From Police to Pampers

by: BabyAxey | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 18, 2023

I used the story “From Cop to Cradle” and made it a little darker….

Chapter 1
From Police to Pampers

Chapter Description: I used the story “From Cop to Cradle” and made it a little darker….

Chester grunted as his face was shoved against the side of the refrigerator, his hands locked behind him in a gleaming pair of cuffs. The pressure against him was surprisingly heavy, despite Office Alexander McDonnell’s slight frame. At 5’10”, the 24-year old cop only weighed about 150, but he was built solid.

“Ugh!” Chester moaned as Office Alex managed another push. His neck craned, Chester’s head lay against the cold hard metal of the refrigerator.

“Ease up,” he bellowed. “Come on man. It was only a couple of videos!”

“Yeah, well, we’ve grown world’s apart, you pervert,” Alex retorted, jerking Chester’s bound arms until there was noticeable pain. “You’re going to pay for what you did to those infants. I’m puttin’ you away.”

“Rgrsshh,” Chester mumbled, his face still smooshed into the refrigerator.


Managing to turn his neck and face his captor, Chester repeated: “REGRESS!”

Officer Alex look confused. What was that supposed to mean? He brought his leg back, upon to knee this child molester in the back, when...


It was almost as if something slapped his face. Officer Alex looked momentarily stunned as he brought his hand up to swat at something that simply was not there.

Chester kept his gaze locked on the cop. He seemed to be relishing what he saw.

Alex flashed a dumbfounded look and took an involuntary step back, almost stumbling over his own feet. His hand rested upon his cheek, and that’s when he began to feel something really strange...

His five o’clock shadow was gone. This had been his third day of not shaving, actually, so his shadow was well past five o’clock. But now he was smooth. 

Completely smooth. No stubble, nothing. His skin felt as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

“What the hell are you doing to ... “ he stopped short. Did he just say that? Well, yes, he did, but what was up with his voice? Officer Alex’s voice was a good two octaves higher than it had been just seconds ago. And it was cracking. It hadn’t sounded like that since...puberty.

The cop took another clumsy step back and, this time, he did fall. He landed with a thud on his rump. His feet had completely fallen out of his shoes. Makes since, since they had gone from a size 11 to about a size 7.

Alex reached forward and grabbed his shrinking feet. His socks easily slipped off his feet too. Alex staring dumbfounded at his youthful bare feet and childishly began wiggling his bare toes.

Alex’s attention was quickly drawn to his arms, stretched out before them. No flesh was visible, however, as his uniform’s sleeves now completely covered them, as well as his hands.


Chester just laughed, watching the show before him.

Tough old Officer Alexander now looked rather meek. Chester guessed that the 24-year old was now about 13. His face smooth and young looking, his torso slight and much less muscular. Even his adam’s apple had seemed to fade away. A shaggier mop of young boy’s hair was replacing the tight crew cut Alex once wore.

Alex continued to look dumbfounded. His uniform was positively swimming on him! The weight of his metal name badge pulled his shirt down even faster. It was barely hanging onto the now 9-year-old boy’s small shoulders.

He cried out again, his voice even higher. He started to fidget like a young child who didn’t want to sit still at the table. Before long, he had completely wriggled out of his uniform and now sat on top of the heap of clothes he once wore.

Just in his undies, Alex eventually squired out of those, too. His manhood had become noticeably smaller, as did his scrotum. Younger, plumper looking. Less rugged, wrinkly and manly. The hair that once covered his chest, arms and legs was gone. He was smooth all over, just like his face.

His new shaggy mop of hair didn’t last long either. It rained down around him and soon he was completely bald.

The world around Office Alexander McDonnell grew larger and larger.

Soon he was simply a naked infant boy laying on his back, looking up completely terrified at the big overweight child molesting pervert standing over him with a wicked looking smile.

“Awww, come to dada baby boy. Daddy is going to make you feel really good and give you the complete baby pampering and diapering treatment”

Alex was shaking and crying in absolute panic and fear. This could not be happening to him. He had a wife and infant son at home. What would they do if he never returned.

Chester carried the naked infant boy upstairs to a special nursery studio that he designed for his infant internet celebrities.

Chester took the crying nude baby to the changing table and laid him down.

“Just relax. Daddy is going to make you a very happy baby.”

Chester pulled out a little spray bottle and sprayed a pinkish gas in Alex’s face.

“That’s a good boy. Just breathe in the gas and let all those nasty big boy thoughts just drift away.”

Then Chester reaches up and turns on the hanging mobile of happy purple and pink unicorns.

The mobile starts spinning slowly and a childish musical rendition of “It’s a Small World After All” began to play.

Also the hidden camera in the mobile was activated live streaming the pampering and diapering treatment to a private kiddie porn website on the dark web.

The gas smelled really funny, and Alex started to feel extremely happy and relaxed.  

