A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 9

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Big Derrek was playing football with the guys … I was 28 again and having a great time tackling the ball carrier … until I woke up and saw the bunny rabbit staring back at me.  Today, there were no sweet smells coming from the kitchen.  The ‘welcome wagon’ must have left town and I was on my own for breakfast.  I took off my PJ’s and put on a new pair of tighty whities … and the same clothes I wore yesterday.


If Sammantha was still sleeping, I wasn’t going to bother her.  Cereal and cold milk was just fine, except I had to use the step stool to reach the bowls.


But it wasn’t long before Sammantha entered the kitchen, yawning …  her slender figure covered only by the briefest of panties and a nighty bra.  Does she do this on purpose?  She has to know what she’s doing to me.  (It’s like a car accident.  You can’t look away.)


“Good morning, Mom. Did you sleep well?”


“Good morning, sweety.  I did.  If fact I was dreaming that you and I were both little boys playing catch with a football.”


“Oh, wow, that was like I was dreaming. (I decided to be bold.)  “Mom, can I ask you a question without you yelling at me?”


She tilted her head.  “Sounds serious, but okay, go ahead.”


“Mom, I get special feelings inside me when I see you like … like this.”  (I pointed out her skimpy outfit.)


She nodded.  “I understand sweety.  From now on, I’ll dress more modestly around the apartment.”


“No!  No!” I blurted.  “I like what you’re wearing.  I just wanted to know if it would be okay if I …”


“Go on.”


“Mom … may I please cuddle against your body?”


I awaited her response, good or bad.  I just needed an answer.  At first, she didn’t say anything.  But in a few seconds she started walking towards me and stopped when she got to my chair.  I put down my cereal spoon.


“Only on the outside,” was her answer.


I wasn’t going to get into a technical discussion of what exactly that meant.  I interpreted it to mean that I should stay out of her pussy and her mouth, but the fact that she didn’t say ‘watch your mouth, young man’ this time, was a very good sign.


She had an interesting smell … a vanilla kind of odor … quite pleasant … something that was the result of removing all other perfumes and artificial scents.  I stood and wrapped my arms around her athlete’s belly.  Her skin was smooth, but her abs were hard.  I moved my hands up to the base of her breasts, the place where a pencil would pass its test.  It was a nice place to rest my head as I did in the past.  I couldn’t help becoming a bit ‘dog-ish’, hugging her tight and humping her thigh with my little boner.  A ten-year-old should not be this horny but my brain and sex drive were still wired as an adult.


“Okay, I think we’re done here, Sammantha said as she gently extricated my juvenile body off her athletic frame.


I sat back down with an easy grin.  “Thanks, Mom.”


“You seem to have a lot of energy this morning, sweety.  Would you like to come with me to the gym?”


My eyes lit up.  “And I could watch you work out?  Are you kidding?  Yes, yes, yes.”


“Not so fast, tiger.  I’ll expect you to do a little work too.”


I was all-in for this outing.  “Will you teach me how to use the equipment?”


“For a ten-year-old, it’s going to be very limited … maybe pull ups, jump rope, and light weights.”


“But Mom, you’ve got the greatest body in the world, and I’m not just saying that ‘cause you’re my Mom.”


“Thank you, sweety, but some of the apparatus can be dangerous for children.”


“Which equipment do you use?”


“There’s a variety.  I use the chest press, the seated dip, the chest fly, the bench press, the incline bench press, the decline bench press, the adjustable bench, the Olympic weight bench, the bicep curl bench, the arm curl, the arm extension, the triceps press, the triceps extension, the shoulder press, the overhead press, the lateral raises, the back extension, the cable row, the lat pull down, the glute ham developer, the front pull down, the abdominal bench, the ab crunch, the leg raise tower, the ab roller, the rotary torso, the leg press, the leg extension, the leg curl, the leg abduction, the seated calf, the standing calf, the calf press, the butt blaster, the hack squat, the reverse hyper machine, the kettle bells, the dumbbells, the barbells, the medicine ball, the stability ball, the wall ball, the treadmill, the spin bike, the air bike, the upright bike, the recumbent bike, the elliptical, the ski erg, the vertical climber, the stair climber, the stepper, the step mill, the aerobic steps, resistance bands, the suspension trainer, the punching bag, the climbing rope, the jump rope, the plyometric box, the pull up bars, the push up bars, the gymnastic rings, and the agility ladder.”


“Would you like fries with that?”


“Derrek, you’re a real smart ass … too bad you’re cute and irresistible.”


“So I still get to go?”


“Well, I could use a valet to carry my gym bag.”


“See … you need me.”


“Give me a minute to change.”






Sammantha entered the gym with her sports bra and yoga shorts.  I couldn’t believe how many machines were in this facility, maybe a thousand.  The place was huge.  Her membership allowed her to bring a guest, and for the first half hour I was just an observer.  She was a pro at everything she touched.  I was in awe watching her muscles undulate to the rhythm of each apparatus.


I was pretty good at jump rope since I did it during my original life as a kid.  On the barbells, she let me lift ten or twenty pounds but not more.


I then watched her work in the ‘captain’s chair’ … a weird sitting contraption except there’s no seat.  It appeared that the object of the exercise was to lift your thighs to a 90 degree angle with your torso (abdomen).  Then lower your legs and repeat.  Sammantha was really straining hard on this one, gritting her teeth and turning red in her face.  I was starting to get concerned.


