in his diaper down to his butt. Later Grace came inside his nursery and their day started.

Morning went without any occasions. David did anything reluctantly but he didn’t gave Grace any problems. By the way, she seemed in a hurry somewhat.

When the morning routine was over Grace dressed herself onto what seemed like business suit. Instead of her old one, that she used to wear, when she was an average office worker , this suit was more elegant, expensive looking and eye-catching, because it accentuated her curves a lot better. It definitely was suiting her new status as a businesswoman.

Grace came to David. He was sitting in the livingroom and stacking the blocks, while he was thinking what he needs to do. He felt himself being lifted.

Grace picked him up and sat on the armchair with him on her lap.

-          Look, Davie, - she started – I need to go check on MY business, so I’m going to leave you with a babysitter.

A babysitter? A slight strange glowing appeared in David’s eyes. It was the light of hope in them! Today he has a chance again!

Then David noticed the mischievous glance of Grace hidden behind her long eyelashes. What does it mean? Grace continued.

-          Well, kitten. I see you’re glad to hear it. So I shall continue. Yesterday I looked through one site, when I was searching for a nanny for you. And do you know who I have found here? She gets to babysit you today~. Can you guess who is it?

-          No….

-          It’s expected, Davie. Let me show you.

Grace held her phone that way, that David could have seen it. On the display he saw something that resembled a worksheet. It was someone’s account. David couldn’t read anything, but then he saw a photo of the profile:

It was Emily!

Yes, the girl that was his worker once and whom he had met when he turned into teenager.

-          Oh! You still remember her, are you?! Such an irony – she worked for you once and now she’s working for me, but as your nanny~! *Laugh* Come on, we’ve got about 15 minutes before her mom will drive her here. It’s her first time babysitting, so don’t ruin everything, please. Okay?

-          Otay!

David noticed how much his situation improved. But he wasn’t sure how is he going to reveal his real identity it would be so embarrassing! Just imagine this scene: a teenage girl discovers that a toddler in diapers, whom she babysits, is her former boss. She would probably laugh at him!

When David heard the ring of the doorbell, he shuddered.

Grace walked to the door and opened it. Emily walked in and Dahlia came after her, she drove her daughter to her babysitting job.

-          Hi, Emily, feel yourself at home. Oh, it’s been only a year since I last met you and you grew up slightly, don’t you? Especially in the breast department! You fill that bra quite nice! – said Grace pulling Emily into a small hug.

-          Oh, Mrs. Evans, you’re flattering me! – answered Emily, blushing from slight embarassement and smiling from being proud if her growth.

-          Emily, watch your words, please. – said Dahlia in a calm voice.

-          But, Mom what have I said?

-          You know it, Emily. – Dahlia turned herself to Grace. – You’re right, Grace, she’s matured a little. Thanks to a healthy diet.

-          Mrs. Evans, where’s the boy I supposed to watch? – asked Emily.

-          Stand here, I’ll bring Davie! – said Grace and went to another room, where she lifted David, put him on her hip and carried to others.

Grace has met Emily before a couple of times, when the teenage girl has been working for David and both had sympathy for each other. Girl’s mother – Dahlia also has met Grace before, but only once, when she drove her daughter to part-time job.

That helped all of them to quickly find a contact with each other.

David looked at the girl and her mother, while he was handled by Grace, who was talking with Dahlia.

Grace was the same beautiful teenage girl, now she was dressed into a yellow tee, short pleated skirt with the hem above her knees, sneakers, ankle socks and an accessory unusual for her – a black choker.

Dahlia wore a business suit with pencil skirt.

-          Look, Davie, it’s your nanny Emily and her mom. Say hi to them, kitten. – Grace said to David.

-          Hi, Emuwy… - replied David shyly.

-          Davie is not in the mood for acquaintance, isn’t he? – said Dahlia.

-          Hi, Davie, I’ll be your nanny today! I know that you worry because your Mommy is going to leave you at home with me, but she’s got very, very serious things to do. Of course, your Mommy is nice, but we can have so much fun together too! – Emily was talking in a sweet manner usually used to talk to small kids.

-          You can have no worries, Grace. Emily attended courses of babysitting.

