A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 43
CHAPTER 143 .......... A ‘Blow’ for Humanity

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Her totally nude form amazed me.  I could view no seams between body sections.  And no monstrous gargoyles popped out of her vagina like a jack-in-a-box.


She lifted her head a few inches and said, “Derreksan, I would like to perform fellatio.”


“On whom?” I mused.


“On you, silly boy.”


“Oh really?  Shilo, your tongue has already attacked me twice.  How do I know you won’t try to bite off my penis?”


“Derreksan, you have proven your humanity.  I give you my word that all future contact between us shall be pleasurable for you.”


“I see.  And if I decide to trust you, Shilo, how do you want us to set up?”


“As before, Derreksan, I would like you to lay down on your back with your head on the pillow.  I will prop myself up at your side by your hips.”


I rearranged my positioning as requested.  “Shilo, I’m going to pretend that this is the start of our evening.”


“As you wish, Derreksan.”


I tried to just lay back and relax with my arms behind my head … and close my eyes.  I never thought that ‘trusting’ a robot was a decision that would ever have to be made.  But in this case, I decided to trust Shilo and hope that a robot’s ‘word’ was good.


I had no intention of telling her what I liked.  She’s so creative, let’s see what she can come up with.


At first, Shilo petted and played with my organ in a variety of ways with her hand.  She wiggled it, and rubbed it, and tapped it to build back my boner.  She kneaded my balls for a while and stroked my shaft.


It didn’t take long to bring me to full attention.  My balls were pretty blue.  I’m surprised that I was able to keep from ejaculating during all of my tortures.


Then I felt the wetness of the tip of her tongue on the tip of my penis.  After a few more licks, she went down on me, engulfing my entire rod to the back of her throat.


Blow jobs always made me feel like a deer in the headlights.  My eyes opened wide and I was helpless.  My penis was just a piece of flesh that was being devoured by some kind of wild animal.


A penis is not like a hand.  It can’t do anything to defend itself.  But I can feel that a part of me is being eaten by the creature’s mouth.


Something very odd, however, was going on now.  My organ could feel that Shilo was detaching her tongue from the back of her mouth and swirling around the tip of my penis as if it were a circular drill attachment.


The feel of this swirling was so wild, that it was bringing me closer to climax too soon.  This was no time to be a pre-mature ejaculator.  I didn’t want to use up the big juice before I had a chance to fuck a robot.


“Stop for a moment, please,” I said … and yes, she did stop immediately.  I thought ‘Good, the relationship is better now’.


I brought my arms around her back and head just to ‘feel her up’ some more while she worked on my blow job.


She held the base of my organ motionless in her right hand and gave me about a half minute to relax.  Then she bent back down again and began to lightly chew and suck on the length of my penis.  She was trying harder this time, not to bring me to climax.


It was an interesting feeling when she started chewing on my boyhood as if it were a tough piece of steak.  Sammantha had never done it this way before.  Again, I felt so helpless as I was being devoured.


Shilo pressed her incisors down with what I would call ‘medium’ force … over the head of my penis and just below the ridge.  She let her teeth rest in that position for about 30 seconds.


Ready to move on, I first tried the easy way, to just slide myself out of her mouth, but her four front teeth had me locked in.  A large string of floss might have helped.


“Stop for a moment, please,” I repeated … only this time, nothing changed.  Her eyes were closed and I saw no body movement.


I tapped her on her right shoulder, actually a bunch of taps, saying,  “Shilo, you can release me now.”


I tapped her harder and spoke louder.  “Shilo!  Hey, wake up!  You can release me now, please!”


I tugged on my penis really hard now, but realized I would shred the head if I continued further.


And being stuck together, this bedroom would become a fire hazard if I couldn’t extract myself … no escape.


I tried to keep myself from getting too panicky.  I wasn’t done trying to wake her up.  How about if I gave her an industrial strength titty twister to both her tits.  Here goes … ‘Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkk’.




“Shit!”  I tried to pull her ear as hard as I could.  I slapped her face.  I pulled her hair.  I raked my fingernails across her forehead.  I stuck my left thumb up her butt and reamed her out good.




