A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 31
A Raunchy Rabbit

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When we got back to my bedroom, bunny rabbit shut the door and removed my leash.


“Can I get dressed now?” I asked him.


Bunny rabbit gave me a dirty look.  “You think I’m a dumb bunny, Derrek?”


I lowered my eyes.  “I didn’t say that.”


“Derrek, I want you to take your pillow and place it near the foot of your bed.  Then I want you to place your penis on the pillow and drape both your arms over the end of the bed.  That should make your buttocks protrude upward.”


I crossed my legs and started to squirm again.  “But I don’t want a spanking.  Wasn’t the walk around the block punishment enough?


Bunny rabbit shook his head.  “Derrek, if you do as you’re told, I’ll go easy on you.  But your constant whining is starting to seriously piss me off.”


I couldn’t help but start the flow of tears again, but I knew there was no way to avoid my punishment any longer.  I moved my pillow to the other end of the bed and crawled up to it on the mattress.  Then I rested my crotch on its center.  My arms hung over the end of the bed, not quite touching the floor.  I felt so vulnerable with my butt sticking up in the air … and the anticipation of the swats was just as painful as the swats themselves.


A spanking is very demeaning.  It’s not just about the physical pain.  It’s an exercise of power by the strong over the weak and in this moment, I was weak.  I felt shame.  I felt small.  And I couldn’t understand why bunny rabbit was the one with the paddle and not me.


“OW!”  Well, that was the first.  “OW!” The second was harder than the first … left buttock, right buttock.  If he’s going easy, then we should be done.  “OWWW!!  Okay, that one was already way over the line, the searing white hot pain that is only equaled by using finger nails to pinch the skin of the shaft of the penis.


“Bunny rabbit,” I sniveled through my tears.  “If you do one more of those, you might kill me.”


“Would you like me to stop?”


“Yes, please.”


“Very well, Derrek … Just hold that pose for a moment.”


I was glad that he stopped, and my butt was still on fire.  However, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that something else was happening.  Bunny rabbit was taking down his trousers.  This did not bode well. 


He walked to the foot of the bed and started rubbing his stiff bunny cock against my lips.  Then he squeezed my facial cheeks into the classic ‘fish face’ and commanded, “Suck it, bitch.”  I guess this was my reward for getting off easy with the spanking.


In the middle of his blow job, he asked, “So tell me, boy … Have you ever been fucked by a rabbit?”


I didn’t think there was any good way to answer that question so when he removed his cock, I said, “I think I’m done now, bunny rabbit.  Can I get dressed?”


So how fast do rabbits move?  I think the term is ‘lickety split’.  That’s how fast he jumped on top of me, trying to locate my anus.


“Spread your legs, boy,” he yelled, while administering two punches to the inner part of my upper thighs.  “You have an awfully tight cunt.”


“Ugh, it’s too tight,” I grumbled back.


“Well, then let’s try some vaseline, shall we?”


(So in real life, I was spanking myself.  I used my right hand and reached behind me, backhanded, to paddle my own butt, and that paddle seriously hurts.  For bunny rabbit’s penis, I used an extra large round marker about three quarters of an inch in diameter.)


“Is that better for you, Derrek?  Because now I can ram your cunt as much as I want.”


It was especially humiliating being raped by a bunny.  After one very uncomfortable minute of getting plowed, I asked, “Are you finished yet?”


The rabbit slapped my butt.  “Not by a long shot … not until I hear you compliment me on every stroke I give you.  Otherwise, we’ll be here all day.  It’s up to you, boy.”


That didn’t leave me with much of a choice, so I started making up stuff.


“I love having you inside me, bunny rabbit.

I’ve been waiting for this all week.

Fuck me harder, bunny rabbit.

Oh, yeah, that’s the spot, keep it going.

I’ve been a naughty girl.

I’ve never had a cock in me as big as yours.

Fill me up with your love.

Make me cum, bunny rabbit.

You make my pussy so wet.

Fuck me harder, bunny rabbit … harder, deeper.”


When I heard a loud long-winded grunt, I think that’s when bunny rabbit had his orgasm (I had never heard one before) and he just rested on my back.  He was a lot heavier than I thought.  I waited till his heavy breathing subsided and asked again, “Can I get dressed now?”


I twisted my head back to look at him.  The rabbit had a contented look on his face.  “I have to admit, you’re a pretty good fuck, boy … Was it as good for you as it was for me?”


“No … Can I please get dressed?”


“But we’re not quite done.  I want you to put on a puppet show for me.”


“Hell no!  I won’t do it.  It’s always fun for you, but not for me.”


