A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 61
Freaky Friday (7) – Mom vs Son: A Battle of Wills

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When I returned to the apartment, I was hoping beyond hope that Sammantha had returned … but unfortunately, my note was still hanging on the door.  I started putting away the groceries, wondering what my next move should be.  Was it time to contact the police?  Maybe I should call George, the cop we met this morning.


But a few minutes later, the hairs on my arms stood up.  My cell phone rang.  “Hello?”


“Yes, is this Sammantha Adams?”


“Yes, it is.”


“Good afternoon, my name is Gloria Ceasar.  I’m the principal at the Hannibal Lecter Elementary School.  Do you happen to have an eleven-year-old child named Sam?”


I was prepared for both relief and anger.  “Yes, yes … What kind of trouble has he caused?”


“Oh, no trouble at all, Ms. Adams.  It’s just that he wandered onto our playground during afternoon recess, and he just wanted to play with the other children.”


“Did Sam start any fights?”


“No, Sam was a perfect gentleman and some of our students invited him into the building to sit in on one of their classes.”


That puzzled me.  “But wouldn’t the teacher know something was wrong when they saw him?”


“Well, that class had a substitute today and the students actually had fun with Sam, treating him as sort of a novelty … But after a while, there was a tattler, and of course I could not allow him to stay.  He’s sitting next to me now.  Would you like to talk to him, or come pick him up?”


“I’ll be over shortly, Mrs. Ceasar, and thank you for the call.”






I was boiling mad.  But I couldn’t let that show when I walked into the principal’s office to pick up my ‘son’.


With an easy smile, I said, “Sam, what kind of mischief did you get into today?  You can’t be bothering these other children.”


Gloria Ceasar made a suggestion.  “Ms. Adams, Sam tells me he’s being home schooled.  But if he’s that interested in our classes, there’d be nothing wrong with enrolling him for the remainder of the school year and then start middle school in the fall.  He seems like a very nice, polite young man.”


“Thank you, Mrs. Ceasar.  That is something I will definitely consider … So, Sam, are you ready to go?”


The boy gave me the innocent ‘puppy dog’ eyes.  “Sure, Mom.  I had fun today.  The kids here are really nice.”


“Would you like to say something to the principal?”


“Thank you for letting me visit, Mrs. Ceasar.”


The woman smiled back.  “You’re quite welcome, Sam.  I’ll look forward to seeing you again.  Bye.”


We exited the school doors and I held my tongue for about thirty seconds.


Then I spat out my first angry instruction.  “Sam!  Turn to the right!”


The boy looked at me pretending to be puzzled.  “Huh?”


“Turn to the right!” I repeated.  Then he turned.


“What the hell is this, Sam?!!  Is this a stud in your left earlobe?!  Did you actually mutilate my body?!”


I knew he’d give me a bunch of lame excuses and there’d be nothing I could do about it now.”


“Take a chill pill, Mom.  It’s no big deal.  A lot of boys are doing it.”


“I want to know who did this to you, Sam.”


“Two of the popular girls in the sixth grade … Duchess Hartless and Starline Valentine.  They had a kit with an ear piercing gun.”


“I should have known it was those two.  Well, you’re getting rid of it when we get home.”


The boy shook his head.  “Can’t … you have to leave it in for eight weeks till my ear heals.  Oh, and this other girl that was hitting on me, Sally Sukkemsilli, has a selection of stylish studs and she said I could pick one for free.”


When we got inside the car, I cranked my voice up another notch and exploded.  “Just what the hell were you trying to pull, Sam?!  I’m worried sick, looking all over for you, and you didn’t even have the common courtesy to let me know you were leaving the apartment?! … the fuck is going on?!”


The boy smugly replied, “You had nothing to worry about, Mom.  I’m a boy now.  I want to do boy stuff.  I just wanted to prove to you that I’m fully capable of taking care of myself.  Having to ask permission from you, of all people, is stupid.  You’re just Derrek … pretending to be my mom.”


My blood was boiling.  “Sam!  I didn’t know if you were kidnapped, or got into some kind of accident.  I had a right to be worried!  But apparently, you didn’t care.  All you cared about was having fun and flipping me off.”


Then the boy really did it … He offered me his middle finger.  “No, Mom … This is a flip off.”


I shook my head as I turned on the car ignition.  “I’ll bet you’re doing this to test me.  You think that you can just walk all over me because I don’t have the balls to punish you.”


The boy smirked.  “Well, you don’t have the balls to do anything, Mom.  That’s for sure … Hey, keep your eyes on the road.  Distracted driving is unsafe.”