They chatted a little. David was listening to them as he slipped his thumb into his mouth and started to suck it without, he didn’t mind it, because it happened automatically. During this small conversation Grace explained things like David’s ratio, sleeping schedule, state of potty training (it’s at zero level, so Emily shouldn’t worry about it, as Grace remarked) and his preferences. From their chatting David learnt that Emily has holidays in her school so she had a possibility to babysit today at Friday.

At one moment David thought, what if Grace is going to reveal, that he is really an adult that became a victim of ARS? David imagined this scene:

-          I have to tell you that Davie has a secret that I want you to know~! – said Grace and gave David a mischievous look.

-          Mommy, no! Don’ teww ‘em! – David started to whine.

-          So, what’s a secret?! – asked curious Emily.

-          Well… Emily, do you remember your boss from old job, yes, my former boyfriend?

-          Yes… Why are you asking about him?

-          It’s because he caught ARS that quickly turned him into that adorable tot – Davie.

-          *Laugh* You have to be joking! But I see some resemvlance, though… It can’t be! Is it really you boss~!

-          Yes, it’s him! Davie, why are you so silent?! Say something to your new nanny.

-          Yeth, I’m youw fowmeww boss and dere’s notin’ funny innit!

-          *Laugh* It’s really you! Life is full of surprises! – exclaimed Emily as she laughed hysterically.

-          Okay, it’s very interesting but I have to drive to work now. – calmly said Dahlia as she walked out of the house.

Grace went out right after her.

-          Bye, bye! Have fun you two, I’m going to my new sexy, real male lover!

“She doesn’t even hide it anymore, what a whore!” – thought David.

-          Oh, Mr. … Shit, I have to call you right… *Laugh* Davie~, you’re a cuckold now too? A little cuckold baby~!

-          Why awe you sho mean ta me, Emiwy?! What have I done ta wou?!

-          You don’t even remember anymore?! It’s a pity, really. But I’m not interested if you remember it or not, because that’s a real karma!

A loud fart then a *Hisss* sound was heard by Emily.]

-          Your girlfriend… *Laugh* Sorry, brat, your Mommy~  Grace just changed you and now your nanny-Emily have to do it again! I like it in some kind. Come on.

Emily carried him to his so-called nursery. There she put him down on the brand new changing table, which Grace installed here a few days ago. She started to undress him and removed his diaper.

-          You’re so little down there. You know, I am a virgin, so I haven’t seen many dicks, but I accidentally saw my classmate’s when I was in sixth grade. And his was muuuuuch bigger! Wait a minute! Was it really much bigger, when you were like, you know, an adult. You liked to but such huge cars, maybe it was compensation of something really little~

-          I… I don’t ‘membah da size…

-          Don’t worry, you’ll have to buy yourself a Titanic or something like that to compensate what you have now! *Laugh* But, wait, Grace have all of your bank accounts and your business and no one will sell it to brat in diapers!

David woke up, because he felt a gentle touching on his shoulder.

-          Davie, you fell asleep. I thought you’ve slept well enough.

David was surprised by the fact that he asleep at the moment he was listening to conversation between Grace, Emily and Dahlia. The dream was feeling so real!

He looked at Emily. Her nice face had so little in common with Emily from the dream. She’s usually a kind girl. But why was she so mad at him in the dream? David knew that there must be something that really happened, but he forgot.

-          Sorry, I need to grab something from the room. Dahlia, can you hold Davie for a second? – asked Grace.

-          Of course. – replied Dahlia.

She accepted David from Grace’s hands and held him in her arms. The smell of small child that entered her nostrils made her feel nostalgic for when her kids were little.

-          Hmmm, that smell of baby powder… it makes me remember about you and your brother at that age. – Dahlia said to her daughter.

-          Davie reminds you of Tommy when he was little?! – asked Emily.

-          No, more of you, even though Davie is a boy. Tommy wouldn’t allow an aunty unknown to him to hold him like this, he would fuss like crazy in such situation. It seems that Davie is a calm kid mostly, like you were. Yes, the memory of me holding you like this in my hands feels like it was yesterday and now I drive you to your babysitting job. You and your brother are growing so fast, I’m afraid you’ll leave my home in a blink of an eye! – said Dahlia overwhelmed by nostalgia.

Grace returned and Dahlia placed David on the floor as they started to prepare to walk out. David stood on the floor and looked at Emily that towered over him. She was his last hope! David walked closer to her and hugged her skinny leg. He raised his face and looked up, he was able to see her white cotton panties under her short skirt. But that meant nothing to him now.

