A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 78
Freaky Friday (24) – In the Stirrups (without a horse)

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I took charge of pushing ‘the boy’ in his wheelchair as we followed the nurse to the elevator.


“Why do I have a penis?” the boy slurred.


“Because you’re a boy,” I told him.  “All boys have a penis.”


“Nuh uhhh,” he argued.  “I’m a girl.  Where’s my twinkie?”


“Do you want a spanking?” I asked him.


“No,” he murmured.


“Then close your eyes and stop talking.”  I was hoping that the boy wouldn’t give us all away as he dazed his way through the twilight zone. 


Walking into the gynecology department got me really nervous.  This is where lady parts go on full display.  We were led into one of the exam rooms that looked like places of torture.  I saw the table with the stirrups, where I would soon be given the command to spread my legs.


At least the lady doctor was smiling.  “Good afternoon, and come right in,” she greeted us … I’m Doctor Pamela Penice and I’ll be working with you today.”


“Should we all come in the room?” Paul asked.


“As long as you’re together, that’s not a problem.  Children under twelve don’t mind being naked.  And your naked boy looks rather woozy.  I’m going to assume that he’s not my patient.  Did he just come from Dr. Besore’s table?”


“Uh, yes,” Paul answered.  “He had a cucumber removed from his colon.”


“I see.  And what about the girl?  My chart says your name is Anna Meeks.  Is that correct?”




“And how old are you, Anna?”


“I’m eleven.”  (I certainly didn’t want to be an eleven year old girl, but at the moment, there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot I could do about it.)


“And what brings you up here, Anna?”


A bit red faced, I answered, “I need to have a cucumber removed that’s stuck in my vagina.”


“Woooaaah!” Dr. Penice exclaimed with surprise.  “You two kids are really into your vegetables today, aren’t you? … Well, okay, we can do that. Why don’t you get undressed and hop up on my exam table.”


“Um, do I take everything off?” I asked nervously.


“Yes, dear, everything.  Here’s a basket for you, just like the boy has.”


“Um, do I put on a hospital gown?”


“No, dear.  It’s not necessary for children under twelve.  You’ll be fine.”


I felt really small now as I began taking off my clothes, knowing that I was an emasculated male.  Only now I had to show off my cunt to the rest of the world.  I had similar feelings before with sexual embarrassment when I thought that I had a major erection.  I could swear I sensed a boner, with blood crowding my groin.  But as I slid my panties down, the truth was revealed and once again, I saw only a hole.


I put all my clothes, even socks, into the basket.  And now I felt like one of those young nubiles that I was ogling in the women’s locker room at the gym … training boobs and all.


I was downright scared as I picked myself up to the torture table and leaned my head back.  I wasn’t flat on my back, but angled sitting upward about 45 degrees, so I could see what was going on and ‘face my accusers’. 


“Okay, Anna,” said Dr. Penice, “let’s see if you can place your knees on top of our comfortable stirrups and stretch your legs wide apart as far as they can go.”


I didn’t expect her to help me with an electronic controller device.  My knees were bent at a 90 degree angle and kept moving wider and wider apart until it started hurting.  My cunt was now on full display to the world.  My humiliation as a female was complete.


But Dr. Penice wasn’t done.  She grabbed my wrists and velcro’d them to the table.


I got scared again.  “Doctor, why are you tying my hands down?!”


“It’s just a precaution, dear,” she answered. “Our experience shows that children have a tendency to panic when something long and hard is inserted into their vagina … such as a forceps.”


That didn’t settle me at all.  But what was even worse was a loud knock at the door, followed by the entrance of four more doctors, all of them male.


“Hi, Pamela,” the leader said.  “I’m making the rounds with our three interns today and I was wondering if we could stop in for a few minutes and observe the doctor-patient relationship.”


“Oh, of course, Chuck!” Dr. Penice gladly welcomed in the foursome.  “Our patient today is eleven-year-old Anna Meeks.”


The leading doctor positioned his three interns so that all four of them were looking straight on between my widely parted legs, for the best view.  I felt like Saint Joan of Arc, when the enemy stripped her naked and forced her to undergo a medical exam to prove that her ‘maidenhead’ (her hymen) was still intact and thus she was still pure in the eyes of the lord.


“Hello, Anna,” he waved at me with a big smile.  “I’m Doctor Chuck Fullilove, and these are my three interns, Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, and Doctor Howard.”


I wanted to tell them, “Hi, this is my cunt, and I haven’t picked out a name for it yet … but if I did, I think I would go with ‘Mike Hunt’.  Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?”


“Hi-ya, toots!” said the second Dr. Howard who had a buzzcut.