Bunny rabbit finally got off me.  “Derrek, you talk as if that’s a bad thing.  But anyway, we can do it differently this time.  It will be fun for both of us … and after that, I promise you can get dressed.”


“For sure?”


“Absolutely,” the rabbit assured me.


“Well … okay then, I guess.”


“Very good, Derrek.  I’m glad we’ll be doing the puppet show together as a duo.  Now here’s a fresh marker.  I want you to draw a clown face on the head of your penis.  The little hole can be his nose.  And I want you to add eyes, ears, and a smiling mouth.  Even though clowns are evil, I want you to make him look happy, with eyebrows and eyelashes and don’t forget little semi-circles for his cheeks.  The ridge around the head of your penis can be his clown collar.”


“But this is a permanent marker.  Will I be able to wash it off?”


“Not right away … Listen, kid, permanent markers contain xylene which is a neurotoxin that can damage your organs … but your penis is such a small organ, that you probably shouldn’t worry about it.”


The raging boner had gone down, so my member was a little easier to work with.  “Okay, bunny rabbit, how’s this?”


He looked at my handiwork and was pleased.  “Brilliant, boy.  Picasso himself would be envious.  Now, put your pillow back, and I want you to lie down on your bed and spread your legs again.”


“I hate when you tell me that, because something bad always happens.”


“Not this time, boy.”


“Well what are you going to dress up as?”


“Derrek, since we’re playing ‘cops and robbers’, I’ll be the ‘Karots the cop’, and this twelve inch ruler will be my billy club.  You’ll be ‘Peepee the clown’ who just robbed a bank and is trying to get away with a big sack of money.”


“You mean my ball sack?  I don’t like where this is going, bunny rabbit.”


“Oh, you’ll love it.  Go ahead and give us your opening line.”


“Fine.”  I took hold of my member and started wiggling it around.  I used a ‘squeaky’ voice for my character.  “Hi boys and girls.  I’m Peepee the clown.  And I just robbed the First Bank of Buffalo … and now I’m getting away with all this money.”


“Oh no you don’t,” said Karots the cop.  “Take that! …  and that! … and that!”


Karots was bopping the face of my clown with his billy club ruler.  At first, the blows just revived my boner.  But then they were unrelenting.  As I got harder, the little swats got meaner.  And it didn’t take long before each little smack left a stinging discomfort on the head of my penis.  I tried to block the impacts.


“Spread you legs!” Karots yelled at me … and he punched my inner thighs again really hard.


Now, every slap brought stinging pain to the tip of my member.  He didn’t hit my balls at least, but still, the discomfort was becoming intolerable.  I tried to hold back tears as the head of my penis started going numb and turning to a shade of red.  Having an erection now just increased the pain level.  I had never been spanked like this before.  I’m not sure anyone else ever had either.


“Karots, please stop I begged.  I’ll return the money to the bank.”


He didn’t stop.  “Clowns are evil.  Didn’t you know that, boy?” the cop retorted.


After at least a hundred blows, I could no longer restrain my tears.  I cried loudly.  The top of my penis was turning purple.  I again appealed to my opposing character.  “Please, Karots.  I know I did a very bad thing.  I know I’m evil and I’ll go to jail.  Please stop hitting me with your billy club.”


Finally, bunny rabbit withdrew Karots the cop.  He had a grin on his face.  “You did a nice job, Derrek.  You played your role well.  Sammantha did say you were good at role play.  And as a reward, you can go ahead and jack off now.”


“Are you kidding?” I shot back.  “I can’t do it now.  It would hurt too much.  My penis is killing me.”


“Derrek, that was not a request.  If you don’t feel up to it, then I’ll do it for you with sandpaper.”


That comment really annoyed me and I retorted sarcastically, “Gee, bunny rabbit, I wonder where you got that idea.”


The rabbit snidely replied, “It’s your choice, boy.”


“Uhgggg,” I grumbled.  I was so tired of being ordered around by a rabbit.  “Fine, I’ll do it … but then I can get dressed?”




It was not easy to pump my shaft.  There was more pain than pleasure and I just wanted to get it over with.  I didn’t know how long it would take the swollen purple head to subside.  I tried to rub it gently and it took at least ten minutes to get to the point where I yelled the word ‘no’ five times for a climax. Each pump of my dry ejaculation hurt bad … but it was done … and I was still crying.


I jumped out of bed and immediately started to scoop up my clothes from the floor.


“What are you doing?” asked bunny rabbit.


I sniveled, “I’m getting dressed … like you said I could.


The rabbit shook his head.  “Yeah, but not in those clothes.  I want you to dress up as a girl.”








End Chapter 31

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 9, 2024


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