-          Oh, it seems he likes you! It will make your time with him easier, I hope. You can go and see the house, Emily. I’ll talk with your mother some more.

Emily grabbed David from the floor and went to the livingroom with him in her hands. David was able  to hear something from Grace and Dahlia chatting.

-          So your boyfriend left you with a small kid, you gave birth to from him?  Strange I saw you and him a year ago and I haven’t heard that you had a baby. – said Dahlia.

-          No. He left me with a child whom he had with another woman, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because Davie is my son now.

“Great! Grace wants to make an image of adult me to be viewed as an asshole by everyone! That’s why she told Dahlia that story!” – thought David.

Emily walked through the rooms, looked at the interior and made comments like “What a nice thing! Isn’t it, Davie!?” “Your Mommy’s wardrobe is so-o big! I bet she has a lot of nice dresses!”. After a small trip through the first floor Emily returned to her mother and Grace.

-          Have you seen everything you need, Emily? – asked Grace.

-          Yes. – answered Emily.

-          Okay, we are leaving. – said Grace as she opened the front door. – Goodbye, Emily! Davie, do your best, Mommy don’t want to blush for you!

-          Bye-bye, have a nice day! – said Dahlia.

David thought that his chance had finally come! But suddenly he heard that Grace snapped her fingers, while she walked out. David sensed that his mind became much simpler in the blink of an eye…

Like his mind converted fully into that of an average toddler.

He had an urge to cry, because his Mommy was leaving him and he didn’t want it, he wanted her to be here with him.

The door closed after Grace and Dahlia.

David whined and tears started to roll down his face:

-          Mama, no-o! No weavve me! Mama-a! *Wa-ahh!*

-          Davie, calm down please, your Mommy will return in the evening. – Emily tried to calm the crying toddler.


                                                                  5th of April.

                                  Grace and Kate are chatting online in Zoom, during personal consultation that Dr. Weiss suggested for Grace and David. David is upstairs, so Grace is left alone and can discuss some themes with Kate.

Grace saw the face of Kate change in seconds.

-          You think that David’s mental changes is a humiliating and painful process for him, so you could try something to make them faster if it isn’t possible to reverse them, am I right? – she asked in a surprised tone, raising her eyebrow.

-          Yes, you’re right. I’ve read something about accelerating the mental changes. – said Grace in a firm tone.

-          Okay, let me make it clear: some ways to do it exists, but specialists strongly recommends to do it on the late stages of mental decline due to ARS. It really can be very tough to ARS victim and his close people. I experienced it with my mother, her mental changes caused conflicts between us, because she started childish tantrums and it was hard to convince her, that she cannot be in control due to her situation when she partly regained her adult mind after it. So, I can recommend you some tapes, they are like affirmations or something like it. They really have effect on mind, helping with anxiety and after some usage they help to control the transgressions from more adult-like state to childish. You just need to read the instruction and you can turn the tapes on using the smart speaker. Just don’t use them too often, so it wouldn’t cause any troubles. Here, I sent you the link. – said Kate.


                                                             28th of April.

Emily was trying to calm David down.

-          *Shhh* *Shhh* It’s okay, Mommy will come back later, Davie.

-          No-o, me want Mama! *Waahhh!* *Kha-kha* - David with mentality of average toddler about 2 years old continued to whine despite Emily’s attempts to calm him down.

Emily decided to walk around the rooms with David in her arms, hoping that it will help.

David thought only about his “Mommy”and how he want to be with her, even if the “big girl” is so nice with him.

David’s cries slowly turned into whimpers and sobs. Emily sat on the couch, placed David on her lap and opened her purse, pulling something out of it.

-          Look what I have~ - said Emily in a cooing tone trying to distract David from the thing that now worried him the most – the absence of his “Mama” – that’s the only way how he now perceived Grace.

Emily continued:

-          It’s a sorter, I think you’re familiar with such toy, but that one is special. See? There’s not only different forms, but also a different colors. Don’t be sad if you’ll have any difficulties, I’ll help you!

A couple of hours they spent together with David playing with different educational toys (for his current age, of course) or watching cartoons, Emily even gave him her phone to watch some clips and videos for kids on YouTube.


                                                            Grace is visiting HER business.

Grace decided to take a look at what is going with former David’s/ now her business.