Dr. Fine asked, “Dr. Penice, does the naked little boy have anything to do with the naked little girl?”


“Yes, he does,” answered Dr. Penice.  “From what I can surmise, the girl inserted a cucumber into the boy’s anus, and the boy inserted a cucumber into the girl’s vagina.  The boy has already been treated.”


“When I grew up, we didn’t use cucumbers, but there were other vegetables,” said the first Dr. Howard with the bowl haircut.  Is this normal behavior for children of this age, Dr. Penice?”


“Maybe we should ask the father … Mr. Adams, do your kids act like this all the time?”


Paul was put into an extremely awkward position.  “No, no,” he answered sheepishly.  “I just went out shopping this afternoon and they got a little crazy.”


“What’s going on?” the boy said, finally awake.  “Where are my clothes?”


“Now, Derrek,” said Dr. Penice, “you must stay nude for awhile to make sure you have no bleeding from your procedure.  Those were Dr. Besore’s orders.”


Dr. Fine asked, “Is that Dr. Tush Besore?”


“Why, yes.”


“Oh, his family is very well known at our medical school.  We have a lot of big Tushes there.”


“That’s not surprising,” said Dr. Penice.  “Let’s get back to our young lady here.  Now, Anna, I have to ask if you’re currently having your period?”


I was strapped in like a lab animal and forced to answer so many embarrassing questions.  “Yes, Dr. Penice.”


“And which day of your cycle is this?”


“The first day.”


“And when did you have your first cycle?


“This is my first.”


Dr. Penice looked surprised.  “Anna, are you telling us that this is the first day of your first menstrual cycle ever?”


“Yes, doctor.”


I was flabbergasted when the five doctors all broke out into a simultaneous applause.  “Congratualtions, Anna,” said Dr. Howard with the buzzcut.  “You’re a real dame now!”


(I thought, ‘Why don’t we celebrate by pouring champagne in my cunt?’)


“Not a problem, Anna,” said Dr. Penice.  “We’ll just put a few pads on the table … Now I have to ask you about your sexual activity.  Have you ever had intercourse?”


“Uh … no?”


“Try telling the truth, Anna.  I won’t judge you.”


“Uh … yes?”


“And when was the last time you had sexual intercourse?”


“Uh … today?”


“With the boy in the room?”


“Uh … yes?”


Dr. Penice turned to Paul.  “Mr. Adams, do you approve of pre-teen sexual promiscuity?”


With another awkward question, Paul vehemently answered, “Absolutely not!”


(‘What’s next?’ I wondered. Why is she slapping on a pair of latex gloves?  Is she going to examine my prostate?)


“To maintain a sterile environment, I’m going to ask our other four doctors to use the latex gloves also.”


“Okay, Anna, this is ultrasound gel.  It feels a little cold, but I need to rub it all around your pubis, just above your vagina … So just hold still.”


(Ewwwwww … this wasn’t fun.)


Then she rolled the ultrasound machine with the laptop screen closer so everyone could view it.


“Okay, honey, our wand looks like a little shower head and I’m going to roll it over your pubic area.”


“He he.”  Oh, I hated that I let out a giggle.  There was nothing funny about it.  It just felt cold as she rolled it around me.  I had to watch the whole thing and I had to watch the five doctors watching me.”


“Does it tickle, Anna?”  asked Dr. Penice.  “That’s okay … Now if you look at the screen, you can see the shape of the cucumber coming into view … just as if you were looking at a baby.”


“Is it a boy or a girl?” asked Dr. Fine.


Dr. Howard with the bowlcut asked, “Is this your first pelvic exam, Anna?”




“Are you comfortable?”


(What kind of a stupid ass question is that?  Someone should tear up his diploma.)


“Oh, I’m quite comfortable.”


“Well, this is good, Anna.  The cucumber did not injure your cervix.  The back end of it is lodged in your vaginal fornix.”


(How nice that I self-diagnosed that a couple hours ago.)


“Dr. Penice,” asked Dr. Fine, “can you please point out the girl’s ‘Yet’?”


“I beg your pardon?” said Dr. Penice.


“Well, looking at the computer screen report, it says that Anna Meeks was admitted to the hospital two hours ago, and the cucumber is lodged in her yet.”


“Hey toots!  Look, I made you a toykey, see?”


Dr. Howard with the buzzcut presented my left hand with a latex glove that he had blown up and tied off at the wrist so that it resembled a Thanksgiving turkey.


“Are you sure you’re a real doctor?” I asked him.


He responded, “Why soy-ten-lee.”




End Chapter 78

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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