A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 35
CHAPTER 135 .......... Not Your Normal School Day

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 “Hi Major, love you!  What’s going on?”


“Good morning, Shilo.  I have Derrek Adams with me now.  He wants to know if he can come over and fuck you.”


“Oh, I’d LOVE to fuck Derrek!  Is he coming over now?”


“No, hold on a second … “


“Derrek, would you like to have your mom drop you off at my house at 7 pm tomorrow?  That’s a Saturday.  You and I could split a pizza and then you and Shilo could take the second bedroom and have at it.  You don’t need a condom.  Just make sure to clean up her cunt when you’re done, okay?”


I nodded.  “Sure, sounds great.  Will I be staying overnight with her?”


“If you want to … I don’t care.”


“Okay, Shilo, he’s coming over tomorrow evening at seven.  Pick out something sexy to wear.”


“Okay, great, Major!   I can hardly wait!  See you tomorrow, Derrek!  Get hard for me!”


“Bye, Shilo.”  (Getting ‘hard’ would be the easy part.)


It was starting to occur to me that Major and Shilo didn’t really have a very formal relationship.  The coarse language he was using suggested that he looked at Shilo as nothing more than a fucking machine, and not the type of girlfriend that he would be establishing a caring, emotional bond with.  He probably would have done just as well with a manikin for $40,000 less.


I headed off to Spanish class, but couldn’t get Shilo out of my head.  I’m thinking that the experience will be something almost magical … more than just a mechanical friend with benefits.


I knocked on the locked door, and a classmate let me in.  Then I realized too late, “Aw, shit, I forgot to ask Mr. Victum for a hall pass.”


Well, I knew I had to get it over with, so I walked to the front of the class and took my seat while other classmates were doing the ‘ooooooooohhh, you’re in trouble’ sound.


“Lo siento, Professora,”  I apologized straight up.  “No tengo excusa por llegar tarde.”  (I have no excuse for being tardy.)


Senorita Gato didn’t play games this time.  She just wrote up my detention slip.

“Diego, vendrás a este salón hoy a las 2:45 pm.”  (Diego, you will come to this classroom

at 2:45 pm.)


(I wondered if we’re going to have the same argument again.)


 “Pero, Professora, hay un partido de fútbol hoy después de la escuela.”  (But teacher, there is a football game after school.”


“Pero no para ti, Diego.”  (But not for you, Diego.)


I lowered my head.  “Si, Professora.”  (Yes, teacher.)


I gave in quickly this time because Sammantha and I had worked out a plan in case Senorita Gato tried to seduce me again with her feminine wiles. … and I had little doubt that she would give it a go in ‘part two’.  So ending her evil exploits today would be fine … especially since I wanted to save up the ‘big juice’ for Shilo.




At lunch time, I was particularly badgered with questions by my teammates who couldn’t contain their laughter.


Showkat really needled me.  “Derrek, We told you that bitch Sally was the school stalker.  You didn’t listen.”


Goro added, “Hey amigo, did she share her crabs with you?  You need to keep track of how many diseases she gave you.”


“Why didn’t you run away?” asked Putz.


“I was handcuffed to the bed.”


Batty laughed, “Ooooooooohh, sounds kinky.  Did she use whips and chains?”




“Did she cut your pecker off?”


“NOOO!” I yelled at Batty.


“You know,” said Randy, “if you got her pregnant, you’ll have to marry her.”


The whole table then yelled, “Shut up, Randy!!”


I countered, “Well that was the whole point.  She wanted to be the mother of my children.”


“So did she get your seed?” asked Greywolf.


“No, I was able to escape.”


Captain X suggested, “Go on, Derrek.  Tell us how you escaped.”


(I don’t like lying to my teammates, but let’s just call it role-playing.)


“Sally didn’t put the handcuffs on tight enough.  So I turned my hands 90 degrees and nearly broke my thumb knuckles … but I was able to slip out of them and poke Sally in her eyes.”


“And then you ran home naked?” Batty asked.


I lashed out at him, “No, goofball, I was bashful, so I put on one of Sally’s dresses … Of course I was naked.”


“And Sally’s mother helped her kidnap you?” asked Yat Yim.


“She was the driver, the accomplice,” I answered.  “And she’s just as crazy as Sally.  So I’m glad they’re both in jail.”


Captain X asked, “Derrek, can they get out on bail?”


“I don’t know, X”


“Well, dude, if they get out, then Sally could be our next school shooter.  This is pretty serious stuff.”


