Refresh our relationships

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Chapter 2
False bottom

Chapter Description: It’s time to take a look from another point.

                                                                                          16th of March

When morning came, things got a little better. David cooked breakfast and ate it with his girlfriend. Grace was definitely in brighter mood, she talked to him as if nothing happened last evening, even joked about something.  As he went to work, she wished him a nice day at work, though didn’t kiss him, like it she has been doing for the last couple of years.



David sat in his car, parked in a city center near skyscraper with glass walls that were shining on a midday sun. He had to leave his job a lot earlier than usual. His collegues were “Ok” with it, because he usually done all his work by the time lunch comes, and as he explained, have to do some things connected to his business. Dave liked how logical this sounded, because the real reason was unrelated to any of it. 

He had a secret, of course Grace couldn’t have found out anything about it due to a great conspiration and she never should know about it. Dave was cheating on his girlfriend for some time now. His suggestion yesterday was an appointment to introduce his new sexual interest to his love. 

“The plan was great. I know if this whole story will be uncovered our love would be irreparably damaged. At the same time, I just don’t know how to end my little “experiment” without hurting anything! I’m sure Jennifer have some kind of feelings for me, even though I only fuck her and sometime give presents. She lets me do some “things” I always wanted to try in sex, but Grace will never allow it, because of her temper. If we had  an opportunity to start a new kind of relationship including three of us, all would win! Both Grace and Jennifer are satisfied and have a successful man lime and I have amazing sex life with two beauties, if only I could make it happen!” – thought Dave when he was walking towards the building with “Norton’s Pharmaceutics” sign on it.

“Norton’s Pharmaceutics”- medical and biotechnological giant on US, Canada, European and Latin American markets, the strongest competitor of company where Grace worked. Some of researches on ARS made by its scientists made an effect of nuke explosion in scientific world five years ago. That was probably the last time ARS was widely mentioned in mass media.

-Hi, Dave! Come here.

Dave heard a voice, when he came to the backdoor of the building. “Only for workers” entrance has opened right in a moment he came close enough to it. Young woman was standing in the doorway.

- What took you so long today?! I was waiting for you for half an hour, you know that I hate to wait for someone! Why haven’t you call me, when you parked your car, so I could meet you in time! I almost had a heart attack, when I accidently saw you on monitor that shows outdoor camera’s view! 

- Jennifer, I think, I just forgot to do it… - David shrugged his shoulders.

- You forgot?! What if my boss caught us? I can be fired or even worse, blamed for corporate espionage if they investigated that your girlfriend is tied to our company’s arch enemy! – she was talking quiet but very fast. As Jennifer ended her speech, she pouted like a grade schoolgirl when classmate, she has crush on, doesn’t want to sit at the same desk with her. David couldn’t help, but smile slightly at how cute Jennifer looked like this.

They walked through the empty halls of lab office. David was behind the Jennifer’s minituature figure because it was his first time here, usually they usually met each other in a restaurant, hotel or at her place.  Finally they entered the cabinet.

- Sorry Jen, I know it’s complete madness for me to suggest your workplace for our little date, but I afraid Grace might have started to suspect something.

- Nevermind, Mom is coming over today, so my home is it not a valid variant. Furthermore, I finally have some extreme in my life, like in a spy movie.

- A spy movie where you got the role of a sexy Russian spy. – he started to kiss her.

- I haven’t much time left, come here Mr. Bond… - said Jen as they stopped kissing and she freed herself from David’s hug then started to undress.

Now nothing was left to the imagination. Jennifer is small stature girl, same age as Grace, her body was thin with slim tummy, narrow waistline, perky A cup titties and firm, delicate looking bubble butt. Her shoulder length black hair framed her smooth fair face with slightly puffy lips, small, slightly upturned nose and big sky blue eyes adorned adorned by long eyelashes. Jennifer always wore “natural” makeup. All this factors make her look like upper higschool- or college girl, freshman of course. That was even more obvious as she was staying without her mature pencil skirt and woman jacket with labcoat over it.

- Are you comfortable like this? This place is kinda cool, I mean cold. – said David as he looked at her hardened nipples and goosebumps starting to show on her bare skin. 

- Anyway, I’ll help you to heat up. – he came closer and started to massage her sweet hairless pussy. Soft moan came out of Jenny’s mouth right after. 

David moved his attention to the pile of Jennifer’s clothes and underwear laying on the floor. 

- Have you wore Wonderbra today? Are you trying to trick everyone? It looks so vulgar on a good little girl like you! Are you trying to grow up early? I’ve got an idea, maybe I should let you work on the roadside with those dirty girls a little? – Dave was pretending to be serious, he said it in his lustful voice and had a slight grin. Jen, trying to play this game of his, giggled.

- Why are you giggling, Jenny? There’s nothing to laugh about. 

He slapped her on her naked ass, then pulled her towards sofa standing near. As David sat up, he slapped her butt again. Jennifer giggled again. Dave did it once more, this time a little harder, after this again and again until he heard*Ouch* 

- You’ve been very bad girl. You deserved punishment! Don’t even try to trick me with your “crocodile tears”! 

Now the real spanking started, *Smack* *Smack* *Smack* could be heard, *Ouch* was getting louder. Then “*Aahh* Stop,please, I’m sorry!”, came out of Jennifer.

- I overdid it, this time didn’t I?

- No, I really liked it, Dave.

- Someone learned to cope with pain and enjoy it a lot better, than when we started to practice it?

- Yeeeaaahhh… I did! *giggle* You’re so haaarrd! Come on, my marquise De Sad, I’ll give you a blowjob.

- I won’t taste your sweet little pie today? – David raised his eyebrow.

- Seriously, we have only about 15 minutes.

- Ok, let’s go.

Jessica knew that blowjob is David’s weak spot. If she want him to cum fast, that’s the right thing to do. Grace hasn’t done it to him since her strange behavior started, so David also liked an idea. Jessica have done this at professional level, moving her tongue around the head of his dick, periodically shoving the tip of throbbing member deeper. Five minutes was gone and David came. He almost passed out of pleasure. He spent a minute laying on a sofa with closed eyes, breathing hard. Jennifer disappeared for a minute, maybe to spit out his sperm somewhere. She never swallows it. 

Jen washed her mouth with water. She was pulling on her pink thong as they kissed once more.


Later, that evening, Dave arrived home after he visited his business for real. It was late evening. Grace sat on the couch, waiting for him. There was a bottle of wine and two glasses standing on the coffee table.

- What do you think about some wine, huh? I visited old friend today and came home not so long ago. She gave as a present for us.

- That’s great! Let’s taste it.

David opened the bottle, poured some in his glass and Grace’s. He smelled it and took a sip with appearance of a sommelier. He could say for sure, that woman have chosen it. That was  a sweet kind of a white wine, usually preferred by girls without real taste but with some money.

When Grace stood up to get something, Dave gave her a playful slap on her butt. She was wearing tight jeans that accentuated her ass, so he couldn’t hold his urge to do it.

- Oh, Dave, stop. I’m tired and I’m getting sleepy after drink.

- Why? You enjoyed yesterday performance, didn’t you?

- Talking about yesterday, why have you said something about pink panties? You know I dislike how this color looks like on me, aren’t you? I haven’t worn something like this since highschool. I think maybe you mixed me up with someone. What do you think? – she said and went upstairs.

David nervously take another sip of wine.



End Chapter 2

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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