Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024

Chapter Description: The humiliating time "go-karting" left Sam wanting some alone time. Thankfully her friends allow some time alone and even come home with a nice surprise. As fun as the evening is Sam can't help but notice something seems... different.

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Sam was aware that everyone was looking over her shoulder at the certificate. She quickly folded it up and stuffed it in her pocket. The four women turned and left the building without another word. There was an awkward silence and Sam had no doubt her friends were thinking of nothing else except the scene they had just walked in on. She lagged behind the others as they started their journey to the lodge.

“We were thinking of trying the zip-line after lunch.” Nina said to Sam after a little while.

“Oh, yes! That’ll be fun.” Chrissy quickly said.

“It’s a bit… high up.” Amy said.

“It’ll be fine.” Chrissy waved a dismissive hand, “Besides what better way is there to do bird watching than when soaring among them.”

The girls all laughed. Even Sam smiled briefly.

“I think I’ll stay at the lodge.” Sam said a minute later.

“Really? Are you sure?” Nina asked.

“Yeah, I think a bit of alone time would be good for me.” Sam replied, “I need to… decompress.”

There was some half-hearted attempts to get Sam to change her mind but they didn’t last long. Nina offered to stay at home to keep Sam company but the small woman insisted on just having some quiet time. She felt like she needed to rest after the morning and, quite honestly, was feeling ashamed of herself. She felt shame that she had allowed herself to get into such an embarrassing position and that she couldn’t get out of it without help. She felt terrible that her attempts to be a regular adult woman were so easily brushed aside.

Lunch was a quiet affair. The four of them had gone back to the lodge and had sandwiches as well as some chips. There was one last push to try to get Sam to join them before the others left the lodge and Sam was able to relax on the couch.

Sam felt stupid. Her height had always been a problem and it didn’t really matter where or when she was, she had allowed herself to believe this vacation would be different but obviously that wasn’t going to be the case. Even things like having a night out with her friends was difficult and it wasn’t uncommon for Sam to be refused alcohol no matter how many forms of ID she brought with her that showed she was of age.

With her friends out of the lodge Sam used the time to watch some television and have a little nap. Her dreams were an unfortunate reminder of the day, she dreamt about being back in the car again but this time there was no one to let her out. She kept trying to tell staff she needed the bathroom but no one could understand her…

Sam jolted awake and her hands immediately went down to her crotch. She sprang up and hurried out of the living room, she could already feel some spots of wetness in her panties as she ran across the bedroom towards the bathroom. She nearly tripped over a bag strap before getting to the toilet and pulling her pants down. She scrambled up and sat down just in time for the urine to start flowing. The let out a deep breath as she tinkled into the toilet.

As soon as Sam was finished and she hopped off the toilet she looked down at the panties she had left on the floor. There was a huge patch of wetness over the front, the second time in as many days that had happened. It wasn’t unusual for her to leak a little when she really needed the bathroom but she always tried to make sure it was a rare occurrence at the very least. It was the last thing she needed on that difficult day.

Sam put the panties on the edge of the toilet as she washed her hands. As she was drying them she heard the front door open and the voices of her friends. She quickly pulled on her pants.

“Sam?” Nina called out, “We’ve got a surprise for you!”

Intrigued, Sam left the bathroom and went through to the living area. She saw her friends taking their jackets and shoes off as she walked in. They were talking about the zip line experience they had all had, apparently it had been quite scary for even Chrissy who was by far the daredevil of the group.

“Do you remember this?” Amy said when she saw Sam. She opened a plastic bag and pulled out a large rectangle box.

“Oh my word…” Sam said as she stepped forwards, “They sell that here!?”

“Yep. I saw it on the way back and knew we HAD to play it.” Amy smiled widely.

Sam took the box and smiled. It was just what she needed to brush off the bad day. It was a board game, but not just any one, it was a game that had special significance for the four girls. Back when Sam had been in her first week she had struggled to make friends. She had thought college would be different to high school but her height still seemed to put people off. She eventually found herself at a party designed for everyone to meet each other but she was being ignored. After sitting on a couch for an hour and trying to catch people’s attention to talk to them she realised no one wanted to speak to her. They thought she was a child someone had brought and even when they realised the truth they weren’t interested. Every rejection hurt Sam deeply. She eventually ran outside in tears and was honestly thinking about quitting college there and then. That was when Nina had appeared next to her.

