A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 30
Home Alone

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(Wow, a whole day without my ‘mommy’.  Sammantha’s nice, but I won’t mind having some ‘alone time’ without her supervision.  There’s a few things I’m curious about, starting with her room.)


I walked into the larger bedroom, and it just seems like ages ago that this used to be my bedroom … a ‘man cave’.  Now when I come in her, it smells like ‘girly’ stuff, even though Sammantha always hated the idea of being a girl.


I knew I had to be super careful about not disturbing anything or moving items out of place.  That would be bad news if she caught me snooping through her drawers … but that was exactly what I wanted to investigate.


The first drawer I opened had bras and panties.  Rather than moving things around, I stuck my head down into the drawer.  I’m not sure why some guys like the smell of panties.  To me, pussies have an unappetizing odor, and it just transfers right into the crotch of the panties.  But I did like the designs on her panties, especially the one with the hearts.


And Sammantha was really into sports bras, very few girly ones.  I remember the first time I saw a sports bra was watching a video of the 1999 womens’ world cup soccer.  Brandi Chastain just made the game-winning kick and she celebrated by taking her shirt off, which was really bold for back then.  To be fair, the player’s sports bra was actually more modest than a bikini top.


Then I found the sex toy drawer … a strap on penis and a couple vibrators.  She would know for sure if I messed with this stuff, so I shut the drawer.


What really caught my attention was her sorority paddle on the top shelf of her clothes closet.  I wondered just how powerful it was.  As long as I put it back exactly as I found it, I should be okay. 


Since I was only 4 foot 7 at age ten, I couldn’t reach it myself, (well I used to, but not right now) so I borrowed the chair from her computer table to go grab it.  And I have to admit that it gave me a definite sense of power to wield the shellacked piece of thick wood and twirl it around, pretending to whack people.


I took it back to my room and collected a few other items that I wanted to use to play some games that I couldn’t play when ‘Mom’ was around.  Those items were … a ruler, large and small round markers, some duct tape, a binky, a jar of vaseline, and a small dog leash.


Of course, my main playmate these days was bunny rabbit.  I can’t believe I actually wanted to turn him down when the furniture store lady first offered him to me. For an ‘only child’ like me, bunny rabbit saves the day … and it’s kind of fun for me to voice both his roles and mine at the same time.


“Derrek, we need to talk,” bunny rabbit said sternly. “Come here into your room and shut the door.”


His tone was already getting me nervous.  “Am I in trouble, bunny rabbit?” I asked with a quiver in my voice.


“Derrek, I just went to grab my soda in the refrigerator and I noticed that it wasn’t the same amount that I had left it.”


“I’m sorry bunny rabbit, but it was very tempting for me, and I only took a sip.”


“Derrek, a half a bottle is not a sip!”


I lowered my head.  “I’m really sorry.  I just couldn’t help it.  I promise I’ll never do it again.”


Bunny rabbit wasn’t buying my excuse.  “Derrek, you’ve made that promise before and I’m just fed up with it.  You need a spanking.”


I started to panic.  “Oh, no!  Please bunny rabbit.  I know I did wrong, and I’m just asking for one more chance.  Please!  I don’t want another spanking.  I’ll try really really hard to be good from now on.  I promise.”


Bunny rabbit sighed.  “Derrek, take off all your clothes.”


“Wait, what?”


“Take off your clothes, Derrek.  If I have to undress you myself, I’ll give you double the swats.  Is that want you want?”


I squirmed.  “But I don’t want any swats.”




Bunny rabbit swung the paddle with full force onto my bed and it made me jump.  Any time he does that, it’s a scary sound.


“Derrek, I usually won’t hit your buttocks that hard, but I’m willing to make an exception.  The next one is yours if you don’t do as you’re told right now. So make a decision.”


I started crying uncontrollably, but I knew I had to comply.  I took off my tee shirt first and then sat down on the floor to remove my shoes and socks.  Then I stood back up and undid the buckle on my jeans and pulled down the zipper.  This is when it becomes difficult emotionally.  I really don’t like getting undressed in front of bunny rabbit, but I slowly pulled down my pants and stepped out of them.  I was still crying.  “May I please keep my underpants on?” I begged.


“Derrek, are you hard of hearing?  The instruction was to take off all your clothes.  You already know the consequences if you don’t.”


I was bawling my eyes out, but I put my thumbs into the waistband and followed the instruction but then I covered my groin with my hands.


“What’s your problem, Derrek?” he asked, pointing at my privates.


I whimpered back through tears, “I have an erection.”


Bunny rabbit scoffed, “Well twenty jumping-jacks should fix that.  Do ‘em now.”  He waited a few seconds while I froze in place and then screamed, “DO  ‘EM!”


I jumped and immediately started doing the calisthenics.  On each repetition, the top of my penis struck against my belly and produced an audible smacking sound.  It was very humiliating, especially having to perform them in front of bunny rabbit.  I was getting really tired.


I stopped and put my hands on my knees.  As I was huffing and puffing, bunny rabbit commented, “So Derrek, are you bashful?  Are you on the shy side?   You don’t like other people looking at your erection?”


I shook my head and muttered, “No.”


Then without warning, bunny rabbit came over to me and attached a dog leash around my penis and testicles.


With great alarm, I called out, “Wait!  What are you doing?”


