A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 9, 2024

Chapter 76
Freaky Friday (22) – Junior Rough Sex

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During the twenty minute walk back home, my mind was whirring.  Sam had actually got me excited about our upcoming match which would take place on and around the queen bed in the master bedroom.  I was anxious to try out my new muscles and I planned to go all-out against my male opponent … okay, but not injure him.


We arrived back, but first I had to head to the bathroom to pull out my god damn fucking tampon … how lovely, soaked in red stuff.  I put it in a plastic bag and cleaned myself up as best as possible. 


If I hadn’t said it before, being a girl sucks, and it just got me angrier for my match.  If that boy thinks he’s going to spread my legs and fuck my cunt just because I owe him a favor, then he’s going to have to pay for it.  It was showtime.


As soon as I walked back into the bedroom, Sam told me, “Okay, let’s go over the rules again.”


I was in no mood for any fucking rules.  I immediately bent down and lifted him under his crotch (but against his thigh, not his balls) and body slammed him onto the mattress.

I think that got his attention … but even more so, when I followed that up with two face slaps, left and right.


He could barely yell ‘Aghh!’ before I was on top of him again and dropped my face down on his lips (he wanted sex, didn’t he?) with a powerful mouth to mouth … about as rough of a ‘kiss’ as one can imagine.  And I pincered his nostrils shut as I did it so he couldn’t breath.  I thought it was funny watching his arms flap around.


Since I wasn’t aloud to injure him, and he desperately needed oxygen, I blew a huge gust of air into his mouth and felt his lungs expand instantly.  Then I back off a little so he could take some rapid breaths.


I think he was trying to say ‘What the hell?’ as I grabbed onto the belt on his jeans (we hadn’t undressed yet)  and I stood up on the bed lifting his body in the process.  Once I lifted him high enough, I simply let go and he did a free-fall back down onto the bed … which I followed up by falling onto his body with all my weight … like what they call a ‘pancake’ tackle in football.


That was so much fun, I did it again … and by now, he was wheezing while I was laughing.  (I’m glad Sammantha liked it rough)  While the boy was gasping for air, I unbuckled his belt and yanked down his pants.  I didn’t bother waiting for a formal introduction to his ‘junk’.  I yanked down his underpants too.


Then I jumped on his thighs and grabbed his boy toy.  It was starting to become erect. I didn’t yank it as hard as the nun did, and if playing by the rules, I wouldn’t jack him off and spoil his later ‘fun’.  So I just reared back and slapped his penis about as hard as I slapped his face.




Then his hands centered up over his crotch for protection.   That made it easy for me to flip him over onto his stomach and begin spanking him … and did I spank him hard.  I wanted to make sure his butt turned red before he could yell out his first ‘break’.  Maybe he had too much pride to say it.  His feet were kicking up and down.


Seeing enough red canvass (his ass), I decided to stop the spanking go to another traditional wrestling move … a finger up the rectum.  I licked it first for some lubrication and then went spelunking for his prostate.  (He wanted to be the male, didn’t he?)


“Ummmmmmph!”  he groaned miserably.


His butt was kind of squirmy when I reached the target and I pressed on it firmly.




My arms were long enough to grab a fist full of hair and yank his head upward.  It looked like he was starting to cry.  I teased him, “Congratulations Sam, you’re prostate is perfectly healthy.”


I released his prostate and switched to pummeling his gluteus maximus, a perfectly legal move … makes his butt feel like jello as well as burning on the outside from the spanks.


Time for a breather.  I stood on the floor by the end of the bed and finished stripping the boy of his shoes and the clothes around his ankles.  I left the socks on, per rules. 


Then I finally got down to stripping off my own clothes … shirt first, and I wasn’t wearing a training bra for my training boobs.  Then I unzipped my jeans and pushed them half way down.  That was a mistake.


Sam must have seen this out of the corner of his eye. He righted himself, and then literally leaped off the bed, tackling me to the carpeted floor.


