A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 18
CHAPTER 118 .......... Trapped

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With great dejection, I lowered my head and mumbled, “I’ll lick your titties.”


Mrs. Bullutis was pleased with my decision.  “That’s a good boy.  Come here and sit on my lap, Derrek.  Now for convenience, I wear a nursing shirt where the two flaps open up, so you can get right down to business.”


My mind was swirling.  I had to plan an escape because I was getting tired of being molested by my teachers.  I didn’t know if Sammantha was listening in or not.”


“Why don’t you relax your head on my arm, Derrek … and you can start on my left nipple.  Do a good job … like you’re in an ice cream parlor and you want to get your money’s worth.”


Oh, I was determined to get my money’s worth this time … I just hoped I would be able to make a quick escape.  Poisoned yesterday, molested today … this is toro caca.  It was time to take a bite out of crime.


This teacher didn’t get a single lick out of me.  I took her nipple and areola into my mouth and bit down as hard as I could.  My teeth sunk in.  Blood squirted everywhere … and brought on the anticipated blood-curdling scream.




The woman tried to stand and beat her hands upon my head.  When my jaws finally let go, I saw my refection in a glass-framed picture and I looked like Hannibal Lecter with a good amount of blood dripping from my mouth.


“You little BASTARD!!” she screamed.  “You’ll be sorry NOW!!”


But I was already eight feet away, unlocking the latch on the classroom door.


“What the fuck?  It won’t open!”  I jiggled the handle violently, to no avail.


“Stupid boy,” the bloody woman snickered.  “My door has a double lock … and the second one needs a key.”


I gulped hard and asked, “Isn’t that a fire hazard, Ma’am?”


I shot to the back of the room with my heavy-set teacher in hot pursuit.  I ran in a large square pattern around the rows of double-desks.  Sure, I was faster, but my exit was locked.  And I couldn’t dive out a window.  It was just bad luck that this classroom was also on the second floor.


I shot back to the front again and over to her desk, where I started opening drawers, hoping to see the magic key that would allow me an escape.


In seconds, we faced off against each other … me standing in front of the center drawer and her on the opposite side.  I thought maybe we could just run in circles around the desk and she wouldn’t catch me.  That was poor thinking.


I knew she was big but I had no idea of how strong she was … I now found out.  She lowered her body and shoved the large heavy desk forward, pinning my body sideways against the front dry-erase wall.  I couldn’t believe it.


The woman wasn’t nearly done.  There was just enough space between the desk and the wall for her to reach into the lower right drawer and pull out a pair of handcuffs.


I was still stuck, but I blurted out, “What kind of sicko keeps a pair of handcuffs in her classroom?”


“I keep them for perfect moments like this, Derrek.”


The front of her shirt was still soaked in blood as I tried to push her away.  But I had no leverage.  I couldn’t get myself unstuck between the desk and the wall.  She grabbed my right wrist and I heard the clackety-clack sound.  I was really in panic now.


Then she swept everything off her desk with one arm and used her knees to climb up onto the desktop … to reach for my other hand.


“Get away from me!!” I shouted.


She snickered and replied, “Too late, sugar.  You should’a licked ‘em when you had the chance.”


She clamped on the second cuff behind my back and pulled the desk away from the wall.  Then she moved me up and leaned me against the side of the desk.  I tried to kick her but she grabbed my leg.  I couldn’t move.


I was losing the struggle … and what followed was the part I hated most … when someone takes my clothes off against my will.  I wish I was 28 year Derrek who could have put up a better fight.  The number of people who have seen my penis this year could probably fill up a stadium.


Mrs. Bullutis did the usual … She unbuckled my jeans and pulled down my zipper.  She was rough and she was fast.  Down came my pants and underpants.


“Oh, look what we have here,” she said cheerfully, before giving an authoritative slap to my erection.


“Owwwwwwwwwwwww!!”  I was almost crying.  “No, please don’t … Please don’t.


“Derrek, you said you didn’t want me to jack you off … but let’s do it anyway.  Are you ready?”




“Too late.”


Epiginia Bullutis grabbed my cock and vigorously cranked it up and down.  It hurt.


As expected, I called out, “No, no, no, no, no.”  That didn’t take long.


“And we’re not done, buddy boy,” she told me.


(Where was Sammantha?  As my superhero, she should have burst through the door by now and saved the day.)


The large woman sat my butt up on the desk, leaned my head and back down, then flipped me over onto my stomach … while repositioning me in the center of the desk.  My hands were still cuffed and against the small of my back.


“You know, Derrek, we both should thank your Geography teacher, Harry Torrain, for supplying me with such a nice heavy duty yardstick.  I’m going to be swatting your cute little butt for a while … at least till I can draw a similar amount of blood that you took from my boob.  Relax and enjoy it.”


