A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 14
Testing Sammantha

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The rest of the day was our best day ever. 


“You look like a million bucks, sweety.”


“And I feel like a million bucks.  Thanks so much, Mom.  This outfit is really sharp.”


“Buying for you right off the rack makes it very easy.”


As Sammantha drove us downtown, we talked a lot about the play ‘Oliver!’.


“Mom, how did you manage to get such close-up tickets on the same day as the show?”


“There’s always tickets available on the after-market sites like Stub-Hub if you’re willing to pay a little premium.”


“Or in some cases, a huge premium.”


“You let me worry about that, sweety.”


“Mom, one of the songs that I had to learn on piano was ‘I’ll Do Anything.’”


“Oh, I know that one … Why don’t you start?”


Sammantha and I had an enjoyable duet in the car … “I’ll do anything, for you dear, anything, for you mean everything to me … Would you climb a hill? Anything.  Wear a daffodil?  Anything.  Leave me all your will?  Anything.  Even fight my bill?  What, fisticuffs?”


We laughed so much together on that ride.  And the play was as great as expected, from row three in Dress Circle.  What a great evening.


“Mom, you do know that it’s way past my bedtime.  I gave Sammantha a good squeeze and I wouldn’t let go.  This is my biggest thank you ever.”


“Well it was a special treat, sweety.  You can sleep in a little later tomorrow morning.”






And I did … till 10 a.m.  Sammantha was already busy with remote sessions for her patients, so I made my own breakfast and went back to my room looking for stuff to do.  I played with my cars for awhile and then sat down at my student desk to open my laptop and start surfing the net.


About 20 minutes later, with my back turned, I didn’t realize that Sammantha was standing in my bedroom doorway.


“Derrek, what are you looking at?”


I quickly hit the x-out on my laptop.   I turned and stood up.  “Nothing, mom, just surfing the net.”


“Did u find anything interesting?”


“No, just a bunch of stuff.”


“What kind of stuff?”


Just stuff.”


Good stuff? Bad stuff?”


“Just ordinary run of the mill stuff.”


Sammantha tilted her head and crossed her arms over her chest.  I didn’t like the look on her face.


“Derrek were you looking at porn?


This was followed by a long pause.  (Why does a 28 yr old man have to feel guilty about scoping out any part of the internet?)


“Perhaps you didn’t hear me, Derrek.  I asked you if you were looking at porn.”


(This is totally nuts.  It’s lunacy.  I’m the only ten-year-old boy in America who can legally fuck his mom, and yet she doesn’t want me looking at porn?)  I started to cry a little.  I was very nervous about how to respond.  And now my boner decided to show up right on schedule.  I looked at the floor and quietly answered, “yes”.


“Derrek, that is not appropriate material for a child your age to be looking at.  Have you shown this to other boys?”


“Mom, I don’t even know any other boys.”


“Then how did you find this website?”


“It’s just there.”


“No, it is not just there.  Tell me how you found it.


I squirmed and wrapped one leg around the other, like a kid wanting to go pee. “I googled ‘sex in the shower’.”


“Oh really? And when they got into the shower, did the boy put his erect penis into the girl’s vagina?”


 “Mom, please stop,” I whined.


“Derrek, I thought you were a good boy.”


I was crying harder now.  “I am a good boy, mom.”


“Then why were you looking at porn?  Were you preparing to masturbate?”


“Aww jeez,” I whined, crying profusely now. “Mom, please stop…  I’m sorry, I won’t do it anymore.”


“Which … masturbate or look at porn?”


“Mas … I mean look at porn.”


“So you still intend to masturbate.”


Looking at the floor, emotionally broken down, I asked, “Are you going to punish me?”


“Do you think I should?” she replied.


I whimpered, “No…you spank too hard.”


“Well I’m revoking your laptop privileges for three days.”


(I felt like giving her my middle finger and saying ‘Revoke this’, just like she did to Andrew at the gym.)


She continued, “And when it’s returned, you’ll notice that I will have installed a parental controls program that will block inappropriate websites.  Are we clear on that little man?”


(‘Little man’ is such a demeaning address to someone who’s been regressed from age 28 to 10.  I wanted to cancel this role play so bad.)  I answered sullenly, “Yes, Mom.”


“Would you like to hand over your laptop now?”


I did so.






For the rest of the afternoon, I moped around the apartment and watched some TV.  When I got desperate, I even played with bunny rabbit.  One of the things I wondered about was how far Sammantha would take our role play.  Was there a limit?  She didn’t spank me for watching porn.  She just scolded me.  And at the Goodwill, she only gave me one swat … which did hurt, but it was only one.  When we had rough sex, she wanted to make certain that we didn’t hurt or injure each other.  So if I did something naughty, and then profusely apologized, could I get away with just a small punishment?  I really thought that Sammantha was different from Daniel’s ‘mommy’.  Sammantha exercised discipline, but she was never mean to me because she really loved her little boy.


At dinnertime, Sammantha micro waved a mac-and-cheese dinner for two and we sat down at the dining room table so we could watch the living room TV.  Tonight, there were two news stations that we wanted to flip, watching back and forth from one to the other.


Sammantha had the remote and I suggested, “Mom, why don’t you just put the TV on ‘pip’?  (picture in picture with a little square).


“Where’s pip?” she asked.


“God, you’re so stupid, it’s the lower left button on the remote.”


(Well, I had gone and done it.  And at that very split second, I regretted it terribly.  The look on Sammantha face reminded me of Medusa.  One look could turn anyone to stone.  How could I have even have thought of testing Sammantha?  Well, you can’t ‘un-ring’ a bell, and you can’t ‘un-say’ a stupid remark.)


I tried to backtrack.  “Mom, I’m really sorry.  I misspoke, I didn’t mean it, I was like talking without thinking, it was a real stupid thing for me to say and I’m really, really sorry and I hope you can forgive me.”


That didn’t do much good.  Sammantha grabbed my left earlobe and dragged me up and away from the dining room chair.  I tried talking faster, there was stress in my voice.


“Mom, please!  I made a mistake!  I know it!  I don’t want a spanking!  I’m trying to be a good boy!  I did something really dumb without thinking!  I didn’t mean it at all!  Mom, pleeeeease don’t spank me!”


My ear really hurt. I thought she might rip it off.  She didn’t seem to be in much of a mood to negotiate.  I was led back to what used to be my master bedroom.  She tossed my ear toward the bed and my body followed.  I was lying on my back crying profusely.  Sammantha wasted no time undoing my belt and pulling my pants down.  She pushed my hands away and took pants, shoes and socks off my feet.  When my shirt was raised above my head, I made a break for it and ran out of her room into mine wearing only my underpants.  I dove under my bed.


“No, Mommy, please!  No, Mommy, please!  Please don’t spank me!  You’ll hurt me too much!  I was just role playing the naughty boy!  It wasn’t real!  I was just role playing!”


My fear was palpable.  My heart rate must have climbed up to 200 beats per minute.  I wish she would just say something but she didn’t.  With one hand she picked up and moved my bed to a 45 degree angle and reached down and lifted me up by my right arm.  I grabbed bunny rabbit with my left hand.  She threw bunny rabbit back on the bed and dragged me back to the bed in the master bedroom.


As my underpants were pulled off, my words were reduced to pure screams.  Sammantha laid me down on my stomach and took a step back to her clothes closet.  What she pulled out left me in total shock.  She was holding a 15 inch fraternity (or sorority) paddle with lots of air holes drilled through it to reduce wind resistance.  She was going to kill me.






End Chapter 14

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024


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