A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 55
CHAPTER 155 .......... My Date With Putz – Part Two

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“And when I spank you later on tonight, the instensity will be even greater.  But if you feel close to exploding you have to let me know so I can stop and let you rest.  It’s too soon to have a climax.  We need to let it build till you get blue balls.”


The boy’s volume increased.  “Precious!  You are a god damned SADIST!!!”


The irony, of course, was the fact the Putz was letting me yank and snip off all his pubic hair without lifting a finger to stop me.


“Aagh! … Do you really have to pull up that hard?”


“You’re a tough guy, Putz … And you’ll appreciate it more when I stop.”


“Oww! Ow ow … Precious you grabbed the hair on my balls that time.  The skin is more sensitve there … like white hot pain.  Can you ease up a little, please?”


“I suppose.  We’re almost done with this part anyway.  Now we need to remove the stubble to get you a nice and smooth finish.  Do you have an electric shaver or maybe some Bic double-bladed razors?”


The boy was glad to be done with the nasty part.  “Uh, yeah, there’s a ‘Peanut’ razor in the bathroom vanity … middle drawer on the right.”


I was pleased to hear that.  “Really?  A Peanut is the best … neat, compact, nice cut.  Where can I plug it in?”


“Use the power strip bar under my night stand.”


I came back in a minute and plugged in the ‘cute’ accurate little razor.


“Don’t mind me, Putz.  I’m going to lift up and hold your penis away from each area that I’m trimming.  This should go fast.”


“Precious, I’m so grateful that you didn’t want to cut off my dick with the scissors.”


“See, I’m not such a sadist.  Wow, take your hand out and feel how smooth your pubis is.”


“Males have a pubis?” he asked.


“Yeah, the pubic area.  See, I did good work on you.  You’re as smooth as a baby’s butt … or at least as smooth as me, since I didn’t get my pubes yet.”


Putz used his sense of touch across his lower region.  “God that is fucking weird.  Now I really feel naked.”


I turned off the Peanut and brushed him off a little bit.  “It’ll feel kind of breezy for awhile but that’s the whole idea.  You want to feel more like a kid.”


“I do?”


“Yeah, but you can still shoot the big juice.  That doesn’t change.”


“So now what, Precious? … And when are you going to take off your clothes?”


“Later.  Right now, since you lost your boner … I’m going to teach you a new game that you can play with your penis.”


“Do I jack off this time?”


“Nope, but sometimes this is even more fun.  Go stand in front of your full length mirror.  I’ll step behind you.”


“Should I take off my shirt?”


“Uh, sure, why don’t you.”


“This seems so unfair, me being the only nude person.”


“Putz, we’re going to turn your penis into a musical instrument … And I always say that if you get good enough, you’ll be able to play in the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra.  You’ve heard of first violin?  Well you can be first schlong.”


The boy shook his head again.  “Precious, I had no idea that you were this weird.”


“Well, Putz, you were the one who invited me over, so you deserve nothing less than my full repertoire of skills.  Okay?  Now pay attention and watch in the mirror so you can do this by yourself next time.”


“You don’t have a written manual?”


“It’s not that hard.  I can do it by feel.  Later, you can use the same left and right hands like I’m doing to you.  So watch closely now … I use my left thumb and forefinger to spread your pee-hole as wide as possible.  You want a big round hole.  Then you put your ‘flip the bird’ middle finger of your right hand on top of the hole and press down.”


“Precious, I can’t believe I’m letting you do this to me.”


“Did you feel the first air bubble go down into your urethra?”




“Okay, now this is the tricky part.  You have to lift up your right middle finger to get ready for the next pump, but you can’t let any air escape back out.  So for a brief moment, the left thumb and forefinger must pinch the hole shut and press inward to work the air bubble farther down the urethra.  Now, open the hole back up and go to pump number two.”


“Too weird.”


“Yeah, but it’s fun.  Fifty pumps of air is usually enough, but we’re going to do more.”


Putz sounded worried.  “Why?”


“Because that way, you get a surprise.”


“But what if I don’t want a surprise.”


