The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024

A little horror anthology for the month of October. A sinister presence infantilizes and humiliates those who abuse the spirit of Halloween, altering their lives forever as punishment.

Chapter 1

Eliza and Sophie strutted down the street on their way to their college Halloween party, shivering a little in the cold late-October air. Their costumes weren’t doing much to keep them warm. Eliza wore a skimpy devil outfit – a short, crimson dress with a plunging neckline to show off her cleavage, fishnet stockings, and devil horns on her head. Meanwhile Sophie was wearing a slutty schoolgirl costume that was, if anything, even skimpier – a white shirt that was little more than a bra tied under her generous breasts, a plaid skirt so short that her white cotton panties flashed with every step she took, and a pair of thigh-high stockings over her legs. There were going to be a lot of hot boys at the Halloween party after all, and even though Eliza and Sophie both had boyfriends, they weren’t dead. There was nothing wrong with a little flirting. There was nothing wrong with a little something more either.

But as they strutted along in their heels, a shadow passed over them, unnoticed, and the changes began.

Eliza’s dark red dress started to lighten, becoming paler and paler until it was a pure, radiant white. The hem of her dress puffed out, frilly and flouncy like a tutu. Her fishnets transformed into white stockings, and her devil-horn headband turned into a fluffy halo held above her head by a piece of wire. Her makeup vanished. Her long and luscious dark hair tied itself into a plain but pretty ponytail. Then her thong began to thicken, pushing her thighs apart and crinkly noisily as it changed into a bulky disposable diaper, the bottom of which just peaked out beneath the hem of her dress.

Sophie’s outfit was changing too. Her skimpy white top lengthened and spread out over her midriff and arms while her skirt connected to her stockings, turning her slutty schoolgirl costume into a set of one-piece cotton pyjamas, pink with a pattern of teddy bears and rattles and baby bottles. Her makeup vanished as well, a large pink pacifier appeared out of nowhere to clip itself to her front, and her long blonde hair rearranged itself into a pair of high pigtails sticking out from either side of her head. Finally, her panties started to thicken too, ballooning outwards underneath her one-piece and giving her a bulging diaper butt so absurdly large that it made Eliza’s nappy look discreet by comparison.

The two girls continued to toddle down the street, towards the shouts and laughter of the party they could hear not far in the distance. They might have screamed in shock and fear at the changes to their costumes had the shadow that passed over them not also decided that their naughty little minds needed altering too.

Eliza, the devil turned angel, felt a pleasant tingling in the back of her brain, and her superior, confident smirk turned into a dim-witted grin. Any awareness of the changes to her clothes were blocked in her mind, and she was filled with a delightful certainty that once she got to the party, everyone was going to be so impressed by how sexy and naughty she was. A bad little devil girl. She could just imagine herself giving the middle finger to all those stupid women at her old church (her parents had insisted she attend all the way up until she was eighteen), and even whipping up her skirt and flashing her thong at them.

Sophie, the sexy schoolgirl turned toddler, grinned as well and shoved her thumb into her mouth to suckle on. Her mind tingled delightfully as her thumb bobbed wetly in her mouth and drool ran down her chin. Sucking made her feel like such a big girl. She couldn’t remember exactly, but she was pretty sure she had a reputation for being good at sucking. In fact, weren’t her professors so impressed by her sucking skills that they gave her lots of good grades? She pumped her thumb enthusiastically between her plump, pouting lips and let out a little gurgling giggle. She’d heard some of her lecturers would be at this party. Maybe she could use her special talents to bump herself up another grade or two…

But the party didn’t go as they’d planned. No sooner had they arrived and made a beeline for a group of handsome looking boys, the shadow, flitting between one overgrown tot to the other, made another change.

As their potty training was permanently erased, both girls immediately started putting their nappies to good use. Eliza tried in vain to clamp down on her bladder, even as she squealed in horror and confusion when she noticed how her sexy devil costume had been suddenly replaced by a ridiculously little-girlish angel outfit, but it made no difference at all. A rush of pee-pee flooded into her diaper, yellowing the pristine white padding and causing it to droop noticeable beneath the hem of her short, tutu-like skirt.

It was even worse for Sophie. With a powerful cramp, she fell into a squat and, her eyes still wide from the shock of seeing her skimpy schoolgirl uniform replaced by a set of toddler pyjamas, she started filling her nappy with an enormous mess. She grunted and strained helplessly while her already bulky diaper bulged out behind her, the heavy, drooping load obvious even through the cotton seat of her one-piece.

The crowd around them erupted into laughter and the two girls, bawling their eyes out, toddled out of the house and back onto the street.

Eliza took the lead, wailing and snivelling like a little girl, mourning the loss of her confidence and her reputation, praying she was having some horrible nightmare while Sophie waddled bow-legged behind her, all the knowledge she had ever learned since the age of two slipping out of her head as she stomped along as fast as she could.

For two gorgeous women with the maturity of toddlers, it might have been dangerous to waddle all the way home without their Daddies to hold their hands and keep them safe, but thankfully their sodden and stinky diapers were enough to keep any would-be predators away, and it wasn’t long before they were back home and falling into their boyfriends’ arms for a cuddle and a cry (and two much needed nappy changes).

From then on, their lives were much more wholesome. For Eliza, all the women at her old church were delighted to see the little sinner back in their midst as an innocent (if rather oversized) baby girl holding tightly onto her Daddy’s hand, and they loved nothing more than to pinch her cheeks and coo over her and offer to change her nappy when, as happened quite regularly, she loaded her Pampers with a smelly mess in the middle of the service, much to her squealing dismay.

Meanwhile, there was no more college for little Sophie, let alone school. Any education beyond kindergarten was no place for a girl who couldn’t read or write or count past three, or even keep her pants clean. So to her horror, Sophie ended up at a special adult school where her boyfriend, her Daddy, would drop her off every morning for a day of colouring in and playing with dollies and having the chirpy young staff constantly probing and prodding her pants to check for pee and poop.

Those were their new lives, all their dignity and maturity and independence gone forever. No more sexy Halloween parties for little Eliza and Sophie. But maybe if they were lucky, they’d get to go out trick or treating next year.



End Chapter 1

The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2024


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norhrd · Nov 18, 2022

do they turn into baby physically or mentally?

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