“Hey, are you alright?” Nina had asked.

It was the smallest gesture. Just a stranger asking Sam if she was alright but after being ignored for so long it felt like a breath of life. Sam talked to Nina and, to her shock, her new friend never asked her about her height. Throughout their conversation on the front lawn outside the party they were joined by two others, Chrissy had been drunk whilst Amy seemed almost as lost as Sam was.

“I’ve got an idea.” Nina said after a little while, “Why don’t we go back to my place and play some games?”

“Oh, sorry, I don’t swing that way…” Chrissy slurred slightly as if she was suddenly thinking she had misread the whole situation.

“I meant board games.” Nina laughed.

“I’m down.” Amy had quickly agreed. She did seem like she would be much more at home playing a quiet game as opposed to a loud party.

“Sure.” Sam smiled widely. She was so happy people were talking to her she would’ve agreed to nearly anything.

“You know what… let’s do it.” Chrissy said, “This party is dead anyway.”

The four of them had gone across to Nina’s residence and then played games until the small hours of the morning. Sam didn’t think she had laughed as much as that night ever. They had become fast friends and when it came time to find housing for the next year Sam was delighted to get a dorm with her three best friends. Nina in particular was always nice to Sam and seemed very interested in getting to know her, all four were friends but Nina quickly became Sam’s best friend. The game became a favourite for the group to play if they had nothing else to do.

“We need to play it.” Sam said as she walked over and put the box on the table, “Right now!”

And so they did. As stressful as the rest of the day had been Sam was able to enjoy her evening immensely. They ordered dinner and played games until long after the sun had gone down. At one point Nina got up and went to the bathroom, when she came back she seemed a little quieter than before.

Eventually they decided to retreat to their bedrooms for the night. Sam was sad the evening was over but as she yawned and stretched she couldn’t deny she was ready to turn in for the night. She walked into the bedroom ahead of Nina but as she turned to face her bed she found herself freezing up. The panties that she was only now realising she had left in the bathroom was hanging over the edge of the mattress. Their wetness very obvious.

“Oh, yeah…” Nina looked at the ground and scratched the back of her neck when she walked in and saw where Sam was looking, “I found those in the bathroom.”

“Right… sorry…” Sam muttered. She picked up the panties and quickly placed them in her bag.

“Are you alright?” Nina asked as she sat on the edge of her bed, “It’s been a long day and your underwear…”

“I’m fine.” Sam answered perhaps a little too quickly to be believable.

“OK. That’s good.” Nina replied, “Erm, do you want to get into bed right away?”

“I don’t see why not.” Sam shrugged.

Sam was stood next to the crib and she lifted her arms as Nina came closer. She soon felt her larger friend’s hands around her midsection before she was lifted into the air. Being carried was something Sam had always fiercely resisted as an affront to her adulthood and dignity, she was starting to get used to it after the last few days. That wasn’t to say she was enjoying it though, she still strongly disliked being treated in any way like a baby whether on purpose or inadvertently.

“Careful with your legs…” Nina said as she lifted Sam over the top of the bars.

Sam lifted her legs up a little and then lowered them as she was placed in the crib. She immediately dropped to sit on cross-legs. As she reached over for her cover Nina lingered by the bars, her eyes darted around the crib and Sam got the impression she wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how.

“What’s up?” Sam asked.

“It’s nothing really…” Nina bit her lip.

“Come on.” Sam rolled her eyes but smiled, “There’s clearly something.”

“No, really, everything’s cool.” Nina nodded her head but still seemed distracted.

This time, before Sam could say anything, Nina had turned away and was walking back to her bed. Sam was left wondering what was going on. She pulled the covers over herself and started getting undressed.

“Goodnight Sam.” Nina called as she switched off the light.

“Goodnight.” Sam replied.


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End Chapter 7

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024


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