The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Chapter 4

The living room was crowded with students, all dancing and drinking and shouting over the music to each other. They were dressed as witches and vampires and blood-spattered murderers, strapping firemen and scantily clad cheerleaders.

But Jake had his eye on a sexy little nurse. Specifically, on the way her short white uniform rode up over the curve of her bottom as she danced with her friends in the middle of the crowd.

Jake grinned to himself. He was feeling cocky. He adjusted the broad cowboy’s hat on his head, hooked his thumb into the waistband of his jeans, and slid into the crowd, right behind the girl in the nurse’s outfit. As he reached out, smirking, to give her butt a quick squeeze, there was no way he could have noticed the dark shadow that flitted behind him.

But he did notice the hand that had suddenly grabbed his own bottom. He started and looked over his shoulder, but his face relaxed into a jaunty smile when he saw the girl standing right behind him with her hand on his ass. This chick obviously wanted a piece of him, and who could blame her? He was hardly going to say no either – not when he saw her pretty face, her luscious brown hair tied back in a ponytail, the way her large breasts bulged out of her cute (if a little sensible) blue cardigan. She had a bag over her shoulder too, but he couldn’t think what her costume was supposed to be.

She smiled at him, but it wasn’t the kind of smile he’d been expecting, and Jake felt the beginnings of confusion stir inside him. She wasn’t really groping his ass either – she was patting it, almost as if she were trying to feel for something. And she wasn’t looking at him suggestively; in fact, there was something patronising about her smile that Jake didn’t like at all.

“Just checking you, sweetie,” she cooed, her tone exaggeratedly pleasant. Jake felt himself going red. Why was this girl talking to him like he was four years old?

“Checking…?” he repeated. “Why are you… What do you mean?”

She cocked her head at him in puzzlement. “Your big boys pants, Jakey,” she said slowly, as though she was trying to explain something very simple to someone very stupid. “I was checking to see if you’d made a stinky in them.”

“Made a… Made a what!?” he stammered, his face going even redder. The music seemed to have died down, and some of the people around them were turning to stare. “I haven’t… I don’t…!”

“I know you haven’t, little one!” she praised, her tone cloying and sweet. “What a good boy for keeping your big boy pants clean!”

There were some titters and giggles around them, and Jake started getting angry. Who was this mad bitch?! And come to think of it, how did she know his name? Was this some kind of prank?

“But how about pee-pee, sweetheart?” the girl went on. “You had a lot to drink earlier. Have we done tinkles in our trainers again?”

She reached towards his crotch and Jake staggered backwards.

“Stop!” he cried. “You can’t just grab me there! What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Jakey,” the girl said, suddenly stern. “I’m your babysitter and I have to check your big boy pants to see if you’ve made any wetties. I don’t want you wandering around the party with a soggy bum-bum.”

Dozens of people had turned to look at them now, and many were laughing. Jake gritted his teeth. Why was this stupid girl trying to humiliate him in public like this? She was treating him like he was still in nappies or something!

Quite suddenly, the girl rolled her eyes and huffed impatiently, and before Jake could make a move to stop her, she had stepped forward, hooked her fingers into the waistband of his trousers, and yanked them down his legs, revealing his boxer shorts to the whole room.

Only when Jake looked down, he realised that he wasn’t wearing boxers. He was wearing what were clearly a pair of oversized Huggies pull-ups.

The crowd erupted into laughter all around him, but Jake could do nothing but stare down in horror and disbelief as the strange young woman probed at the thick, crinkly training pants between his legs with her fingers. He felt like he was in shock. This couldn’t be happening. His drink must have been spiked or something.

“All dry!” the girl said with obvious surprise. Then she straightened up and looked at him seriously. “Jakey, do you have to go potty? Do you have to do a widdle wee-wee?”

Jake shook his head furiously, cringing at her baby-talk.

She raised her eyebrow at him sceptically, and it was only then that Jake realised something. He did have to pee. Badly. In fact, he was squirming on the spot. He felt a sudden spasm in his bladder, and his hands flew to his crotch, pressing down on the padding there. The urge to pee grew so suddenly that it was almost overwhelming, and Jake’s squirming turned into a full-on potty dance as he hopped ridiculously from foot to foot with his jeans around his ankles, clutching desperately between his legs.

He looked up into the young woman’s smirking, satisfied face and felt the words spill from his lips before he could stop himself.

“I hafta go pee-pee!” he cried, not even noticing the way his words came out in a ludicrous, babyish lisp.

Everyone at the party was watching them now, watching and laughing as the fully grown man pranced about on the spot, clutching at his pull-ups, trying to hold in his pee like a three-year-old struggling with his potty training.

“Good boy for telling you babysitter,” the girl said calmly, ignoring the laughter all around them. Then she reached into the bag she was carrying over her shoulder and pulled out a large, lime-green training potty, exactly like the kind toddlers used. She set it on the ground in front of him and looked up expectantly.

“Noooo….” Jake whined, tears welling up in his eyes. He felt like he was going crazy, but there was no way he was going to pee on a toddler’s training potty in front of everyone at the party – all the people he went to classes with, all the girls he was hoping to score with. But then he felt another spasm in his bladder, and a spurt of pee soaked into the padding of his pull-ups. Some of the little stars on the front began to fade. Jake let out a sob and toddled forwards, another trickle of pee-pee entering his pants, until he was standing right over the potty.

Immediately, the girl, his babysitter, tugged his Huggies down to his knees and lowered his bottom directly onto the ridiculous little toddler toilet.

At once, Jake’s bladder released, and the tinkling sound of his pee hitting the plastic bottom of his potty mingled with the shrieks and guffaws of laughter all around him. He looked up and saw the sexy nurse from earlier doubled over and crying with mirth at the sight of him. Jake burst into tears.

“There, there, little guy,” his babysitter crooned, examining the training pants that were sagging between his thighs. “Oopsie! Looks like someone didn’t quite make it. But that’s okay. You still did most of your pee-pees in the potty! I’ll only have to give you a little spanking tonight.”

The rest of the night was a blur for Jake. He could vaguely recall how his babysitter had made him empty his potty into the grown-up toilet, how she had turned his bottom bright red over her lap before telling everyone she needed to get him home for bedtime, how he had toddled through the streets in his sagging, pissy-wet pull-ups while holding onto her hand, letting her lead him back to his apartment – which was now, somehow, hers.

It was strange finding out the details of a life that everyone else seemed to think he’d been living for ages. A life where he was nothing but an overgrown toddler who still hadn’t mastered the toilet. A life where people recognised him as an adult, where he was still expected to attend all of his classes, but where it was well known how much of a baby he was when it came to his toileting skills.

“You still have a babysitter?” girls would ask him, mockingly. Or else, “You’re in your twenties and you’re not even potty trained yet? Ew!

But Jake could do nothing but toddle through his new life under the constant supervision of his sweet but strict ‘babysitter’, enduring her constant poking and prodding of the (often soaked and sagging) pull-ups between his thighs, hoping and praying that someday he would learn how to use the toilet again. But unfortunately for little Jakey, that day would remain forever out of his reach.



End Chapter 4

The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024


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norhrd · Nov 4, 2022

He was punished by being rude to girls?

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