The Road Trip, Part 31

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 27, 2024

Chapter 17
The Road Trip, Part Seventeen

Part Seventeen

I didn’t have to stay in suspense for very long.

Without much bravado, Kate retrieved what she had been searching for in her purse. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t this. With an idle smirk still on her face, my sister held up a pacifier. 

It was pink, just like the pull-ups. I was surprised, of course, but also confused. Why the fuck would she have something like that with her? She answered that one pretty quickly, either reading my mind or getting lucky. “I bought it at the rest stop when you weren’t looking. Surprise! Aren’t I the sweetest sister? I mean, when’s the last time you got me a gift?”

“Kate, you can’t be serious,” I said. This time around, there wasn’t a lot of mystery in terms of her immature scheming. There was only one thing she’d want me to do with a pacifier. 

“Come on, Annie. It will be fun!” Like usual, that ‘fun’ was going to be pretty one-sided. “Look, it’s easy, and totally fair. As long as you keep it in, I won’t say a single word. Not to our parents, not to you. Unless you ask, of course. I know you like having my attention.”

Admittedly, it was tempting. Not only would she stay silent about what I was worried about most, but I’d also finally get a reprieve for the rest of the drive. Some peace and quiet would be nice, especially after so much back to back nonsense. But, still. At what cost? A picture of me sucking on a pacifier would be even more embarrassing than the previous one. 

Was that my only hang-up? Earlier, I would have flat out refused to do something like this, simply to avoid giving Kate the satisfaction. But now that she had put me through so many demeaning situations and visuals, one more wouldn’t be the end of the world. She would be amused, and I’d suffer through a little teasing. So, the usual. “No pictures. Or videos,” I demanded, adding the potential loophole right away. “Promise me.”

“So paranoid, sis,” Kate giggled. She crossed her heart with her index finger, and followed it up by giving her left boob a small squeeze. The movement drew my eye, which was no doubt her intention. A glance towards her chest that was more impressive than mine in every way. Plus the awkwardness of inadvertently checking out my own sister’s cleavage. “If you put your pacifier in, I promise I won’t take any pictures or videos unless you give me permission to do so.”

“And you won’t pressure me to give you permission?” I asked, with an eye roll. 

“God, Annie. Stop acting like a little brat.” Without any warning, she leaned forward and shoved the pacifier into my mouth. My lips parted more in shock than anything else, which was enough for the silicone teat to push all the way in until the lip shield stopped any further progress. “No. Keep it in.” When I squirmed a bit from the unexpected intrusion, Kate just pushed a little more firmly with the babyish accessory. 

The sudden sternness caught me off guard, and I found myself frozen for a moment. The pacifier awkwardly sat in my mouth, as I wasn’t about to start sucking on it. Feeling uncomfortable as Kate’s eyes remained locked on my own, I shifted in my seat, only to feel a sharp pinch on my thigh. “Mmm!” I yelped into the pacifier. Starting to say Kate’s name, my voice muffled from the plastic and silicone in the way, I barely got that far before she was speaking again.

“No.” It was one of those quiet growls that carried more weight than someone yelling. “Are you a mature college girl, Annie? Nod.”

Feeling a little helpless against Kate’s attitude and her intense proximity, I did as she said. Reluctantly nodding my head to her question, because it was true. 

“Then prove it,” Kate said, “I’m going to let go now, and you’re going to suck on your pacifier like a good little girl. Do you understand?”

My head was spinning, and all I could manage to do was nod again. 

With narrowed eyes, Kate gave a pointed push on the pacifier, then let go completely. Against my better judgment, I did as I was told. Without her fingers holding it in place, I had to tighten my lips around the thing. Tongue and teeth brushed against the soft teat, and the plastic guard gently pressed against my lips like it was designed to do. For a moment, I just awkwardly sat there with the pacifier in my mouth, until Kate reminded me that I was supposed to suck on it. 

Somehow, this was supposed to prove that I was a mature girl. A college girl. The rational part of my brain knew that doing what my sister was asking of me would result in a visual that was the complete opposite, but I didn’t know what else to do. After all the jabs about my size and my attitude, I found myself wanting to show that I wasn’t difficult, or immature, or a whiny girl. So, staying quiet and averting my gaze, I began sucking on the pacifier. 

“Good girl, Annie.” Kate sat back in her seat. Trusting me to keep at it, apparently. A second later, I learned why. “Now here are the rules, sis. I’ll stay quiet for the rest of the ride, but only if you stay quiet. You’re going to keep your pacifier in, and you’re not going to say another word until the end of the drive. Nod for me?”

I wasn’t totally on board with this, so my nod was only a small dip of my chin. As in, ‘I heard you.’ Not so much that I agreed. 

“Good girl,” she repeated, “Because if you take your pacifier out, or you speak without permission, I’m going to come clean about your little accident.”


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End Chapter 17

The Road Trip, Part 31

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 27, 2024


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