A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 92
Bulging Eyes

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I wondered if my torture would ever end, but I obeyed.  What else could I do?


I closed my eyes as Kitti snapped on a new pair of gloves, lubed up her finger and stuck it in.  She found my prostate easily this time.  She pressed on it and I groaned.  Then she started pressing it by alternating hard and light pushes, so my groans went louder and softer.


“Hey Derrek,” Kitti whispered to me.  “Did you know that doctors can make a boy ejaculate by continually pressing on his prostate?  Let’s see if we can do it.”


Much to my embarrassment, she was right.  Similar to a coregasm, her finger was squeezing my prostate and forcing me against my will to engage in a series of little ejaculations and little squirts of semen onto the paper that covered the table.  She was, in a sense, milking me.


When Kitti finally removed her finger, my body was shaking and I asked again, “May I pleased get dressed now.”


“Lie flat on your back for your final exam,” she ordered.


(Final exam?  I didn’t study for a final exam.)


Nurse TiteRench rose and came to the table to join Kitti.  They circled me, staring at every square inch of my nude twelve-year-old body.  I felt like I had been abducted by aliens … who were satisfied with their thorough medical experiments on a human, and were now considering how to dispose of the body.


“Derrek,” said the nurse, “before you go, we’re going to check your muscles and joints.”


I wasn’t sure what that meant but I found out quickly.  The two females grabbed and pawed at every muscle and joint on my top side.  I started to squirm again … and involuntarily giggle.


For several minutes, I might as well have been in an insane asylum.  This was not medicine.  This was two horny females who thought they could ‘legally’ fondle a young naked boy to their hearts content.  They wore smiles.  I would have been better off with Josef Mengele.


When my torture finally ended, Nurse TiteRench said, “Go get dressed now, Derrek.  Kitti will email the results of your physical to your mother.”






I called Sammantha for a ride, but didn’t say much on the way home.  She asked how it went, and I said ‘fine’.  I didn’t want to relive any of it.  I wanted to handle things calmly and just move on.  Lots of people have bad days.


“Where would you like to go to lunch?” Sammantha asked me.


I stammered, “Uh, I’m not very hungry.  I think I’ll just go home and take a nap.”


“That doesn’t sound like you, sweety.  You want to talk about it?”


I looked away … out the window.  “No, I’m just tired.”


She probably sensed something was wrong, but decided to let it go without prying.






Nurse TiteRench followed up quickly with an email to Sammantha.  I didn’t read it until later but the following is what it said:



Dear Ms. Adams,

I am sorry to say that your son, Derrek, failed to pass his sports physical this morning and will not be allowed to play any sports at Jerry Sandusky Middle School this year.  There are a number of reasons for this result as follows:


Derrek’s blood pressure reading was 120 over 80.   A 40 point difference in the two numbers is quite abnormal and is cause for alarm.  Derrek’s height and weight, five foot two, 125 pounds are far too small to play football in the sevenths grade.  Derrek’s heart rate, 162 beats per minutes is highly elevated.  He was also breathing heavily and gasping for air at the time of this measurement.  Derrek’s sperm looks weak, and could possibly have a number of sexually transmitted diseases in it.  He admitted to excessive masturbation which could lead to blindness.


Derrek was unable to following simple instructions when asked to pee in a cup for his urine sample.  As a result, a catheter had to be inserted into his penis to obtain the sample.  He also suffers from constipation and had to be given an enema in order to check his prostate for irregularities.  Derrek’s right testicle is larger than his left, and his left testicle hangs lower than his right.  These factors will make it difficult to properly fit him for a cup size and puts him at increased risk for groinal injuries and the possible future amputation of his testicles.


Finally, Derrek admitted that he has problems getting along with his primary care physician, Dr. Josef Mengele.  I am sorry that the results of this physical may negatively affect Derrek’s sports aspirations, but I invite him to return and try again next year.


Sincerely yours, Nurse Tina TiteRench




Sammantha quietly knocked on my bedroom door and asked if she could come in.  She sat down next to me on the bed and asked me to sit up.  Then she put her arm around my shoulder.


“Sweety, I can understand why you would be bummed out about your physical, but the email I received from the nurse has a number of irregularities on it, and we’re going to get them straightened out.  I don’t believe you deserved to fail your physical.”


“What?!!” I looked at her and called out.  “I did everything they told me!”


“They?” she asked.  “Who’s they?”


“The nurse and Kitti Power.  Kitti is a nursing student there.”


Sammantha’s eyeballs bulged so wide, that I swear they were about to pop out of her skull.  She involuntarily dug her fingers into my shoulder and then got up and balled them into a fist.”