I had let my guard down and the boy took full advantage of my lapse.  I was on my back now and he was sitting on my thighs … Then came the vengeful onslaught.


At first, he returned the favor of face slaps.  When I went to cover my face with my hands, he switched to punching my training boobs, pretty hard too.  Then he gave me a double purple nurple and the weren’t at 50 percent effort … more like 75.


I first yelled, “Owwwwwwwww!”  then yelled, “Oh, come on Sam!”  because my training nipples really hurt bad from the twisting.


As soon as I said that, he grabbed my hair and shook my head back and forth about a dozen times till I felt dizzy.  With my pants still wrapped around my ankles, I was in a near helpless position, but out of respect for my opponent, I did not call for a break.


Maybe that was a mistake too because the boy started making use of dirty tricks.  Before I could even react, he reached to his right opened a drawer of the dresser, and pulled out two cucumbers and the same jar of Vaseline that I used when I played with bunny rabbit.


I still had the use of my hands and I tried to sit up and knock the objects out of his hand, but he was too fast for me.  Whatever I left unprotected got attacked, either with a slap to the face or a punch to the boobs.  He was wearing me down.


But Sam didn’t start with the cucumbers.  He used the first two fingers of his right hands and stuck them up my cunt rather roughly.  Then he rapidly fucked me, machine gun style with his two fingers.  That is so humiliating, and at that moment, I hated being a girl.


I made my own noises.  “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” in frustration.


He finally pulled out his ‘yucky’ fingers. (He had some menstrual blood on them, how gross) and then quickly slathered up the first cucumber with Vaseline and tried shoving it up my poor pussy.  That thing was horribly uncomfortable.


Then he slathered the other one and pressed it against my rectum.


“Come on, Derrek,” he teased.  “Let’s push, push, push.”


“Shut up, Sam!” I yelled at him, as his finger followed the cucumber up my butt hole.  With both vegetables inside me, I felt pregnant.  It was awful.


The boy was obviously gloating as he sat straddled over my waist now.  That gave me a split second opening.  The female body I inhabited had the beginnings of very strong six-pack abs, and I surprised him by sitting up.  Then I grabbed a chunk of hair and brought him face down (next to my head) onto the carpet.


I wrapped my left arm around his neck and held his hair with my right arm.  Then I raked his face back and forth across the carpet while I squeezed his head.


He didn’t like that.  “Arrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhh!” he grunted as I smushed his face. 


The second cucumber was starting to slip out of my butt hole, and that gave me an idea.  I leaned to the left and switched the headlock from my left arm to my right arm.  That allowed my left hand to reach around the boy and try to shove the popped out cucumber into his own anatomy.


Sam furiously resisted, wiggling his posterior violently in circles … but to no avail.  I ‘stuck the landing’ so to speak … and I made sure to shove that veggie up his rectum as far as it would go.  (He’d probably have to poop it out later, and I was just hoping that we wouldn’t have to go to the ER.  I’ve heard of people sticking gerbils up there and having to endure a very embarrassing medical procedure later on.) 


“How do like that, Sam?”  I teased.  “You always wanted to be the boy and yet you still get fucked by a girl?”


We were kind of at a stalemate in this position and I was trying to figure out a way to extricate my body without leaving myself vulnerable.  My two legs could still operate together (like if I was a mermaid).  So the trick was to roll his head and waist forward enough (toward my head) that I could bend my knees and feet and get them under his waist.


Good, now I could release my headlock, put my hands under his chest, and spring his whole body away from me, past my feet.


With lightning quickness, I got my pants off of my ankles and stood up, clad only in my socks.  Sam finally removed his shirt and we faced off against each other like two nude ancient Greek wrestlers, only with cucumbers stuck up our private parts.


The boy didn’t look too happy.  “Derrek, you sucker-punched me to start this match.”


I pointed out, “I learned that from you, Sam … in your match against Gort Canker.”


“Your pussy’s gonna be pretty stretched out by the time I fuck you, Derrek.”


I retorted, “Sam, you should probably be more concerned about who’s going to fuck whom.”


