A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 53
CHAPTER 153 .......... A Couple of Sleepovers

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While Daniel was over, I hadn’t touched Sammantha in quite a while.  Ravaging Kitti Power in my fantasy had left me satisfied, but exhausted.  All I wanted to do now was rub and snuggle against Sammantha’s muscular nude body … and touch her all over.


I felt really privileged that I, in my present state as a twelve-year-old I could enjoy an adult female body that was equal to, if not better, than any model on the catwalk.


I still think she has perfect boobs.  They’re nice to touch with a firm, but supple texture.  They don’t fly all over the place like flabby appendages.


I felt engulfed and secured by her ‘Ironman’ arms.  As a ‘twelve’, I was quite a bit smaller than her and I liked the idea of my big strong mom dominating me physically.  I thought again of the painter, Guayasamin.


There was certainly not going to be any rough sex tonight … or maybe ever.  Our semi-violent encounter as two eleven-year-olds got us into a lot of trouble with cucumbers, child services, and her partner, Dr. Fellores Frumpy.   I gently explored her pussy with two fingers and I enjoyed the idea that for a son, this was forbidden fruit.  And I rested my head against her breasts as I faded out.


My dreams this night would take me everywhere, and all were stressful.  I was at the middle school as a nude adult, searching for underware.  I was back in my crib after Sammantha had given me a bath.  I was being chased by Sally Sukkemsilli and I couldn’t run fast enough.  I was back in St. Thomas and all the nuns were trying to grab my penis.  I was being spanked by Kitti Power, probably in retaliation for my earlier fantasy. 


Further dreaming, I went to talk to Madeline Dazilme and she was very tall till I figured out that I was only four years old and very embarrassed.  I was having sex with Shilo again, only this time, I got her pregnant and I was very worried about what kind of mixed up baby we would have.  I awoke with a start when I thought I was fighting Yolanda Schmeckpepper again with a knife.


I was glad to get back to school.  Thursday and Friday went pretty well.  There were still some occasions when students mentioned Sally’s gun or Sammantha’s speech.  But overall, the hysteria had settled down.


I got my school picture taken during eighth period study hall, and with digital prints, you could make a choice right then and there.  I chose the full body pose where I’m sitting on a stool with my checkered shirt hanging out.  I rolled up my sleeves a little bit.  The grey pants and white shoes made a good combo.  It looked cooler without the socks.


This time, I smiled.  When I was twelve years old the first time around, I had short hair, almost a buzz cut and I thought I looked really ugly.  Probably a lot of seventh graders felt that way.  I liked this picture.  I think it reflected that I was happy now being twelve.


Hoshiko wore a pretty dress which she said her parents would approve of.  She had a flowery red bow around her neck and a grey pleted skirt.  It looked like a school uniform.  For an ‘intellectual’ effect, she held up a yellow ‘prop’ book.


“Darakatoms, can we trade pictures when they give us the paper prints?”


“Oh, sure Hoshiko.  Madeline, do you want in on that, too?”


“Yeah, sure.”


Madeline looked gorgeous in anything.  She seemed pretty casual today with her lavender sleeves rolled up on a shirt with a white front.  Her picture was more of the classic portrait shot.  Her long hair was always perfect.


There was no football practice today (Thursday).  Coach Parker doesn’t want us to get beat up the day before a game.


Actually, we didn’t even get beat up during the game.  I was starting to believe that we had a pretty damn good football team.  In our game 3, we shut out Ted Bundy Middle School 33 - 0.   My teammates exited the field waving at my mom.


“Dr. Adams!” yelled Showkat.  “This one’s for you!”


She waved back.


When we returned to the car, Sammantha commented, “This has been a pretty eventful week for us.”


“And it’s not over, Mom.  Precious has a date with Putz tomorrow.”


“Well, you survived your date with the robot, sweety.  Do you think that the one with Putz will be any more difficult?”


“That’s not even possible, Mom.  Last week I was experimented on by an alien-like being.  I don’t think I want to be with her again, sexually.  I survived, but barely.”


“Yes, you did mention that the first hour was difficult.  Did you want to share more details now?”


“I’m still not ready to yet, Mom.  She’s got all kinds of things that come out of her body.  Those are memories that are best left to the Sci-Fi channel.”


“So Derrek, are you sure you want her to be mobile?”


“I don’t think we have a choice, Mom.  If conflict comes, we’ll need her help.  And as long as we respect her, I think she’ll reciprocate.  That’s something we should ask her on Sunday.”


“And do you think she’ll answer us honestly?”


“Brutally honest.”




Once we got home, I went to my room to retrieve an old item which I showed to Sammantha.


“Mom, here’s a sample of one of the school pictures.”


She took a brief look at it and asked, “Why is it a sample?  Do I know this boy?”




She looked at it again.  “Is this one of your teammates?  No, wait a second … Is this supposed to be you?”


