The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Chapter 2

“Boo!” Jessica shouted as she jumped out from behind the door and into the path of her little sister, who let out a terrified scream. “Hahaha! Come on Suzie, aren’t you supposed to be a big girl now? It’s Halloween! Only dumb toddlers get scared of someone shouting ‘boo’ for God’s sake. You sounded scared enough to wet your…. Oh. My. God!”

The nineteen-year-old doubled up with laughter at the sight of the growing wet stain on the front of her little sister’s skirt, while Suzie herself started to whimper and cry.

“What’s going on here?” their mother asked, appearing suddenly in the doorway. “Suzie, what’s the matter sweetie?”

“Oh nothing, mum,” Jessica answered, still laughing nastily. “Your seven-year-old daughter just pissed her fucking pants, that’s all!”

“Oh Suzie, it’s okay,” their mother cooed gently, pulling her younger daughter into a hug. “We’ll get you cleaned up. Accidents happen, sweetheart… Stop laughing, Jessica! And I don’t want you using language like that in front of your sister!”

“Sorry mum, I just can’t help it,” Jessica said, looking down at her still-crying sister with a smirk. “Maybe you were too soon to let this one out of diapers, huh?”

“That’s enough, Jessica! Get out if you’re not going to help!”

“Like I’d want to help change that little pants-wetter’s pissy undies,” Jessica scoffed, leaving the room and heading off down the corridor.

She didn’t notice as the shadow passed over her, but she stopped halfway to her room, deciding that she might as well go to the toilet herself. She smirked as she entered the bathroom and saw the pack of Goodnites under the sink – the ones that Suzie still needed at night. She knew she was probably being a little cruel to her sister, but honestly the girl was seven years old and she still peed in her pants! It was ridiculous!

Jessica slid her jeans and underwear down her legs and turned around to sit on the toilet when she suddenly felt a horrible chill run down her spine. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and she was overcome by the feeling that something was lurking right behind her.

Immediately, she staggered forwards and spun around, instinctively tugging her panties and jeans back up and looking about fearfully. But there was nothing there. Just the toilet sitting there innocently.

The smell of pee reached her nose, and Jessica blushed crimson when she pulled down her jeans a little and saw the small wet spot on the front of her undies. It was hardly anything – just a tiny dribble, but it made her feel especially humiliated after what had just happened with Suzie. This was different though, she told herself. She’d just been interrupted while using the toilet, that’s all. It wasn’t an accident.

Jessica took a deep breath, slid her panties back down to her knees, and turned around again to plant her bare bottom on the toilet. But then it happened again. Barely a moment after she’d turned her back, there was that overwhelming sense that something was behind her. A monster.

She squealed, yanking up her underwear and trousers again and falling forwards onto the floor in her haste to look behind her. And this time, she left more than a little spot of wetness in her panties. A strong spurt of wee-wee came out of her pussy, soaking the front of her underwear and leaving a noticeable wet patch on the crotch of her jeans.

Jessica was breathing heavily, looking around, wondering what on Earth was happening. There was something lurking by the toilet, she was sure of it. But nothing appeared, and after a minute or so, she got to her feet, wrinkling her nose in disgust at the piss-stained clothes she was now wearing. The urge to pee was getting stronger and stronger, but now even the thought of trying to sit on the toilet sent a thrill of fear through her body.

She went over to the shower instead, stepping inside and, feeling utterly stupid, reaching to pull down her jeans and underwear for the third time. But this time, before she even had time to tug them down, the sense of overpowering fear came back. Her bladder let go.

Jessica stumbled back into the centre of the bathroom as the dark wet patch on her crotch blossomed outwards and streams of warm pee-pee ran down the legs of her jeans, soaking into her shoes and socks. For a moment she could only stare down at herself in disbelief and horror. But then she started crying at the top of her lungs. She’d pissed her pants. No different from Suzie. Worse. She hadn’t done it because someone had tried to jump out and scare her. She felt utterly pathetic. She was actually frightened of some stupid, imaginary potty monster!

And that was how her mother found her, Suzie in tow, blubbering like a baby with her jeans utterly drenched with pee. None of them would ever know how or why it had happened, but over the next few days, the reality of Jessica’s condition became clear. She had developed a sudden, overwhelming phobia of using the toilet, and by the time all the Halloween decorations had been taken down, her mother had had no choice but to go out and buy her nineteen-year-old daughter a large pack of adult nappies to pee and poop in.

“Is it attention? Is that what you want, Jessie?” her mother demanded as she filled Jessica’s underwear drawer with diapers. “Do you want Mummy to start wiping your little butt again?”

Jessica didn’t know which was worse – her mother’s scornful attitude, or the way her little sister kept trying to make her feel better, parroting their mother’s old words of comfort by telling her she’d “be a big girl who peed and pooped in the potty someday”, but that it was okay if she wasn’t “ready for the toilet yet and preferred to use her pants”.

Jessica wished desperately that she could use the toilet again. She cried when she wet herself and she cried when she messed herself, and she cried especially hard when her mother moved her little sister’s old diaper pail into her room, but no matter how disgusted and humiliated she felt, it wasn’t enough to get over her terror of the toilet.

The only place Jessica felt safe going potty was in her pants, and so that’s where she’d be peeing and pooping for the rest of her days. Maybe it would even teach her to be a little nicer to others.



End Chapter 2

The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024


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