“Be brave, Putz … You’ll enjoy it.”


After less than one minute, the moment arrived.


“Owwww!!  Oh, man …What the hell was that?”


“That was your surprise, Putz … a hot pop.  When your penis is completely full, the air bubbles have no place else to go so they pop through the opening in your bladder … and for some reason, it feels hot.”


“I didn’t like it.”


“That’s okay, Putz.  It’s really quick.  Kitty did that to me at my physical when she shoved a catheter up my pee hole.”


“I’ll bet that was fun.”


“It wasn’t.  But the fun part for you starts now.  We put the right index finger on top of the hole and hold your penis with the right thumb and middle finger.  The important part is to not let any air esape back out.”


“Yep, it sure is fun.”


“Come on Putz, be serious.  So with my left hand, I’m going to cup your scrotum below your balls and press upward.  At the same time, my right hand will push your penis downward.”


*** Croooooooaaaaakkkkkkkk ***


“Precious, that is fucking goofy.”


“What do you think it sounded like?”


“Like a bullfrog croaking.”


“And yet all it’s doing is working on the same principal as the Scottish bagpipes.  We’re pushing air through a tube.   Let’s try some more.”


*** Croooooooaaaaakkkkkkkk ***   *** Croooooooaaaaakkkkkkkk ***


“If you noticed, I can pinch off your urethra at different points along its length, in your scrotum, to produce higher or lower notes.  So in essence, you really can play a song.”


(I think Putz was now impressed.)   “Wow, my rabbi will be so proud of me.  I knew there had to be a reason why all Jewish boys get circumcised.”


“Okay, the last part requires some class participation.”


“What do you mean?”


“I’m going to maneuver the air bubbles so that they’re half way in the middle of a push, and then what I want you to do is pull inward.  Just use the same pelvic muscle you use when you’re ejaculating.  Just pull, relax, pull, relax.”


***Croak*** ***Croak*** ***Croak*** ***Croak***


“See Putz, you’re getting close to the Buffalo Symphony already.”


“I can’t believe I’m letting you make me do this, Precious.  Are we done now?  I’m hungry.  We should order the pizza.”


“Not yet, Putz … You still need to do a coregasm.”


“Christ!  You’re worse than Dr. Mengele.”


I had to reassure him.  “No, you’ll love this one.  I swear it … that is, if you can do it.”


“Okay, Precious, can you define ‘if you can do it’?”


“Putz, I’ve been giving this one a lot of thought.  First of all, can you shoot twice in one day … like if you did one now, you could still do one later tonight?”


“Shoot cum twice?  Yeah, I can do that.”


“Okay, so I figure that everyone in a gender is built pretty much the same.  All girls have uteri and clitori and all boys have prostates.  So if all guys have the exact same plumbing inside, how come less than five percent of males know how to do a coregasm?”


“You tell me, Precious.  And by the way, what the hell is coregasm?”


“It’s just basic anatomy.  The core pelvic muscles press and squeeze the protate till it forces and ejaculation.”


“Uh huh … And just how the fuck do you know about all these things?”


“My mom’s patients tell her everything.”


“I see.  Well every good mom should teach her son, or daughter in your case, how to jack off.  So what do you want me to do?”


“Open your bedroom door and make sure no one is looking up this way.”


“Okay, next?”


“It’s like going to the gym and using the leg lift apparatus.  Just grab your pull-up bar with your fingers facing away from you.”




“Raise your knees so that your thighs are at a 90 degree angle to your body.”


“Okay, now what?”


“Now we wait.”


“How long?”


Instead of giving Putz an answer, I started humming the Jeopardy theme song.


*** Da  da  da   da  da  da  da  da …***


I hummed it twice.  Then Putz spoke up.  “I’m starting to feel something.”


Sometimes, a minute can seem like forever.  He spoke again.  “Shit!  It’s really building up now!”


I could tell he was getting ready to explode, so I grabbed the plastic waste basket by his desk.  (In football, I was a good receiver, so it made sense.)



Putz gritted his teeth, his eyes bulged, his nostrils flared … and then he growled.





End Chapter 55

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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