We both stepped back into the ‘ring’, which was the top of the queen bed and squared off.  Sam had the advantage of knowing some real wrestling maneuvers, while I had the advantages of strength and a lower center of gravity. 


Sam’s first real move was to lunge and grab onto my right leg and get me off balanced so that I fell backward.  But he landed on my right thigh, which was exactly what I wanted … so that I could encircle his waist with a powerful leg scissors.


He was on his knees looking down at me, thinking he was in the superior position, attacking my boobs and slapping me again.  “Wrong, Sam!” I called out.  That’s when I squeezed my two very powerful thighs against his abdomen forcing him to exhale and fall forward.  I squeezed his stomach till he was wheezing.  There was no escape from this kind of ‘girl power’.  I let up for a second, and then squeezed him harder.


“I can’t breath,” he wheezed out.


“So what do say, Sam?” I asked him, knowing there could be only one answer.


“Fuck you, Derrek.”


Well that wasn’t the right answer … so I gave him the max squeeze and this time he whispered out, “Ummmmmmmmph … okay, break.”


I released him immediately, but he wasn’t happy at all, mumbling ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’.


“So Sam,” I posed, “Do you want to quit, or do you want me to slap your boner around a little more?


“Hell no,” he answered, feinting a slap at my face.  That got me leaning backward, offering him a him a perfect lunge with his right arm between my legs and into a ‘fireman’s carry’.  Normally the attacker on that move would roll the opponent over, onto their back.  But he stopped half way and just dropped me face down on my stomach.


I had no idea how vulnerable I was in that position … but I found out quickly.  This is how Sam taught me once to do the ankle lock.  He lunged toward my left foot, where he twisted and grapevined his right hand around my toes.  Then he stood up on the bed and lifted up my foot.


“Per our rules,” the boy gloated, “I’ll try not to break your ankle.


“Agggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  I thought for a second, maybe he did bust it, cuz it hurt like hell, and I had no choice but to tap out.  “Okay, Break! Break!”


Sam didn’t exactly let me go as expected.  He grabbed my other leg and leveraged them both to ‘flip’ me onto my back.  I should have known what was coming.


He jumped down on his knees in between my legs and drove one knee into my poor abused pussy.  He didn’t have to do that.  Then the monster between his legs sized up its target.  The last half hour was probably the worst foreplay I’d ever experienced.


I even tried to do another leg scissors around his waist, but when my left ankle touched my right ankle, it hurt pretty bad.  So here I was, recently gender-swapped into the body of a female, and I was about to get my first real fucking … how lovely.


Sam leaned forward held down my wrists.  It really wasn’t necessary as my energy was spent.  The only question left was whether that cucumber in my cunt was in high enough to allow his four-inch battering ram to operate.


The boy grunted and he pumped … and I didn’t feel a thing.  By now I didn’t want to feel anything.  I just stared at the ceiling and waited like a common hooker, for the john to finish his business.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”


He finished and rolled off me onto his back.  We laid there for ten minutes without saying a word.


Then Sam uttered, “Well, that sucked.”


I responded, “No shit … Was it as bad for you as it was for me?”


“Derrek, I think I have a problem.”


“What?  Did Peepee the clown shrivel up?”


“No, Derrek, I’m serious.  I can’t push out the cucumber from my rectum.  I think it might have made the turn at the bend of my colon.”   


When I heard him say that, I quickly tried to apply my vaginal muscles against my own particular cucumber, but with no success.  I pressed down with my hands against my pubic area and strained my lower muscles again, as if tying to give birth.


“Sam, I seem to be having a similar problem.  Did you shove that thing into my cervix?”


“I thought that’s impossible,” Sam replied.


I waddled over to the laptop on my desk and googled female anatomy.  “Sam, what the hell is a vaginal fornix?”


“I don’t know, Derrek … but I think we’ve got problems.”


I started getting a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, thinking about the guy with the gerbil.






End Chapter 76

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 9, 2024


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