She went on, “Or maybe even a bit more blood, Derrek … I don’t think it will take this stick too long to cut through your lovely flesh.  And I think you may be needing another ambulance ride to Mercy Hospital again.  Wouldn’t they be surprised to see you?  Hopefully, they would at least offer you a quantity discount.”


All I could do now was plead.  “Mrs. Bullutis, please don’t beat me too hard.  I have a football game tomorrow and I can’t let my teammates down.”


“You BIT my TIT, you little SHIT!!”   (She’s a poet and doesn’t even know it.)


The first swat came down hard on the desk, not me … probably for the fear factor … and it worked.  I started to cry.


“This time, boy, I won’t miss … Get ready to meet your maker.”


There was one last desperate ploy I could try.  I wasn’t sure if it would work ...  because I wasn’t sure if Epiginia Bullutis was someone I had met before.  In football talk, what I was about to do would be considered a ‘Hail Mary’ … a last ditch attempt to score with a play that had very low chances of success.  I took a deep breath and yelled out two words.




I heard the ‘whoosh’ on the yardstick.  It came down and hit my butt repeatedly … but only with little tiny baby taps, which I hardly felt.


“What did you mean by that?!” my teacher barked.


I emitted a sigh of relief, but realized I wasn’t out of the woods yet.  “Mrs. Bullutis, I think you would be very interested in hearing what I have to say about Burlee Overshown.


She huffed, “Alright, start talking.”


I balked.  “Not until you un-cuff me and let me pull up my pants.”


She tapped my butt again.  “You’re in no position to bargain, boy.”


(She may have been right about that … But if I was attempting a bluff, I might as well go all the way with it.)


“Actually Mrs. Bullutis, if what I know could cost you your job … then I am.”


My teacher practically spat out the words, “You little shit!”


But my warning gave her pause.  She did indeed put the little keys in my handcuffs and release me.  I picked myself off her desk and raised up the clothes that were crumpled around my ankles.


She repeated her phrase, “Start talking.”


(Well here goes nothing.  It was like playing the game ‘Truth or Dare’ … except I really didn’t know if my hunch would turn out to be the truth.)


I rubbed both of my sore wrists and began my little speech.  “Last year, my cousin let me watch one of his porn videos.  Excpet it wasn’t actually a porn video in the true sense.  It was more of a sports event that happened at the University at Buffalo about ten years ago.”


I continued, “It was a women’s basketball game, only not an ordinary one.  All of the girls playing in the game were completely stark naked, except for sneakers and a Halloween eye mask with a wig … to protect their identities.  The two teams picked pretend names like the Cleveland Cleavage and the Pittsburg Pussywillows.”


“But one girl playing for the ‘Cleavage’ didn’t bother wearing a disguise because everyone on campus would have known who she was anyway.  She went by the name of Burlee Overshown, a morbidly obese, 300 plus pound white female who was there obviously for comic relief.”


“There were thousands of spectators in the audience, mostly male students, who teased and ridiculed her non-stop for the duration of the two hour game … hurling insults at her such as ‘fat cunt’ , ‘lard-ass’,  ‘fatso fogerty’, ‘oink porker’, ‘blubber ball, ‘where’s the beef?’, ‘blimpo’, ‘gross burger’, ‘pregnant whale’, and ‘round mound of rebound’ (from Charles Barkley).”


“Every time the extra large nude girl got the ball, the young men would do their best cow impressions  ‘Mooooooooooooooooooo’ to taunt and humiliate her.”


“She had entire jeering sections going.   ‘You’re body could feed an African country for a month’.”


And … “What do we want?, A cure for obesity!, When do we want it?, After lunch!”


And … “According to serving suggestions, you’re a family of four!”


And … “Quit picking on Burlee … She has a lot on her plate.”


And … “Do you win every time at Hungry Hungry Hippos?”


And … “How can you play basketball when you should be eating?”


And … “You’re so fat, when they shot you into space, there was no space left.”


And … “I know five fat people, and three of them are you.”


And … “Behind every fat person, there’s someone beautiful.  No, seriously, you’re in the way.”


And … “Hey Burlee, those sneakers make you look fat.”


And … “Hey Burlee, the bakery called and they want their rolls back.”


And … “You’re so fat, when you get in a rowboat, it becomes a submarine.”


And … “When god said ‘let there be light’, he said ‘get your fat ass out of the way’.”


And … “When you go to Sea World, they pay you.”


And … “Inside every fat girl is a beautiful person, so who did you eat?”


And … “A few more donuts and you could be a cop.”


Something was happening.  The onslaught of hurtful words was having an effect on my teacher.  Like Randy Pantz a few hours earlier, Mrs. Bullutis sat down at her desk, wrapped her head in her arms … and cried.




End Chapter 18

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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