Her visit was sudden for those who worked as a packagers and loaders. Grace looked at them working to check the quality of their job. She was delighted to see that everything is okay.

Grace walked inside her cabinet. She needs to fix everything with documentation.

Grace looked at the stack of papers on the table. She’s got a lot work to do, at least there’s nothing suspicious with taxes and other stuff.


                                                     Back to Emily babysitting David.

Emily pulled the dirty diaper away, lifting David’s butt upwards, holding him by his pudgy legs.

-          Pe-ew, the worst part is over… See, baby, there’s no need to be so fussy anymore! – exclaimed Emily.

David was lying on the changing mat. He looked around and saw an object that attracted him – small toy car. David rolled over and stood up, then he came closer to it and started to play, rolling the car on the floor. Emily was busy with tossing dirty diaper in the bin, so she hasn’t noticed it at first. But when she turned over and saw naked Davie playing on the floor, she tried to convince him to lie down on the mat:

-          Davie, we’re not finished yet, you can play a minute later, when we’re done.

-          No! – answered David.

He hadn’t any second thoughts about being naked in front of teenage girl with his genitals and buttocks exposed.

Emily continued:

-          Davie, you need to have a dee-dee on, your Mommy will be disappointed if you’ll make a puddle on the floor. You don’t want it, don’t you?

-          Mama?.. – said Davie with a puzzled look on his face. Emily’s words seemed to be enough for him to behave, but someone then came into his mind, maybe it was a slight pieces of his old memories. - Me no wanna dee-dee!

-          Okay, baby, but I bet you don’t want to be naked. Am I right?

-          No! Me wan nakie! – exclaimed Davie.

-          But what if your Mom won’t like it?

-          Mama lets me walk nakie!

-          Okay, I’ll call your Mom, maybe she will let you do it. – said Emily, she didn’t want to deal with a tantrum, so she decided to play along.


                                                    In Grace’s office.

Grace heard her phone ringing. She accepted the call, it was from Emily.

-          Hi, Emily, is everything okay? – asked Grace.

-          Yes, everything is fine, Mrs. Evans. But there’s a small trouble – Davie just won’t let me put a diaper on him! He says that you let him walk around in his birthday suit.

Grace giggled as she turned her head from the phone. David wanted to be naked whle being with a girl, some of his preferences didn’t change at all! It’s so funny, his babysitter called her, while ahe is in her own cabinet, ruling a business. That was the thoughts of Grace. She calmed a little and answered:

-          Yes Davie may walk around naked for about ten minutes, but later he better should be put in a diaper.

-          Okay, bye! – said Emily and hanged down the call.

Grace laughed and went back to work. She opened the work e-mail. She scrolled down and saw something interesting. Grace opened the letter read it and said:

-          I’ll need to talk with Dahlia about it.


Day went without any occasions for Davie and Emily, she put a diaper on him, this time without Davie’s resistance, when ten minutes passed as Grace said to her. Later, Emily fed Davie, tucked him in for a daytime sleep, changed him once again, played with him and sat on the couch, waiting for Grace to come back. They were getting along quite well due to Emily’s kind demeanor.

When Grace returned, Emily talked with her a little and went out, after saying her goodbyes and giving Davie a small kiss on the forehead. She was going to went home on public transport.

Grace left David’s body from the floor and sat on the couch, placing David on her lap. She snapped her fingers.

For a second David’s sight darkened, then he felt like if he would awake suddenly after a long, deep sleep. His adult thoughts returned to him! But he had the memories of being babysat by Emily!

-          W-w-what wath it?! Grace!!!– he exclaimed.

-          Oh, it’s not “Mama” anymore? *Giggle*  Please, don’t shout. – said Grace.

-          Wha’ happened? I was a baby in mind… I mwean…

-          I’ll explain it to you, Davie. Do you remember the tracks that I turned on for you on the smart speaker to help you sleep?

-          Yeth… How is it suppothed to do sometin’ with it?

-          See, this tapes have a hypnotic effect on the ARSV listeners on the final stages. It was developed to help with transmission to childish mentality by controlling it. I used it to control you. Now, you have a trigger – me snapping my fingers, when you hear it, your mind goes all toddlerish like today.

David was shocked to hear it, his palms formed into fists and he tried to hit Grace in the face, but missed.




a snap

of fingers… 



End Chapter 9

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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