The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Chapter 3

Katie strode down the street angrily, sneering at the ridiculous decorations adorning the houses on either side of the road. Fake cobwebs, bedsheets made to look like ghosts, and those horrible jack o’ lanterns sitting outside every front door with their stupid, leering faces. She hated Halloween. Children knocking on everyone’s doors, students dressing up in dumb costumes and making lots of noise while everyone was trying to sleep, her boyfriend trying to coax her into being more ‘festive’. It wasn’t like it was Christmas! It was just some dumb excuse for supermarkets to sell lots of sweets!

“Happy Halloween!” said a man who was passing her.

Katie scowled back at him, and when she came across a pumpkin sat on the pavement a few yards later, she gave it a good kick. It caved in with a satisfying crunch, splitting its sinister grinning face in two. And as Katie walked on, she didn’t notice the shadow that crept after her along the pavement.

The twenty-five-year-old barely noticed the changes at first. Her gait widened a little. Her walk seemed to become slightly more unsteady. But she put it down to the gin and tonics she’d had earlier. How else was she supposed to get through this stupid holiday? But the puffiness was growing between her legs, getting thicker and thicker, until Katie realised she was practically waddling as she walked. She stopped dead in her tracks, wondering if she’d somehow gotten more drunk than she’d realised, but then she heard the crinkle, and she looked down at her waist.

She gasped. Something big and bulky was bulging out from under her pants. What the hell had happened to her underwear? She ducked behind a large plastic skeleton propped up by a stick standing in front of one of the houses and, glancing around to check there was nobody nearby, she pulled her trousers down over the puffy thing that had appeared somehow beneath them.

Katie’s eyes went wide, and she had to clap a hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. Then she felt the heat rising in her cheeks. The underwear she’d put on that morning had gone. Instead there was an absurdly thick, old-fashioned cloth nappy around her waist, held in place by two oversized safety pins and covered in pair of orange, semi-transparent plastic pants, decorated with little ghosts and bats.

Katie stared down at the enormous diaper she was wearing for five whole seconds before she came to her senses. She didn’t know how this had happened or who could have pulled such a trick on her, but the fact was she was out in public with a huge towelling nappy on her bottom. She couldn’t let anybody see her like this! She had to get home right away! But when she reached for her pants to pull them back up over her newly padded rear, her hands closed around thin air. Peering over the bulging white cloth around her waist, she saw that they had gone. She was wearing nothing below the waist except her shoes, socks, and her giant nappy and Halloween-themed plastic pants.

Katie let out a squeal and started toddling as fast as she could back down the street, heading for the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. Her face turned scarlet as she passed a group of teenagers, who burst into laughter at the sight of her, but it was nothing compared to how hard she blushed when she felt a dribble of pee begin to leak out into her nappy. She squealed girlishly again, trying in vain to clamp down on her bladder – but it was as though she had no control at all! Tears began to spill down her cheeks as she toddled along, feeling her diaper slowly filling up with her pee-pee. It soaked into the thick cloth so slowly that Katie could feel it sloshing about in her pants as she ran, and the sharp ammonia smell reached her nose and made her screw up her face in disgust. Worse, she felt a sudden cramping in her stomach, and then without warning, she let out a loud, rumbling fart. She sobbed. What the hell was happening to her?!

Katie hurried home as fast as she could, ignoring the laughter and the stares, the looks of concern or even pity, and soon she was standing in front of her apartment with her face streaked with tears. She hastily unlocked the door and rushed inside, slamming it shut behind her. Then she reached desperately for her nappy, intent on tearing it off and sprint to the toilet. But it was too late.

“Hi, sweetheart!” her boyfriend called, walking into the hall just in time to see her body drop into a squat.

“Unngghhhh!” Katie grunted as she started pooping in her pants like an oversized two-year-old. She screwed up her face as he body strained, totally beyond her control, to push an enormous stinky load into her ludicrous Halloween diapers.

It seemed to take an age, but once the final wave of disgusting mush had entered the seat of her nappy, she looked up at her boyfriend tearfully to tell him what had happened, to plead for his help. Only the words didn’t come out of her mouth.

“Goo goo ga ga ba ba pffff!” she babbled instead, a little bit of drool spilling from her lips.

She gaped in surprise, and felt a cold chill run down her spine. Why couldn’t she talk? But more frightening still was her boyfriend’s expression. He was smiling at her in amusement.

“There’s my little darling,” he said sweetly, in the voice that adults reserved for very young children. “It looks like someone made a Halloween present for her Daddy!”

“Ah ba ba goo ga ga ba!” Katie babbled, the meaningless prattle spilling from her lips without her consent.

She could only stand still in horror while her boyfriend turned her around and pulled out the back of her nappy and plastic pants to peek inside.

“P-U!” he exclaimed. “Such a stinky girl! My little Katie-poo really filled up her pumpkin pants, didn’t she?” He turned her back around and wiped the tears off her face. “But that’s okay, princess. Daddy’s here to get you all cleaned up.”

Katie was too shocked and confused and afraid to stop him as he laid her down on the floor and started tugging her plastic pants over her diaper and off her legs.

“Let’s get your special Halloween pants off, sweetie,” he cooed gently, “but don’t worry, you can wear them again in just a minute!” He put them to one side and undid the comically large safety pins holding her nappy in place, careful not to prick her as he did so. “There we go. Good girl for sitting still, sweetie!”

Katie let out a soft whine. She felt like she was going mad. This had to be some sort of nightmare. That was it. Or maybe someone had spiked her gin and tonic. Surely she wasn’t really getting her nappy changed by her boyfriend on the floor of her own apartment? This had to be a hallucination.

She felt the front of her diaper getting pulled down, and she couldn’t help but look at it. It was stained yellow, clearly drenched with her pee. Her nostrils were assaulted by an increase in the smell of her piss, and something yuckier. She clenched her eyes shut before she could catch sight of the horrible mess she knew must be sitting in the seat of her pants, and tried desperately to will herself to wake up while her boyfriend lifted her legs into the air by her ankles and worked away at her filthy bottom with a pack of baby wipes.

“Daddy’s gonna get you all nice and clean,” her boyfriend cooed in a sing-song voice, “and then it’s time for din-dins! Daddy bought dozens of jars of pumpkin flavoured baby food for his little princess. Yes he did! I know it’s your favourite, sweetie, and I got enough to last weeks and weeks!” He slid a fresh cloth nappy, just as thick as the last, beneath her bottom and started to seal her into it. Before Katie knew it, he was sliding the orange plastic pants back over her bulging diaper butt. “And I’ll let you wear your pumpkin pants tomorrow too, baby” he promised, with the air of someone offering a special treat. “And the day after. And every day after that, I expect, unless they need cleaning.” He chuckled and tickled her under the chin. “Daddy knows how much you love Halloween!”

All Katie could do was cry. Her life was pumpkin themed from that day on. Everyone seemed to see her as a baby – her friends, her family, her boyfriend. And although they all had different ways of treating her (some liked to pinch her cheeks, others liked to bounce her on their knees), they all knew one thing for certain. Baby Katie loved Halloween.



End Chapter 3

The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024


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