“Yep, it’s me, Mom.”


“But what did you do?   Do you have a ‘hair’ filter that shows what you’d look like with a buzz cut?”


I pointed at the picture and grinned.  “No … that’s my actual seventh grade school picture when I was twelve years old the first time around.”


“Good lord, sweety.  The difference is staggering.”


“I was pretty ugly, wasn’t I, Mom?”


“No, I wouldn’t say ‘ugly’ … maybe an immature smartass?  The girls weren’t exactly drooling over you back then, were they?”


“Not at all.  I was really immature for a long time … playing with my die-cast metal cars.  My first childhood was quite un-memorable.  When girls were asked to describe me in one word, that word was ‘Ewwwww’.


“Well, so far, sweety, your second childhood has been utterly spectacular for a lot of different reasons … One of them being your big head of floppy hair.  It’s amazing that your current ‘mop top’ alone, with the exact same face, turns you into instant eye candy.”


I pulled out my foldable phone from my back pocket and showed her the latest picture.  “This one with me on the stool is today’s picture.  I had to sneak it, taking a pic of the photographers laptop screen.  We’ll get prints later.”


Sammantha studied my phone and held the two pictures side by side.  “I guess this proves the point, why you look so ridiculously cute now.  It’s all in the hair.”


“It helps give me confidence too.  I see why men hate going bald.”


“Are you sure you’re confident enough to go out on a date dressed as a girl?”


“If it was with anyone but Putz, I’d probably be nervous.  Mom, we have such a great chemistry as teammates.  I think he really likes me now.  We block for each other, we do the ‘hook and ladder’ play about a dozen times a game now.  Nobody in college or pros can do that.  We run the defenses ragged.  They can never figure us out.  And Coach Parker just tells us ‘be creative’.  I’ve never had so much fun.”


“Sweety, I’m sure you two will find ways to get creative tomorrow too.”


“I’m going to role play as Precious … and I think it should be interesting.  Hey, Mom, can you tease out my hair like you did last time.  I feel silly asking you to help me look more ‘girlish’ … but what the hell.”


“Do you want me to help you tape your penis back?”


“No, don’t bother.  I think Putz has already got that one figured out.  He must be okay with Precious having a penis or he wouldn’t have invited me.”






Saturday afternoon, I took a good milk/water bath and scrubbed myself squeaky clean.  That was one detail I didn’t want to ignore.  Sammantha helped get my hair ‘spread out’ and frizzy to look more like a girl’s style.


I really didn’t want any makeup, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick.  I think that stuff sometimes makes girls look like a clown.  Maybe a little is alright, but I passed.  I only put one sock on each side of my chest … same reason, to dress modestly.


The panties with the pink hearts were still my favorite.  And I knew that the short skirted black-and-white dress with the laces in front would fit me, although it seemed just a bit tighter … probably because I was eleven years old when I wore it last time.  I referred to it as my ‘Precious’ dress.


The black pump shoes were still okay … the ‘Bebe Janysa’s’ which I strapped on and seemed to be able to walk in a semi-coordinated way with them.  I still have to pay close attention if I’m wearing pumps.  It’s easy to trip.


Sammantha beamed.  “You look gorgeous, sweety.  Would you like to borrow my necklace?  It’s a gold narrow chain link with a small pendant … nothing too fancy.”


“That sounds good, Mom, thanks … But now I am nervous.”


“Don’t be.  Remember how on the first day of school, we talked about the importance of confidence … and how Daniel told you not to be afraid to face your fears?”


“I do remember, Mom.  Role play has taken me on a good number of strange adventures, most of them, with you.”


“And you seem to be none the worse for wear, Sweety.  Are you taking the gift I got for you?”


“I suppose … Cue up the Forrest Gump line ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’.  Do you think it’s appropriate for tonight?”


“I think Putz will be impressed that you brought something to share.  It’s ten minutes to seven.  We need to leave.”





I really felt funny in the passenger seat of the Porsche, all dressed up pretending to be someone who had a vagina.  My short skirt barely covered half of my thighs.  Well, at least Putz wouldn’t be screaming ‘Precious has a penis!’ tonight.


“Mom, I hope he doesn’t answer the door in the nude like the Point DuJours did.  I don’t think I could handle it.”


“Derrek, you said his parents would be home tonight, so I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that.”


“Do you want to come in with me and say hello to Putz’s dad?”


“Nope, you’re on your own, kiddo.  Me role playing as Martha Frumpy would be a tad too awkward for both of us.  Forget about your first encounter.  Just have fun tonight.”


As we might have expected, the Goldfarbs lived in a nice neighborhood with a beautiful home … something appropriate for a successful attorney.  I got out of the car, walked up to the front door … and just stood there, too afraid to ring the bell.  I froze.  I just couldn’t do it.






End Chapter 53

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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