“Our cop friend, George, said he’d keep us informed.”


“And you better keep us informed, Derrek,” X instructed me.


Randy changed the subject.  “Are you guys going to the teacher talent show after the game?”


Putz gave a chuckle.  “Are you seriously suggesting that the teachers in this school have talent?”


“Maybe musical,” Randy quipped.


“Is it mandatory?” asked Big-O.


“It is, now,” Randy answered.




Randy replied smugly, “Because I have the clothing filter app on my phone.”


“Whaaaaaaaaaaatt??!!”  the entire table of teammates yelled in unison.


“Jesus, Randy!” said Showkat.  “That thing costs 150 bucks!  Your parents would never buy that for you.”


“But a weird uncle might,” he countered.


Captain X shook his head.  “Christ, Randy, you just got off suspension, and you’re going to risk another one?”


“I won’t get caught this time,” the boy boastfully replied.


“Does it really work?” asked Batty.


“Sure … That’s the reason for the price tag.”


“But how?” asked Batty again.


Randy explained, “It works the same as the ‘teenage’ filter.  You know how that program takes old people and makes them look like teenagers?”




“Well same thing.  The teenage filter removes all their wrinkles.  The clothing filter removes all their clothes.”


“No shit?” said Batty.  “We’ll get to see all our teachers naked?”




Goro gave me a slight elbow to my ribs.  “Hear that, amigo?  You’ll get to see the pussy on your pussy cat.  Senorita Gato’s got a hot bod and we all know you carry a big boner into her class.”


My teammates kidded me, but they didn’t know that I had already seen some of the forbidden parts of La professora, and I might even see more of them at 2:45 pm today.


Randy added, “I’ll have to be very careful where I aim my phone.  If Mrs. Bullutis gets into the frame, we’re all gonna pass out, and those teachers will have to jump off the stage and give us CPR to revive us.”


Showkat called out, “If Randy passes out, we’ll make sure that Mrs. Bullutis gives him ‘mouth-to-mouth’ to wake him up.”


(Well that makes two teachers whose boobs I’ve already worked on.  Randy’s magic phone won’t be showing me much new stuff.)


Cocoa Conley had a different take.  “Don’t you guys know Greek mythology?  Any one of us who looks at Bullutis in the raw will turn to stone.”


I kept my mouth shut, but I knew that wasn’t true, since I had already witnessed a basketball game with a very nude Burlee Overshown.




The afternoon passed without incident.  Since we had mostly the same group of students in each class, I wasn’t badgered with too many new questions about my kidnapping.  At 2:40 pm, Sammantha and I put our plan into effect.


I had called her on my lunch break to clue her in on my detention with Senorita Gato … and I let my mom in through the back entrance of the school.  She followed me and stood against the wall outside my Spanish classroom.


At exactly 2:45, I walked in and gave my teacher a friendly greeting.  “Hola, Professora.”


She responded in kind.  “Hola, Diego … Entra y cierra la puerta.  (Come in and lock the door.)


I locked the door with hard ‘clacking’ sound … and then very gently reversed it.  The door was located in the back of the room, so I walked forward to the teachers desk … and just stood there looking down at my feet.


“Recuerdas la rutina, Diego?”  (Do you remember the routine, Diego?)


I answered quietly, “Si, Professora, pero estoy muy nervioso.”  (Yes, teacher, but I am very nervous.)


“Acercarse mas a mi, Diego.”  (Come closer to me, Diego.)


I followed her instruction, and this time, there was not much foreplay.  She unbuckled my pants.  God, how I hated this.  How many fucking times since I started role play have I had my pants taken down against my will?


There’s so many perverts around.  Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that since I act like one sometimes myself.  Then came her fingers inside the waistband of my briefs.  I can’t help it.  It’s still so embarrassing and it still gives me an erection.


“Sabes que los chicos traviesos merecen una paliza, Diego.”  (You know that naughty boys deserve a spanking, Diego.”


I wasn’t acting.  My face turned red and I started to cry a little.  “Si, Professora.”  (Yes, teacher.)


And over I went, till my fingers were almost toching the floor.  She made sure to lock my erection between her thighs.  As expected, she grabbed the same 18 inch ruler that she used to pummel me on my first molestation … and I knew I had to take at least one for the ‘team’.






Then suddenly, the door in the back of classroom opened, and a lone figure stepped in.


The figure’s voice struck with thunder.  “BUENOS TARDES, SENORITA GATO.”






End Chapter 35

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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