Bunny rabbit pulled the leash snug against my privates.  “I’m taking you for a walk around the block, Derrek.  This should help you get over your bashfulness.”


“But then everybody in the neighborhood will see me!”


“You know, one of your best qualities, Derrek, is that you catch on fast.  And while we’re out, I want you to suck on this pacifier.  That way, I won’t have to listen to your incessant whining … Let’s go.”


I begged him several times not to take me outside, but he just showed me an evil grin.


The rabbit lifted the leash upward, forcing me to stand on my tip-toes.  When I said ‘ow’, he shoved the binky into my mouth and ordered me to ‘start sucking’.


Using the leash, bunny rabbit gave me swift tug on my penis and balls and I had no choice but to follow.  I so regretted now, bringing him into my apartment.  I never thought he would be this mean to me.


We arrived out on the sidewalk and I felt very self conscious, like the whole world was looking at me (even though in real life, we were just walking around my room.)


About half way down the block we were about to pass four girls about my age who were playing volleyball with a full net in their front yard.  Confirming my fears, when they saw me coming, they stopped their game approached us.  Worse yet, I recognized two of the girls, Starline and Duchess, the two girls that attacked me when I was getting my diaper changed in the women’s restroom at the grocery store.


“Hey Duchess,” said Starline, “isn’t this one of the boys in our class at school?


“Oh, yeah, you’re right.  I think it’s Derrek Adams.  He looks even cuter with his boner sticking out here than he does in school.  Hey bunny rabbit, does Derrek know that he’s walking down the sidewalk stark naked?”


“Oh yes,” the rabbit replied.  “Derrek is my pet boy and I’m just taking him out for his morning walk.”


“Oh how cute,” Starline followed up.  “Can we pet him?”


“Sure … Pet him anywhere you like.”


Like the first time, Starline went directly to my penis and she rubbed the shaft up and down with the palm of her hand.  Duchess used her fingernails to lightly tickle the bottom of my scrotum.  The other two girls took turns tousling my hair.  My penis was getting so hard, it was struggling against the tightness of the leash.


While she petted me, Starline put her left hand on my shoulder and quipped, “Who’s a good boy, Derrek?  You’re a good boy.  That’s right.”


“Hey bunny rabbit,” said Duchess, “Why does Derrek have a pacifier in his mouth?”


“Derrek likes to pretend that he’s a very tall baby.”


“And he has to obey you?  Why is that?”


“Because I’m the one with the spanking paddle.”


The girl nodded.  “Ohh, that makes sense.  Do you have to spank him often?”


“Today, I will.”


That answer got the four girls giggling.  When they had had their fill of petting me, they snapped a bunch of pictures of me with their phones.


“Hey Duchess,” said Starline, “Looking at Derrek suck on his binky, doesn’t he remind you of that two-year-old we saw in the restroom of the grocery store?”


“Hmm … oh yeah, he does.  Their faces look very similar.”


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Duchess?”


“Yep … Go for it, Starline.”


History repeated itself.  Starline grabbed the shaft of my penis and yanked it up and down seven or eight times really hard.  And it really hurt.  By the time I could grab her hands or spit out my binky and yell ‘stop it’, the girls were giggling up a fit and walking away.


“See you in school, Derrek,” Starline said, waving at me.  “Remember, this Monday is clothing optional … so you can come to school naked if you like.”  The four girls giggled again and returned to their game.


A few houses further down, I turned to complain.  “Bunny rabbit, that’s exactly why I didn’t want to go on this walk.  Those girls were all in my class at school and I had to stand there with an erection while they teased and fondled me.  And my balls are uncomfortable because the leash is too tight,” I whimpered, “All of it was really embarrassing.  Why didn’t you yell at those girls to stop it?”


“They were only hurting your feelings, boy.  Feelings are not my department.  That meet-up will be a big help for you in getting over your bashfulness.  You should thank me … Oh, look up ahead, boy.  It seems like there’s a parade forming.  Now suck on your binky and we’ll go take a look.”


As we got closer to the end of the block, we could see that hundreds of people had lined up their folding chairs on both sides of the street.  It seemed like they were all the moms, dads, and grandparents of the children who were marching in the parade.  And this was no ordinary parade.  Every child had a toy stuffed bunny.  It appeared that half the kids of Buffalo were here to march in a bunny parade.


Bunny rabbit patted my rear end and said, “Come on, we’ll fit right in.”


Now I was really alarmed.  I resisted.  I didn’t want to march in a parade … especially like I am now.  I’ll be the only one that’s nude.”


Bunny rabbit gave me a strong tug on the leash, forcing my testicles and the rest of my body to follow him into the parade lineup which had already started its march.


The children around me, all about six to eight years old, pointed and roared with laughter and called me a big baby, as my face turned to a very harsh shade of red.  The parents on the sidewalk started doing the same.


Bunny rabbit told me, “Derrek, I want you to pick me up and carry me in the parade, just like all the other children are doing with their bunnies.”


The parade lasted for fifteen minutes.  All the while, the children around me giggled and spanked my bottom with their hands.  The laughter never died down and neither did my erection.  The spectators probably couldn’t see the tears in my eyes.


“Time to get back home, boy,” the rabbit told me.  That was the first time I agreed with him today.”





End Chapter 30

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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