Alex looked up with a dopey smile and glazed eyes at the pink and purple unicorns. The unicorns looked so silly up there spinning around and around.

Chester smiled knowingly at the blissful expression on the infant’s face.

Alex was feeling extreme euphoria. The gas had him floating blissfully in a happy baby wonderland.

Alex began gurgling and cooing happily up at the spinning mobile while kicking his little chubby bare feet up at the spinning unicorns.

“I’m sure it must feel like a blissful wonderland in that little noggin by now. Goo goo gaa gaa baby boy….. ready for your diapee!”

Chester sprayed some more of the funny gas in Alex’s face.

Alex received another every intense rush of euphoria and gleefully put his little pudgy toes in his mouth.

“Are those toes tasty, baby?” Chester cooed, grabbing a bottle of the talcum powder and poured a very liberal amount onto his hands.

“Gaa-gaaaa! Mmmppppaaa…goo-gaaaaa” Alex blabbered gleefully, still floating in blissful euphoria and not really caring about what was happening to him.

Chester grabbed the baby boy’s little bare feet and lifted up his chubby legs and little butt off the table.

Alex made very happy gurgling noises as Chester began rubbing the white talcum powder on his naked little butt with his big powder-coated hands.

Soon Alex’s little baby butt was completely covered with the white powder. Chester then slid a disposable diaper under him and lowered Alex’s chubby legs and his powdery white butt sank comfortably into the puffy padding.

Alex’s brain was swimming in a world of happy unicorns and colorful rainbows. And this feeling was only intensified when Chester sprayed more of the goofy happy baby gas in his face.

Alex’s was completely mesmerizing by the happy spinning purple and pink unicorns. They danced for his personal amusement as rainbow colors pulsated above him.

Chester smiled knowing that his baby boy was no longer aware of anything that was going on. The little baby’s eyes were glazed and staring with a dopey smile at the spinning mobile above his head.

Chester checked his dark web feed and he was getting massive amounts of viewers. 

Soon the big pervert’s big powder-coated hands started rubbing and fondling Alex’s little penis nub.

Alex was far too busy enjoying the unicorns and the rainbow colors to be bothered at the big silly man rubbing and fondling his little penis.

Alex cooed and gurgled happily as the pervert very gently massaged the infant’s penis nub between his thumb and forefinger.

The pleasure was becoming more intense between Alex’s chubby little legs as Chester’s rubbing and fondling caused the tiny penis nub to become a little hard and erected.

“Awww it’s the cutest little thing! Baby Alex loves when Dada rubs his little winky, don’t he? Happy winky for a happy baby”

Chester pulls up the diaper between Alex’s chubby little legs and covered the erected powdered-white penis nub. Then taped up the diaper securely.

Chester turned off the mobile and the live stream. That was enough kiddie porn for now.

Alex’s head was spinning and was still very fuzzy-headed as Chester picked him up and cradled him in his arms.

Alex felt warm and comfortable laying in just a diaper in his new Daddy’s arms. His Daddy was talking to him in a sing-song baby talk voice and smiling down at him. He wasn’t able to understand anything his Daddy was saying to him. He only smiled and drooled still feeling the gas making him feel very dopey.

“Baby Alex, you’re going to have a very happy childhood growing up in our little house. I’m going to keep you in diapers for a very long time. And you’ll always be barefooted. No more shoes and socks for my baby boy. I can even imagine an awkward teenage boy laying comfortably naked on the changing table with his large teenager-sized bare feet hanging off the end of the table. But Daddy will always be there to pamper and diaper my baby boy no matter his age. And you’ll really enjoy having your bigger penis rubbed after you hit puberty again….”

Alex drifted in and out of consciousness as his Daddy continued prattling on. Then Chester stopped talking and looked down at the very sleepy infant boy with droopy eyelids.

“Come on baby boy time for sleepy time.”

Gently laying the diaper-clad infant down in the crib. Then put a pacifier into the boy’s mouth. Alex drifted off into dreamland as he began soaking his diaper with warm urine and a big brown stain appeared as the sleeping infant boy unloaded a stinky messy poop into the back of his diaper.

Chester smiled knowing that there were definitely going to be a lot of diaper changes for his new son for a very long time.

“I’ll change him when he wakes up,” Chester said to himself with a satisfying grin.

Turning out the light and leaving the snoring infant to enjoy his happy baby dreams.



End Chapter 1

From Police to Pampers

by: BabyAxey | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 18, 2023


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Love it

Noah · Nov 18, 2023

I love it but i wish the comp remained aware of what was happening after the regression

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Love it

Noah · Nov 18, 2023

I love it but i wish the comp remained aware of what was happening after the regression

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Loryy · Dec 6, 2023

You're a great writer, keep going! If you want we can chat I myself am a writer ar stories. My e-mail:

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