“What are you trying to do here, Mom?”


She lowered her legs and answered, “I’m trying to achieve a coregasm.”


I looked at her funny.  “Whatever that is, it sounds naughty.”


“Oh, it is naughty, sweety.  It’s part of the EIO program … an exercise induced orgasm.  For females, it can happen when all the core muscles are maxed out at the same time.  These are the inner thighs, the lower abdominals, and the pelvic floor muscles.  It feels great when it happens, but it’s not quite as tingly as a sexual orgasm that rubs my clit.”


I had an obvious follow-up question.  “Can boys get a coregasm?”


Sammantha returned a sly smile and she shook her head.  “You had to ask that, didn’t you?”


“I’m just a curious little boy.”


“Sweety, let’s take a walk over to the pull-up bars.  To answer your question, yes, boys can have a coregasm too, and at any age.  That’s because you have a magic little organ in your body called a prostate.  And when all your core muscles squeeze your prostate at the same time, it will explode, like popping a balloon.  In other words, a male will ejaculate.”


I was puzzled.  “How come I never heard of this?”


“Because boys are stupid … not you, but boys in general. That’s been my experience.  Basically, the same coregasm thing happens when a doctor needs to force his patient to ejaculate.  He will put his finger up the patient’s rectum and press against the prostate for about a minute till it explodes.  And I’m jealous.  From what I’ve heard, a coregasm will radiate throughout a male’s whole body … So are you ready to try it?”


“Will it hurt?”


“Well, you jack off just about every day … so you tell me.”


“What do I do?”


“Same thing I did.  Grab the pull-up bar, palms facing away, then lift your thighs to a ninety degree angle from you body.”


“Should I go up and down?”


“Nope, not necessary … Just hold the position.”


I looked around warily, hoping that no one would be watching me try to jack off in public.  It looked good, so I grabbed the bar and lifted my thighs.  In the first minute, I felt nothing other than the huge strain I had, trying to keep my thighs at a ninety degree angle.  But a half minute later, I began experiencing familiar sensations that seemed to reach across most of my body in anticipation of climax.  There was no stopping now.  The pressure was building.  It was hard to believe that this was happening without touching my penis.


The pressure in my groin rapidly became intense.  I didn’t have to fantasize.  I didn’t have to do anything.  It was just happening on its own.  When I reached the point of no return I whined, “No, no, no, no, no!”  and was mesmerized by the explosion throughout my body that radiated in waves of pleasure.  I was definitely in La-La land for a few seconds before returning to reality.  I finally lowered my legs and dropped off the bar.


In my high voice, I said, “I don’t know why I feel this way, but that was better than sex.”


Sammantha nodded.  “And a ten-year-old has no mess to clean up.  How old were you when you first had semen?”




“Well, congratulations … All males have the same basic plumbing, but only one or two percent of them know about coregasms.”


“But Mom, how do you know about them?”


“My patients tell me everything, sweety … I’m going to go shower now and I would appreciate if my trusty valet would gather up all the stuff for our gym bag.”


I smiled broadly.  “I’d be happy to, Mom, and thanks for bringing me with you.”






“Time to go, sweety.  I dried off really well, so I’m not carrying any extra water droplets on my person.”


“Thanks,” I replied, while walking a bit wobbly with the gym bag.


As we headed for the exit, three well built young male staff members suddenly blocked our way at the door.


“Ms. Adams,” said the first one, “My name is Andrew.  I’m the facility manager.  May we please see you in the office for a moment?”


Sammantha nodded and followed.  And I followed her.  Something bothered me.  His whole tone did not seem very friendly.  I didn’t think this was going to be a sales pitch to extend her gym membership.


Andrew offered us seats and then shut the door.  Something did not feel right.  He began abruptly, pointing to a screen on the wall.


“Ms. Adams, we have video of your son performing a coregasm on the pull up bars.”


“What’s a coregasm?” she replied innocently.


Andrew raised his voice.  “Ms. Adams, we’re not stupid and neither are you.  We will not tolerate sexual activity at our facility.”


In turn, Sammantha raised her voice.  “This is bullshit!  You can see that my son is trying to do a pull-up on the pull-up bar.  He just didn’t have the strength to clear the bar.”


“No, Ms. Adams … Your son is engaging in public masturbation.  Your son is a pervert.”


Quick as a lightning bolt, Sammantha jumped from her seat and grabbed Andrew’s throat with her right hand as she shoved him against the wall.  With her left hand, she reached under his right armpit and started to lift him.


(Holy shit!  His toes were off the ground.  This reminded me of the scene in ‘Star Wars’ where Darth Vader used the ‘force’ to levitate one of his henchmen off the ground by the neck.  Andrew must have weighed about 170 … I couldn’t believe how strong Sammantha’s arms were.)


“We’re calling the police,” said one of the other staff members.


“No!” Sammantha yelled.  “Call an ambulance … unless Andrew here would like to apologize to my son.”


In his current predicament, the manager was quite willing to oblige.  “Sorry, kid,” he gurgled out.


“His name is DERREK!” she stated forcefully.


“Sorry, Derrek.”


When Sammantha let the manager regain his footing, he said, “Your membership is now revoked.”


Sammantha used her middle finger to flip the bird right in front of his nose.  “Revoke THIS!”  She exclaimed.







End Chapter 9

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024


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