“You know, Sam … When you were the adult, you always emphasized the importance of respect.  Well, I guess that’s a one-way street, huh?  It’s only important for everyone to respect you.”


The boy became quite agitated and he pointed at me from the passenger seat.


“Derrek, I can’t believe that you’re still on some kind of power trip.  Since our roles got reversed, all you want is revenge because I punished you a few times in the past when you deserved it.  You need to get off your high horse.  I may look eleven years old, but I am an adult, and I shouldn’t have to put up with your bullshit.”


I rolled my eyes in wonderment.  “What has happened to you, Sammantha?”


The boy was so smug in his response.  “Isn’t it obvious, Derrek?  I’ve got your penis.”






When we got back to the apartment, I knew that I could not let this disrespect stand.  I had to confront Sammantha.  I walked into the boy’s room where he was relaxing on his bed.  Somehow, I had to re-establish our roles without resorting to the nuclear option … water.


I folded my arms across my chest.  “Sam,” I directed, “take off all your clothes.  I’m giving you a milk bath.”


The boy just laughed at me. “Oh wow, Mom … more power trip?  Tell you what … I’ll do it myself later and save you the work.  How’s that?”


I took a step forward towards his bed … and drew a line in ‘the sand.’  “Sam, if I have to undress you myself, you’re going to get a spanking.”


The boy broke into a guffaw of laughter as he lay on the bed with his hands beneath his head.


 “Oh, man … Derrek, don’t you remember what I did to you this morning?  And don’t you realize you’re talking to the person who beat the shit out of Gort Canker?”


“You’re a lot smaller now, Sam.”


The boy jumped out of bed and stood up to angrily confront me.  “Don’t you get it, Derrek? … or Mom? … or whatever the hell you want to call yourself? 


He pointed to his head and explained, “It’s all mental.  I’ve learned a lot of violent fighting techniques, and I have a very high tolerance for pain.  You don’t have either … So just back off, bitch.”


Those words should not be coming from the high pitched voice of a young boy … and I threw down the gauntlet.  “Take your clothes off, Sam,” I repeated.  “Now.”


I couldn’t believe that his response included poking me in my breast with his index finger.  “For the last time, Derrek, I’m telling you … I’m the one with the cock now.  I shouldn’t have to take orders from a cunt.”


(field goal!)


I’m sorry I lost my temper, but that last remark threw me over the edge … and I gave Sammantha a swift kick in her balls … fairly hard … and I watched as the little body went down in a heap, clutching for the testicles.


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … the boy let out a ‘squeaky’ moan.  Derrek, how could you do that to your own body?”


I replied, “Well, technically, it’s not my body anymore.”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … I can’t believe how much it hurts.”


“I can … So consider it a proportional response.  You did kick me in the cunt this morning.”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … It’s not the same, Derrek, and you know it!  I can’t even walk it off.  When I was a little girl, we always used to laugh when a boy got kicked in the balls.  We had no idea that it hurt this bad.”


“You wanted a penis, Sam?  You get the balls too.  It’s a package deal.  Now why don’t we get you ready for your bath?”


What I didn’t notice was that the boy had reached under his bed and grabbed a loose shoe.  Then, as he stood up, he smacked it into my face with authority.


That’s it.  All bets were off now.  I decided to use the incredible strength built into the female body I was now occupying.  I grabbed the boy around his waist, picked him up, and threw him back onto the bed.


He was lying on his back, so before he could react, I grabbed the bottom of his tee shirt and pulled it up over his head, with his arms tangled inside.  I sat on his legs and held the upper edge of the shirt shut so his arms were stuck.  Then with my right hand, I began maneuvering his belt buckle.


He struggled mightily to no avail while yelling, “Get the fuck off me you stupid bitch!”


With just one hand, it was a little harder separating the belt buckle, but I managed to release it and slide it aside.  It was easy to pull apart the metal snap button on his jeans, and from there, I gently lowered down his zipper. He didn’t like that at all, but I smiled a little, realizing that I finally had control over this little brat of a child.


I slid the waist of his jeans down a few inches and noticed the outline of an erection in his tighty whities … something I always had, but it was different looking at it from the outside.  I ‘petted’ his penis through fabric and he yelled out, “Don’t touch me, you pervert!  Ow, my balls still hurt!”


I should have felt guilty.  I was having so much fun playing with my former body.  And I have to admit, the kid was cute.  So was his little tool.  With my right hand, I slid down one side of his underpants and then the other … and what do you know?  Out popped the jack-in-the-box.




End Chapter 61

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 9, 2024


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