“How much of your physical was performed by Kitti?” she asked me.


I answered, “All of it.”


I could then hear all of Sammantha’s ten finger knuckles crack.  He face was fire engine red with rage.  Her lungs heaved heavily in and out.


I stood and grabbed her wrists.  “Mom, you’ve got to calm down … or you’re going to split a gut.”


“Do you feel up for a road trip, Derrek?” she asked.




“Superintendent’s office.”


“Sure, I’ll go with you, Mom.  Don’t forget the email.”






The brief five-minute journey brought us to the board of education.  Sammantha got out of the Porche and I followed … never having seen her so steely-faced.  I was thankful that she didn’t bring any of her weapons with her like the sorority paddle or the fishing knife … not that I wasn’t worried that she could cause other kinds of damage to life and limb.


Being a pretty good role player, Sammantha put on her best smile and approached the receptionist.


“Good afternoon,” she said.  “Is the superintendent in today?”


“Why, yes,” the woman answered, “but he’s on a call at the moment.  May I ask your name?”


“He’ll know it in a few seconds,” Sammantha responded … then walked past the receptionist down the main hallway.”


“Ma’am, you can’t go back there by yourself!” the receptionist yelled.


(Nothing could stop my mom now … She was on a mission.  I just hoped she didn’t become too ‘vengeful’.)


The nameplate on the door read ‘Michael St. Michael:  Superintendent’.  His door was closed but not locked. (bad for him)  Sammantha turned the handle, barged into his office, grabbed the phone out of his hand, and slammed it into the handset.


The superintendent rose quickly and protested loudly.  “What is the meaning of this?!!”


Sammantha bellowed back, passing forward the email onto his desk, “I am Doctor Sammantha Adams, and the meaning of this is THIS!!  … my child’s sports physical … And if you don’t fix this in the next hour, then all four local Bufflao television networks will be standing in this room … and you will be unemployed by sunset.”


“Explain yourself,” the superintendent said tersely.


“No, YOU explain!”  Sammantha spat back.  “Did you approve a 16 year old female nursing student ordering a 12 year old boy to masturbate during his physical in order to obtain a semen sample?”


The man’s eyes opened wide.  “What?!  Of course not!  Why would anyone need semen from a 12 year old?  Most of them don’t even have semen yet.”


“Did you approve a 16 year old girl obtaining a urine sample from a 12 year old boy by inserting a catheter into the hole in his penis?”


“My god,” the man exclaimed.  “This is madness.”


“Did you approve a 16 year old girl giving a digital prostate exam to a 12 year old boy?”


The man picked up the printed email and shook his head. “No … How far does this go?”


“Did you approve a 16 year old girl telling a 12 year old boy that his testicles would have to be amputated because of lumps … which turned out to be his epididimises?”


“No,” the man said in a softer voice.  “And I know what an epididimis is.”


“Do you think a boy should fail his physical because his blood pressure is 120 over 80?”


The man looked up and said, “But that’s normal.  Dr. Adams, will you and your son please sit down while I finish reading the email.”


“We’ll stand, thank you,” she retorted.


“It says Dr. Joseph Mengele, the Nazi ‘angel of death’ is Derrek’s primary care physician?  Someone needs to answer for this.”


Dr. Michael St. Michael studied the entire document.  “This letter is signed by Nurse Tina TiteRench.”  The superintendent then looked at me.  “Derrek, who administered your physical?”


“Kitti Power.  She used to be my babysitter.  The nurse just watched and told her what to do next.”


“Uh huh … I know Kitti Power.  She’s a junior.  Okay.  Dr. Adams, I appreciate the urgency of this matter.  With your permission, I’d like you to bring Derrek back to the high school right now to help me gather evidence before it’s disposed of.”


Sammantha nodded, “I’d like to come with you too, Dr. St. Michael.”


“With all due respect, Dr. Adams … based on the way you entered my office, I have good reason to be concerned that a confrontation between you and the nurse could turn ugly.  I’d like to avoid that.  Will you give me your word that you’ll stay in your car and not confront either person?”


“I’ll give you my word, but what will you do?”


“The nurse will be placed on administrative leave and fired soon.  And student nurses will be banned from participating in physicals.”


Sammantha wasn’t entirely satisfied.  “The girl walks?”


“The girl was a minor following the instructions of her teacher.  Keep in mind, anything I do today will have to be approved by the school board at their next meeting.  I doubt that will be a problem.”


Sammantha folded her arms across her chest and sighed.  “Do what you need to do.”






End Chapter 92

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 19, 2024


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