“SHILO!!!   WAKE  UP!!!” I screamed.


I pulled on my penis again, as hard as I could stand it, but it was still locked between her four incisors.


Well this really sucked.  I wonder if I could say those magic failsafte words that Major taught us … Klatu Verata Nikto … but those words would cause Shilo to protect her owner, who was Major.  Maybe she would think I was Major’s enemy and then bite my penis off.


This is why I don’t like driverless cars.  There’s no way to program for every possible contingency.  You never know what could go wrong.


I’ll have to try Major … “MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!   HELP!!!!!!!!!!”


I hope he doesn’t have earphones on.  “MAJOR!!!   HELP!!!   I NEED YOU!!!”


Breathing heavily, I waited another half minute and was ready to give up.  I inhaled deeply and shouted.


“OHHHHHHHHH   FUCK   YOU   MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!!”


The door to the bedroom finally opened.


My teacher looked at our entwined naked bodies and wasn’t pleased.  “What the hell is going on in here, Derrek?!!   I told you not to call for me unless there was an emergency.”


I said sheepishly, “Uh, Major … I think I broke your robot.”


He shook his head.  “What are you talking about, Derrek?”


I tried my best to explain.  “Well, this is kind of embarrassing, Major, but Shilo offered to give me a blow job … but she kind of stopped in the middle of the job and my penis is stuck between her teeth.”


Major shook his head again.  “This is pathetic,” he scolded me.  Show me where your hands were when she froze up.”


I sat up straight and pointed to her ‘parts’.   “So I was sort of holding her.  My right hand was on her left upper arm.”


Major interrupted me, “Was your thumb in her armpit?”


I repositioned my right hand.  “Uh, yeah, that’s probably true.”


“And where was your left hand?”


I tried to remember.  “I think it was laying against the back of her head, maybe at the base of her neck.”


Major grimaced.  I didn’t like his look.


“Derrek, listen … Did you have one of your fingers pressing on her neck in between the two splenius capitus muscles?”


I shook my head.  “Major, I have no idea what those are.”


“The two large vertical muscles at the base of the neck.”  (He turned around pointing to his own splenius capituses.)


Now I could confirm it.  “Yes, I believe that’s correct, Major.”


“Well, then you turned her off.”


“Wait, what??” I spoke with surprise.  “Shilo has an ‘off’ button?”


“Actually two, Derrek … Pressing one does nothing.  They both have to be pressed at the same time to shut her off.  .”


“So that’s what I did?”




I was still worried.  “Can we turn her back on?”


Major pulled his fake pipe out of his pocket and advised, “Yes, just press the same two buttons again.”


“Okay, but that doesn’t answer my main question.  Does she need time to reboot?  You see I’m kind of worried about the way she’ll reboot.  I’m really afraid that in her present position, when she wakes up, she might accidentally bite my cock off.”


Major took an imaginary puff on his pipe and replied, “Well, why don’t we try it and find out?”


I blurted, “Noooooooooo!!!!”  which he apparently chose to ignore.


Major reached down and around … and grabbed Shilo by her armpit and neck and pressed both buttons.


The AI immediately opened her eyes and released my penis.  Then she looked up at her owner.  “Major, what are you doing in here?”


The man turned toward the door.  “What am I doing, Shilo?  I’m leaving.”


The man left the room and shut the door behind him.


“I don’t understand, Derreksan.  Why was Major watching our blow job?  Did he want one himself?”


“No, Shilo, it was my fault.  I accidentally turned you off and couldn’t figure out how to wake you up, so I asked Major for help.”


“I see the humor for you, Derreksan.  I was trying to turn you on, but instead, you turned me off.”


I gave Shilo a good hug.  “I’m just glad to see you awake again.”


She returned the hug and added, “You are a very lucky boy, Derreksan.”


“In what way?”


She explained, “I was turned off during a ‘down’ cycle.  So I rebooted with an ‘up’ cycle and released you.  Had it been the other way around, I would have bitten off the head of your penis.”





End Chapter 43

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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